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What I learned about Leadership by trying to become a Leader.

What I learned about Leadership by trying to become a Leader.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, where I basically try to journal my thoughts and give the only advice I think that is worth following; which is if you say it, you should do it.  Don’t expect of others what you won’t do yourself.

OK, did you get that?  Don’t expect of others what you won’t do yourself.  If you did you can stop reading, but most of us would like to know more.  OK, here is more.

1:  It starts with a vision

2:  No one else is going to do it for you, get to work.

3:  Learn what it means to set up a model or prototype or a way to test your theory.

4:  Again, no one is going to do it for you.  Learn how to learn on the fly as you are testing out your idea.

5:  Learn to explain your idea to others, you can’t do this alone.

6:  Learn to learn from how others interpret your idea.  They may try to change it, steal it or do something totally different.  Is your message getting a crossed?

7:  Not everyone is going to agree with you, don’t let that stop you.

8:  No one is going to do it for you, but you still need help.

9:  If you lead and no one follows, you may have to rethink your leadership

Leadership is about a vision and then doing the work, then trying to get input from others about the vision and maybe getting some help.  If you get no feedback and you get no help, it may not be the vision; it may be your leadership style.  People who do not like their job or their boss will go to work the live long day because they are getting paid.  The Million Dollar Question is will people follow your lead before they expect to get paid?  Can you transfer the vision and connect with people all the while learning while you go and will people still follow you?

Seek to serve others and be real about what you are trying to do.  That is pretty much it.  Don’t expect of others what you won’t do yourself.  This is what I learned about Leadership by trying to become a Leader.

Are you working S.M.A.R.T.?

Are you Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets?  Are you working S.M.A.R.T. for short?  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo where new Acronyms just kind of come to me.  Maybe it is all the just the same old stuff over and over.  So I hope I am picking worthwhile topics.  Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  I think all of us can be, we just have to try.  S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

So the first thing we need is a Target, a Goal, a Dream or a Vision.  What is your Vision?  What is your Dream?  What are your Goals to help you reach your Target?  Some people have a simple goal to keep learning.  That makes them appear smart.  You have to define your own target.  You have to be in touch with your own dream.  We all have dreams; some of us just stop listening.  Start listening to your dreams again and set some goals no matter how small they may seem, to help you reach your target.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target, you need a Strategy to help hit you target.  Your Strategy is your Big Picture Plan.  It is the Executive Overview.  It is the view from the Airplane as you fly over a city.  Imagine you are a Hotshot who has a chance to pitch investors on your plan.  Can you convince them from the time you get on the elevator on the ground floor before the elevator reaches the top floor where they will go into a meeting and decide if they will give you a shot?  This is your elevator pitch.  What is your plan and simple Strategy that will make your vision a reality?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Now if you have a Target and a Strategy, your next step is to break down the Methods needed to fit all the pieces together.  Let’s say your Strategy is to field the Biggest, Strongest and Fastest Football Team to Win as many games as possible and make the proverbial playoffs.  What methods will you use to make the Big, Bigger?  What methods will you use to make the Strong, Stronger?  What methods will you use to make the Fast, Faster?  See your Strategy is your Plan.  Your Methods are the Plans within the Plan.  It is all the little steps that will make the big steps possible.   Will you make the Big Stronger and the Strong Faster?  How will you do these things?  What methods will you use and teach others so that the Big Plan comes together?

