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David vs Goliath

David vs Goliath

We all have heard the story haven’t we? David and Goliath!  The famous story of how a shepherd boy took on a giant and won.  The story of the underdog winning against all odds.  This story has inspired countless people to face their fears.

Now I do not want to take one ounce away from this story, I would love to see people face their fears; this post is for me as much as for anyone. However, before David defeated Goliath, David had the courage to face a Lion and a Bear on separate occasions.  Before David was brave in battle, David was brave while tending sheep.  Now many of us want to be known as mighty conquerors; but will we put that same faith and bravery in the small jobs?  Before David could protect his fellow citizens, David was protecting his Fathers flock.

Will you be brave in the little things that will prepare you for the big things? How many of us would go out of way to save one sheep from a Lion or a Bear?  How many of us will put our trust in God to train us up for the big job (facing Goliath) while doing the little job that no one wants (tending to sheep?)  How many of us will even acknowledge that we believe in God and need God to show us the way?

Yeah, we all want to be known as giant killers, but will we listen to the inner voice that tries to guide us day in and out to get ready for battle? David said no to the armor and advice of the “Brave” warriors who would not face Goliath.  David relied on the skill and knowledge that God gave him while tending sheep.  Will you be loyal in the small things so you can be ready to face the big things when the times comes?

Will you be ready to face your Goliath? Do not rush it.  Spend your time being brave while tending to the sheep!

Live a little everyday!

What I am about to tell you is not a secret.  It is not magic, and it is not a mystery.  It is plain and simple truth from plain and simple observation.  Everyone should try to Live a little everyday.  Now when I say live, I mean L.I.V.E.  So when I say L.I.V.E; I have to explain the acronym.  So if you want to know more, stick around.  If not, I will be here next time.

L.I.V.E. a little everyday:  The “L” stands for Love, Laugh and Learn.  Now when I say Love I do not mean Lust.  Love means to care for someone else more than you care for yourself.  Tell someone you love them and mean it.  Love everyday and Laugh everyday.  There is nothing better than spreading smiles.  Find something funny, not at someone else’s expense and spread the laughter everyday.  Laughter has tremendous healing power.  Love, Laugh and Learn everyday, try to learn something new everyday.  Do you see what I mean so far?  Not everyone really lives everyday and I have only begun to explain it.  L stands for Love, Laugh and Learn.

L.I.V.E. a little everyday!  The “I” Stands for Invent and Invite.  See you must take this one letter at a time.  Ever watched a bunch of kids when they are bored?  Sometimes they make up their own games.  Sometimes they can get all the kids in the neighborhood to play along in a made up game.  Then we grow up stop doing these things.  I think we should start again.  We should take what we are learning everyday and apply it to doing something new.  Then we should invite people along.  Some might say no, but who cares?  Why not L.I.V.E. a little?  As long as you are not hurting anybody.  You might come up with the next great idea, because you invited people to try something new.

L.I.V.E. a little everyday:  The “V” stands for Vision and Victory.  There are small wins out there everyday.  If you truly care about others more than yourself, if you spread happiness and joy, if you are learning something everyday, if you are doing new things and inviting others to join you; then hopefully you will find a small win everyday.  Lots of little wins add up to big wins.  Have a clear Vision and take it one step at a time, one win at a time.  Sports teams say they games are won and lost in practice.  So practice find small wins to take away from everyday.  Find a Victory everyday.  Take another step towards your dream everyday!

L.I.V.E. a little everyday!  The “E” stands for Energy.  Do not do things that rob you of your energy.  The foods you eat, the amount of rest you get and the amount you exercise all work together to give you the energy you need to get through the day.  Now if you are doing all the things Laughing, Learning, Loving others, Inventing, Inviting and Find Victory in your Vision, you will see it takes energy, but it lots of fun.  Yes, life should be fun.  L.I.V.E. a little everyday!

My take on pain:

I have heard that the only “Good Pain” is “Champagne.”  Yeah, that statement made me laugh.  I have my own take on pain.  I am here to share.  I am here to encourage.  This is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Maybe I can make you smile, maybe I can get you to think twice; here is my take on pain.

You can’t spell Champion or Complain without pain.  You see both words have pain in common.  The only difference is if you can endure the pain to become a Champion or do you subdue to the pain and then are left to complain?  This is my very simple take on pain.  Yes, I will go deeper if you stay with me.  If you are convinced I am crazy then you can stop, give up and go back to your life.

No Pain No Gain.  We have all heard this fitness catch phrase haven’t we?  Well, haven’t we?  So, why are we avoiding what we already know?  Life is pain; the question is are you going to step up or give up?  Champions rise above the pain.  Champions endure the pain.  Champions keep going in spite of the pain.  Or you can complain that life is not fair.  You can complain that you never win.  You can complain that you were not born rich or with talent or were never given the chances that other people got.  Either way it is pain, either you endure it and rise above it, or you share your pain with others through complaining.  This is my take on pain; you endure and become a champion or you give in and complain.

The only Good Pain is Champagne.  Champions and Complainers can both have their share of Champagne, but the taste is different.  Champion’s Champagne tastes of the spoils of victory.  Complainer’s Champagne tastes of the agony of defeat and drowned sorrows.  Victory Champagne tastes sweeter.  I am here to tell you, if you can endure the pain, you can taste the sweetness of victory.  You can drink of the Champagne Cup of a Champion or you can give up and complain.  This is my take on pain; go ahead and say that I am crazy or maybe let this sink in a little while.

No one is going to hand you your dreams on a silver platter.  Heck if they do, tell me your secret.  I am still chasing my dreams, I am living my own learning curve and I am sharing along the way.  It is no surprise to me that you will face pain in your life.  I face pain but I choose to find the positive and share.  I choose to endure.  You can endure also.  Do not get sucked in by pity parties no matter how much of the bitter Complain Champagne you are offered.  Soon you will enjoy drowning your sorrows more than chasing your dreams.  Don’t do it.  Endure the pain, until you taste Champion Champagne; it is much sweeter.  This is my take on pain; endure until you become a Champion.

It is inside you, I believe it with my whole heart.  The problem is you have to believe it also.  You have to surround yourself with the most talented and hardest working people you can find and endure the pain until you become Champions.  I can not do it for you, and you can’t do it or me.  Maybe if we are lucky we can get there together; if not; I hope to see you on the other side, drinking from the Cup of Champions.  This is my take on pain; we are meant to endure!