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

As you are putting you methods in place to align with you overall strategy, you must stay alert of the ever change conditions of your surroundings.  What if your star players get hurt?  What if your competition tries to foil your plans?  Can the blind lead the blind?  No, you must stay alert to your surroundings and change and alter your methods so that your overall strategy still works.  You target may not change, but you path to the target may change based on ever-changing conditions.  I should say most of the time the path to the target will change.  This is why it is very important to stay alert.  What worked yesterday, may not work today.  What works today, may not work tomorrow.   Stay Alert.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Of all the topics I am have discussed this far, Reaching is maybe the most important.  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a target?  If you are not reaching for your target, what good is having a Strategy?  If you are not reaching for your target, why invest so much time breaking down your methods?  If you are not reaching for your target, why are you staying so alert?  Reaching for your Target is what brings it all together.  The effort you put in will directly affect the results you get out.  Smart work is still work.  There is no reason to work hard if you will not stay on target, but being on target is still work.  It still takes effort, you must, must, must reach for your goals.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Are you S.M.A.R.T.?  Anyone can do it really.  If you have to boil it down to the simplest example, stay alert and keep reaching for your dreams.  That is basically all it takes.  Everyone can do it.  You can do it.  Work S.M.A.R.T. Strategically, Methodically, Alertly Reaching Targets!

Another Day, Another Chance.

Never underestimate the power of today.  Never underestimate the power of right now.  Think of each day as a blessing.  Think of everyday as a gift.  Start each day with the belief that you can make one better choice than you made the day before.  Begin each day expecting to learn a new lesson.  Hunger for this lesson and learn it.  Learn something every day.  Another day brings another chance.

Each night we dream; all of us should, most of us do.  The problem is we wake up and forget the dream. We do not see the dream as a gift or a vision we should hold in our minds.  Those of us who remember our dreams should take action to make them a reality.  All of us should, some of us do.  People who chase their dreams are happier than people who have lost sight of their dream.  Have a vision, set a goal; everyday is a chance to take another step toward that goal.

Another day brings another chance.  What are you going to do today?  What are you going to do with your today?  Most of us work to have a chance to chase our hobbies with our spare time.  What are you going to do today to give you more spare time to chase your dream?  What are you going to do with your today?  Remember every day is a gift! 

So today is not about a lot of words, it is about the power in the words.  Today is about today!  What are you going to do with your today?  Another day brings another chance for you to chase your dreams.  Start today!  Never underestimate the power of right now!

Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success:  Sounds like some kind of Political Machine doesn’t it?  Well if you have been reading my post on a regular basis, you would see I try to stay politically neutral.  Let’s get back to this new acronym.  V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. stands for Vision, Ideas, Energy, Workload, Pain, Accolades and Compensation.  Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success means a Leader has to try to balance and share each of these items.

A Leader must strive to balance and share Vision, Ideas, Energy, Workload, Pain, Accolades and Compensation to be successful.  Now some people, some managers and some leaders get these concepts out of balance.  It is my belief that you should try to balance them as honestly and fairly as possible.  Let’s take a closer look.

A Leader should strive to share the overall Vision.  The Leader should take a balanced approach to sharing the Vision.  How would you like it if you were following a Leader who was only sharing the Vision with a select few people, and leaving others in the dark or out of the loop?  To be fair, a Leader should try to make the Vision, Plain and Simple and available to all.  Everyone should know the direction they are heading and if they choose to follow.  This may be the easy step to understand.  A Leader should take a balanced approach to sharing the Vision or Mission of their team.

A Leader should strive to share their Ideas and the Leader should also strive to allow others to share their Ideas.  This is a two-way street.  Everyone has ideas, opinions, points of view and a voice.  Everyone should be able to give input.  Everyone should be able to see how they fit into the overall Vision of the team.  A Leader should encourage everyone’s input and find the balance between everyone’s Ideas and the Vision.  This does not mean to change your Vision based on Popularity or Political Pressure.  No, this is just the opposite.  This is why a Leader should be open and honest, but in the end they still must lead.  The Leader has to find a way to balance everyone’s input while staying focused on the Overall Vision.  Again, this should be easy to understand.

A Leader should strive to share their Energy and balance the Energy of the Team.  A Leader can not do it all, and a Leader should do more than just give inspiration speeches.  A Leader has to roll up their sleeves and put the Energy into making the Vision and the Ideas a reality.  A sure sign of a bad Leader is one that barks orders or never lends a hand when the going gets tough.  A Good Leader should be one of the first to help push the car or pull the rope when the going gets tough.  A Good Leader sets the best possible example.  This should also be pretty easy to understand.

A Leader should strive to share and balance the workload.  Again, a Leader can not do everything all the time.  A Leader can not even do most things most of the times.  A Leader has to realize why every person on the team matters.  The best if not the only way to do that is to share and balance the workload.  It is not fair for some people to be working hard all the time, while others seem to only do the bare minimum if anything at all.  If every member of the team is important, everyone should pull their fair share.  A Leader gives everyone a chance to excel why maintaining a balance that everyone can respect.  A Good Leader does not play favorites while the team suffers.  A Good Leader maintains a fair balance of the workload and pitches in wherever they can help even things out.  Maybe this is not so easy to see, but maybe it is not so hard to see either.

A Leader must strive to share and balance the Pain.  Pain, no one wants to hear those words.  Everyone wants to believe that Leadership and Teamwork are all cushy and comfortable.  If you want to be Successful as a Team and as a Leader there will be some pain involved.  There are growing pains while you learn to be a team.  You will win some and you will lose some.  You may have to work or practice long hours.  You may have to ask people to do extra to get over the top.  A Good Leader does not heap all the pain on a select few while others seem to skate.  A Good Leader is striving for Balance, Balance, and more Balance.  If as a Good Leader, you have been open, honest and balanced about the Vision, The Ideas, The Energy and the Workload, than you should not find it hard to figure out why you need to balance the painful times when they arise.

A Leader must strive to balance and share the Accolades that come with success.  It is amazing what people will do to get credit for the things they have accomplished.  It is more amazing what people will do to take credit for what someone else has accomplished.  Ever want to change the energy in a room.  Break out a camera and see how much people’s personality’s change.  So people love to have their pictures taken, others will run for cover.  This is only one small window into what I am trying to explain.  Everyone knows someone who tells exaggerated stories.  Everyone knows someone who talks about how they never get credit for they work they perform.  Now a Good Leader can not solve all of these problems, but they can share and balance out the credit with their team.  Too much credit can lead to ego problems, too little credit can lead to moral problems.  If this is too much to ask, go back and start at the beginning.  If it is still too hard to handle the second time around, either I have it all wrong or you do.

Ok, so as a Leader you have shared and balanced your Vision, Ideas, Energy, Workload, Pain and Accolades of both the Successes and Failures of your team.  Now it is time to make sure you are taken a balanced approach to sharing the Compensation.  I believe that a lot of companies pay their Executives too much and people in the middle and bottom too little.  I truly believe there is more than enough wealth to go around.  The only way to prove it is to Lead successful teams and share the wealth.  For me it is more than words, it is a life’s mission.  Now I have given you a chance to reread and leave this post.  Now you are stuck with it.  I believe a Good Leader who has shared everything up until this point should not stop now.  Share the Compensation when the team earns it.  Take a balanced approach.  I have seen Incentive Bonus given out to freely in good times and then taken away in tough times.  People felt cheated when they lost bonuses they never really earned and were never really explained to them.  Balance and Share all the way around up to and including the compensation.

No Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success is not a Political Movement, it is a 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Movement.  Leadership V.I.E.W.-P.A.C. for Success is a new acronym, a new motivational phrase for the readers of this blog.  Now like most of my beliefs, theories and or posts; I will tell you to think for yourself.  I will also tell you that unless I can get out and prove this you will have to take it on faith.  You can choose to follow or choose to ignore.  Either way I believe a Good Leader must strive to share and balance their Vision, Ideas, Energy, Workload, Pain, Accolades and Compensation with their team.

Live a little everyday!

What I am about to tell you is not a secret.  It is not magic, and it is not a mystery.  It is plain and simple truth from plain and simple observation.  Everyone should try to Live a little everyday.  Now when I say live, I mean L.I.V.E.  So when I say L.I.V.E; I have to explain the acronym.  So if you want to know more, stick around.  If not, I will be here next time.

L.I.V.E. a little everyday:  The “L” stands for Love, Laugh and Learn.  Now when I say Love I do not mean Lust.  Love means to care for someone else more than you care for yourself.  Tell someone you love them and mean it.  Love everyday and Laugh everyday.  There is nothing better than spreading smiles.  Find something funny, not at someone else’s expense and spread the laughter everyday.  Laughter has tremendous healing power.  Love, Laugh and Learn everyday, try to learn something new everyday.  Do you see what I mean so far?  Not everyone really lives everyday and I have only begun to explain it.  L stands for Love, Laugh and Learn.

L.I.V.E. a little everyday!  The “I” Stands for Invent and Invite.  See you must take this one letter at a time.  Ever watched a bunch of kids when they are bored?  Sometimes they make up their own games.  Sometimes they can get all the kids in the neighborhood to play along in a made up game.  Then we grow up stop doing these things.  I think we should start again.  We should take what we are learning everyday and apply it to doing something new.  Then we should invite people along.  Some might say no, but who cares?  Why not L.I.V.E. a little?  As long as you are not hurting anybody.  You might come up with the next great idea, because you invited people to try something new.

L.I.V.E. a little everyday:  The “V” stands for Vision and Victory.  There are small wins out there everyday.  If you truly care about others more than yourself, if you spread happiness and joy, if you are learning something everyday, if you are doing new things and inviting others to join you; then hopefully you will find a small win everyday.  Lots of little wins add up to big wins.  Have a clear Vision and take it one step at a time, one win at a time.  Sports teams say they games are won and lost in practice.  So practice find small wins to take away from everyday.  Find a Victory everyday.  Take another step towards your dream everyday!

L.I.V.E. a little everyday!  The “E” stands for Energy.  Do not do things that rob you of your energy.  The foods you eat, the amount of rest you get and the amount you exercise all work together to give you the energy you need to get through the day.  Now if you are doing all the things Laughing, Learning, Loving others, Inventing, Inviting and Find Victory in your Vision, you will see it takes energy, but it lots of fun.  Yes, life should be fun.  L.I.V.E. a little everyday!

Dream It, Plan It, Live It!

It starts with a dream, a vision or that breakthrough moment.  Then it takes a plan, goal setting, it takes breaking things down to simple steps.  In the end it comes down to living it, doing it, making it happen.  Dream It, Plan It, Live It!

Everything sounds so easy once you write it down.  Everything sounds so easy when you are a critic of someone else’s words.  Either you believe or you don’t.  You get to choose; for me, my choice is made.  I am here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo to try to transfer the Mojo of Motivation to you in 60 Seconds or less.  Dream It, Plan It, Live It!  It is your choice.

OK, here we are again, at the beginning.  Do you have a dream?  The answer is yes you do.  Everyone has a dream, the only thing is if you will remember your dream and have the courage to admit it.  Everyone has a dream, the only difference is some people give up on their dreams, some people chase them and some people catch them.  I am in the chase stage, and I am not afraid to say it.  I have been broadcasting my belief on dreams for a while now.  A lot of people think I am crazy.  You know what that tells me about them?  It tells me they have given up on their dreams.  Some people are chasing their dreams, but they are hard to find.  Sorry to break it to you.  But I know first hand.  Others have caught and are living their dreams.  Those are the people whose books I read and stories I hear.  Those are the ideas I let bounce around in my head.  This blog is part of my dream.  This blog is part of my quest to inspire others to chase their dreams, and to find out what seems to rise above the static.  It starts with a dream.  You have to dream it, and then plan it and one day you might live it!

Plan It.  Having a dream is not enough.  You have to break it down into steps and then set goals for yourself.  You have to plan out how it is going to work.  Winning the lottery or winging it is not much of a plan.  It may work for a few and I mean a few.  Sad statistic and sad fact about the lottery is that 70% of lottery winners wind up broke.  So even if you hit the lottery you still need a plan.  So again I say, break it down into steps and set goals for yourself.  I am not telling you what dream to chase; I am telling you that you need a plan.  Dream It, Plan It, Live It.

Live It.  This may sound crazy but you have to Live Your Dream to Catch Your Dream.  That does not seem to make sense does it?  Ok, you have to live your plan before you catch your dream.  Does that sound better?  I have read many a book on business; I have sub-contracted and freelanced for people who have started their own businesses.  There is a very common theme that I have been told and learned.  You have to be all in 100% behind any business you start.    Unless you come out of the box with a substantial amount of money, you will have to do a lot of the early work.  I once had a guy tell me, you have to work it like your rent money is on the line.  Wise words for anyone who wants to start their own business.  You have to treat each day as if your rent money is on the line.  You have to work and live the plan to make your dreams come true.  Dream It, Plan It and then Live It!

Act as if!  Have you ever heard that before?  Act as if?  I have personally asked a bunch of people, what would they do if they had unlimited amounts of time and money.  This is usually what it takes for people to tell you their dream.  Take that dream, take what you would be doing, and start doing it now.  I am not talking about “Fake it till you make it”  Fake it means acting like someone else, I am talking about living your dream even if it is in small dosages.  If you say that you would travel, then travel.  Take day trips, explore your own neighborhood.  If you say you would help the poor, than help the poor.  Go volunteer one day a month or one afternoon a week.  Act as if.  Find out what it takes to live your dream full-time, from people who are doing the things you want to do.  Act as if!!!  Dream It, Plan It, Live It!

See first you have to admit you have a Dream!  All of us have a dream.  You can’t lie to yourself.  Second you must have the courage to plan out the steps it is going to take to reach your dream.  You may have to set aside your ego and admit you don’t have all the answers.  Then you have to Live It.  Set aside the time and then go all in during that time.  No excuses.  You must have the attitude that if you don’t do this, then you don’t pay your rent.  Your have to live it, even if it is only for a few hours a week, or one day out of the month.  You have to act as if!  Dream It, Plan It, and the Live It!

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo – Out!

The A, E, I, O and U of Leadership.

Should I subtitle this post the Vowels of Leadership? Maybe I should.  Are there going to be people out there saying, “Says who?”  I sure hope so, again; I ask everyone to search out and check for themselves everything I post on 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  OK, onto the A,E,I,O and U of Leadership.

The Vowels of Leadership:  “A” stands for Attention, “E” stands for Emotion or EQ, “I” stands for Intelligence or IQ,”O” stands for Operation and “U” stands for Understanding.  Attention, Emotion, Intelligence, Operation and Understanding are in my mind Five Traits of Great Leadership.  Make no mistake that Leadership starts with vision, but once you have a vision; then what?  Having a vision does not make you a leader.  What you do with the vision is what determines if you will be a leader or not

So let’s take it from the top, you have a vision.  The first thing you have to do is pay attention to that vision and your responsibility as a leader in that vision.  You have to put your attention into how you will present yourself and the vision to others.  As a leader, you will be one of the first people inside of that vision to roll up their sleeves and do the work of making the vision a reality.  You can not do this, if you are not paying attention.  This may seem so basic that it goes without saying; consider it may be so basic that you might miss it.  Pay attention to the vision and how you are presenting yourself as a leader within that vision.  Pay attention to the steps you are taking to making that vision a realty.

Once you are paying attention to the vision, you must understand your emotions.  Your EQ or Emotional Quotient will pay a big part in how well you can transfer not only the Vision, but the Feeling to other people.  Lots of people will not follow your lead unless you can show them something.  In the beginning, there may not be a lot of accomplishments to show.  Imagine winning an Olympic event without training or coaching; it sounds crazy doesn’t it?  In the beginning you have to understand how the vision makes you “feel” and how to transfer that “feeling” to others.  As a young Leader in Training, I have spent a lot of time hammering the facts, but not really understanding the Emotional Side of Leadership.  I often wonder if I can deal with everyone else’s emotions let along my own.  I don’t want to play around and get people all fired up on false emotion.  I want to pay attention to the vision, and then as accurately as I can transfer that “emotion” how that vision makes me feel to other people.

“I” stands for Intelligence.  As you progress as a Leader, you will become a source and beacon for people to follow.  Everyone should strive to become an expert in the area as they are becoming a leader. If you have Vision, and you are giving the Vision proper Attention, and you are Transferring Emotion to and from people about the Vision, you will continue to learn and grow.  You must strive to seek out and learn from the best information you can find.  Learn from the experts who have gone before you.  This is not who is the smartest about general knowledge, this is about increasing you Intelligence about the path you are taking and leading people down.  Scout ahead, learn as much as possible, and share what you learn with others.  If you set a good example, others will share with you.

“O” stands for Operation.  You can have very High Levels and Vision, Attention, Emotion and Intelligence and still not be a Good or Strong Leader.  If you operating out of Fear, Lies, and Power than where are you leading the people who follow you?  If you are operating out of an Open Honesty Environment based on Facts and Faith then you have the chance of become a Great Leader.  Do you like being told lies?  Do you like being tricked, fooled or scammed?  Do you think the people who follow you would like it?  How you “Operate” as a Leader will go a long way in determining your long-term success.

“U” stands for Understanding.  To progress as a Leader requires the understanding of yourself, your vision, how people are receiving the vision, and where they are in the process of working inside the vision.  It is easy for those who have success or are working inside of a successful organization to recruit more people to follow them.  It is much harder when you step out on your own.  You have to Understand where you are, where those around you are, and how to progress as a group toward the vision.  Again, are you operating out of an Open, Honest, Fact and Faith based position?  If you are then your Leadership should help others learn and grow the vision you are pursuing.

The Vowels of Leadership: Attention, Emotion, Intelligence, Operation and Understanding.  Have you memorized the A, E, I, O, U of Leadership?  I wish all of you the best!

Great Leadership is V.A.S.T.

Great Leadership is V.A.S.T.

When I say this I do not mean vast, like far-reaching; though great leadership can be far-reaching. But it is hard to be far-reaching when you are just getting started, or if you only want to have a local impact. No this great leadership is based on the acronym V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service, Teaching. Technically, I should say Great Leadership has V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service and Teaching; but it just doesn’t sound as good.

So here we have it, another acronym, and it seems like I am saying the same basic things, just putting a slightly different spin on them. Guilty as charged. I am committed to making a point about Leadership, Motivation and getting people up and off the couch. So lets break it down; Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service and Teaching. This is the way it happens. Read all the blogs and books you want, attend all the seminars and classes you want. Listen to all the CD’s and watch all the Videos you want; sooner or later it will break down just like this…

V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service, Teaching: Ok, Step One Vision. If you do not have a vision of your own, you are tapping into someone else’s vision. Even if you are doing nothing, trust me; doing nothing is not an original thought. It’s been done for years. Just go with the flow, go along for the ride, mooch off of others. There is nothing new about waiting around for hand outs. But if you want more out of life, you need a vision. You want to start your own business, you want to fix up your neighborhood, you want to tutor kids after school; or maybe you want to coach a sports team or start a club. What ever it is, you need a vision. It is OK to follow someone else’s vision; but Leadership starts with a vision. It always has, and it always will. Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service, and Teaching:

V.A.S.T. – Step Two, Action: Ok, you have a vision, or you have tapped into someone else’s vision; now it is about action. If you will not bother to get up of your couch and go out into the world you will never learn anything new, you will never build anything and you will never see any benefit from your vision. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few: Luke 10:2.” How much do you really believe in your vision or someone else’s vision if you will not work towards it? What good is the vision if you will not put it to the test? How do you think you will become a Leader, let alone a Great Leader if you are not ready to apply any action into chasing your dream? And why would you follow a Leader, let alone a So Called Great Leader who has not or will not apply any action into their vision? No Action, No results, unless of course you were born into a life a privilege. If you were born into a life of privilege why are you reading this blog, are you bored? Get off the couch and apply some action to your vision, even if it just 15 minutes a day.

Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Step Three, Service: If you have a vision that you are following, and you are applying action to that vision; someone will notice what you are doing. Unless of course, you have gone out of your way to hide in a cave, but trust me; if you are doing anything worth doing to make a difference in the world, someone will notice. So after a while, people will ask you want you are doing, and then some people will want to be a part of it; they will follow your vision or the vision you are following. They will begin to apply action to that vision, just as they have seen you applying action to that vision. They will begin to follow your Lead (see how that works?) It is your duty as a Leader to serve those that follow your Leadership! They are not your servants, your highness (Explain that royalty thing to me again?). You are their servant; they are following your Leadership! They will help you reach your goals and dreams, treat them well! Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service, and Teaching:

V.A.S.T. – Step Four, Teaching: It is pretty easy to see where this is going if you have been paying attention. If you have a Vision, apply Action, people begin to follow your Vision and you provide a viable Service to those who are following your Vision; you need to do everything you can to Teach the Vision. Teach the Action, Teach the Service. Some people think that they can just tell people what to do, but you have to teach people what you are doing. Do you see the difference? If you can’t read this entire post again; if you have read this entire post over again and you still can’t see it – then either you just don’t get it or I am a horrible Teacher, which means I am not providing a decent Service, or you choose not to see the Actions and Vision of maintaining this blog. It is OK, not everyone will follow your lead, so not everyone will follow my lead. It is OK, but it Great Leadership still requires Vision, Action, Service and Teaching regardless of the Vision.

Some people want to be Race Car Drivers; some people want to be Airplane Pilots. I know people who are afraid to get on an Airplane. I have to travel as part of my “Day Job.” Even though, I am not a Pilot, I can not be afraid of getting on the plane. I can’t be afraid to fly and neither can you. You have to get off the couch and chase your dream. You have to follow a Vision. Whatever Vision you choose, either be or follow a Great Leader. Great Leadership is V.A.S.T. – Vision, Action, Service and Teaching!

True Leaders give the M.O.S.T.

M.O.S.T!  Motivate, Operate, Serve and Teach:  True Leaders give the M.O.S.T.  Leadership is a choice and with that choice comes responsibility.  A Leader has to show the way and care for those who him them.  A True Leader has to give the M.O.S.T.  A Leader has to Motivate, Operate, Serve and Teach. 

First up a Leader should be a Motivator.  Leadership starts with vision, and a Leader has to communicate that vision to the people and then give people a path to follow.  Write the vision, make it clear.  A Leader should provide a plain simple message that should get people up and ready to act.  My message is simple, “Chase your dreams.”  Other messages may be more complicated, but still; they should be broken down into simple manageable pieces.  A Leader breaks down the vision into a simple message that people can understand.  The Leader has a duty to call their followers to action.  Therefore a Leader needs to be a Motivator.

Secondly a Leader needs to understand how to Operator in the vision.  I am not talking about a smooth operator, like the song.  A Leader should be able to set an example.  Two or more people have to Operate before there can be cooperation.  A Leader who is afraid to get their hands dirty may lose the trust of some of their followers; but people will trust a Leader that can lend a hand and carry a part of the load when the chips are down.

Third, a Leader should be a Servant.  A True and Faithful Leader cares about the people who are following them.  To serve those that follow you is one of the highest callings of a Leader.  This is what is missing in a lot of management and political positions.  People who are supposed to be leading lose sight of the fact that they are servants to their followers.  To give the M.O.S.T. as a Leader, you must remain a servant of those that follow you.  Losing sight of this fact can lead to corruption of the Leader.

Last, but not least, a Leader should be a Teacher.  Early on in my career as an Engineer, one of my trainers told me “The best way to move on is teach others how to do what you know so you can learn something new.”  Leaders need to learn how to teach for more than one reason.  First, it makes sure that someone can take the lead if you are not there.  If no one else can take the lead, the Leader can not take a day off.  Secondly, the more you teach others, the more you will learn yourself.  You will see things from more points of view.  Third, the more a Leader teaches their followers, the more they are freed up to learn new things.  A Leader must continually find ways to teach what they know to others.

True Leaders give the M.O.S.T.  They should be Motivators of a vision to their followers, they should be able to Operate in that vision, they should be servants to their followers and they should constantly find ways to teach others how to operate in the vision.  A Leader is constantly searching for ways to Motivate, Co-Operate, Serve and Teach.

Leadership is a Skill, and Leadership is a Choice.

Leadership is a Skill, many books have been written about developing Leaders; but Leadership is also a Choice, a person can have all the skills and choose not to be a leader.

 Leadership is a Skill.  Plain and simple, how many times have you heard the term “Lead by example?”  Ask anyone who is unhappy with their Manager, Supervisor, Team Leader or whom is their boss.  If that person is a hypocrite, or incompetent; then they will not have a happy bunch of subordinates.  A manger with no leadership skills is usually not well liked by their team.

 Leadership is a Choice.  Plain and simple, have you ever been around that person who always knows what to do and what to say and consistently helps people but has no desire to be the boss?  That person has all the Leadership skills, but simply chooses not to rock the boat, or shake things up for whatever reason.  I am not here today to talk about why people do not want to be leaders; No I am here just to say it is a choice as much as it is a skill.

 Leadership is a Skill.  There are different types of leadership and different types of leaders.  Some leaders are positional, they are your boss and you have to do what they say to keep a steady income.  Just because they have the title of manger or supervisor does not mean they are a good leader, no some of them will abuse the power they have been given.  I say some, not all.  I remember working in a restaurant “that will remain nameless” when I was in college.  We had 3 Managers at a time, and they came and went over the years, so I had about 10 to 15 different Mangers in a 3 or 4 year run at this restaurant.  At least half of the mangers that came through the place dated waitresses that worked under them; and some of the Managers were married.  Zero Leadership skill there, everyone knew it was wrong, but it happened then and dare I say it is still happening now.

 Leadership is a Choice.  Positional Leaders have to choose the high ground, the best way to Manager, which is to mentor, teach, lead by example and be inspirational.  Mangers have to learn to be “Good Leaders.”  Also, you do not have to be a Manager to be a Leader.  An Inspiration Leader can lead by example, mentor, coach, teach and train others and inspire with more than just their words, they inspire with their actions.

 Leadership is a Skill.  Any of us can quote a bunch of books and movies about leadership, but how many of us can come through when the chips are down?  How many of us have enough of a vision and enough drive to build a team that chooses to follow you.  Not based a fear of losing something, but a shared common goal.  Leaders have to be able to provide a vision.  Make it easy to understand, and then act in the direction of the vision; if someone choose not to follow, it will not stop you from undertaking the journey.

 Leadership is a Series of Choices.  You can be a great leader, lead by example, inspire others to act, teach, coach, and mentor.  You can write down the vision, give great speeches and build large teams of people for all the wrong reasons.  Think about it, how many people really want to be a Drug King Pin or a War Lord?  If all you seek in your Leadership is Money and Power you will lead people to their deaths and not care as long as you get what you want.  Would not a “Good” Leader want people to be better off if they choose to follow them?  Does your vision help a few and hurt many, or do you seek to help as many as possible and stand up for what is right?  Do you work for a Greater Good?  Leadership is a never ending series of choices, and “Good Leaders” have to continually choose to do the right thing.  No matter how high you climb, it can all come tumbling down if you are leading for the wrong reasons. 

 Leadership is a Skill:

Leadership is a Choice: