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Rise above the static.

It sounds so simple. To go viral on the internet, become the new sensation, and cash in on the new found fame. Seems like everyone is doing it, has the internet and social media made it possible for an “Average Joe” to be able to jump into the “Big Leagues?” Can someone, anyone rise above the static? Well the answer is Yes and No but mostly No. Why, because there is more static than ever!

You can stop reading now if you want. Sometimes I feel like I am just adding more static. Yes, in the age of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and WordPress; everyone can have a page, a channel, an audience. Anyone and everyone can post a Video of Cute Cats, or Dancing Babies, or Singing Future Stars, Amateur Actors, Next Wannabe Models, Backyard Wrestling, Garage Band Heroes… the list goes on and on. I am not mad at anyone who is ready to draw a line in the proverbial Cyber-sand, I am saying that from a distance it all adds up to more Static. The only question is “Can you rise above the static?”

In the past, whoever had the biggest megaphone won, the loudest speaker system won, the most press won, the most TV time won. A machine called the Evil Media creates stars for mass consumption. Somehow Evil and Liberal Media are interchangeable, but no one thinks that Evil and Conservative Media… OK I will not mess with that right now. Social Media was supposed to give Little Brother a voice. And it has, but Little Brother is also doing all the things Big Brother is doing; spying on each other, investigating or stalking depending on which side of the law you are on, and creating diversions and distractions in the name of entertainment. More Static!

Enough people sign up to Facebook, enough people sign up to YouTube, enough people sign up to WordPress, and the “Big Players” take notice. How can they cash in? Then they have channels and resources and get the most likes, and little brother is left fighting in the shadows yet again. In the end, if you stand far enough away from it and it is all noise, commotion, static. The noise and commotion get your attention, and then you have to take a closer look. But the more money you have, the more resources you have, the bigger your channel, the more Hits you get, which in turn gets more people’s attention. So can the little guy separate from the pack? Can the little guy generate enough steam, enough heat to get noticed for something with any substance?

It’s all static, it’s all been said, it’s all been done. Can I really be more interesting than “Dancing Cats” and your kids’ recital? Can the little guy not be tempted to sell out to the big guy on the first decent offer? I don’t know, for now I just draw my line in the Cyber-Sand, and dig in, and make a stand and try to make a difference and hurl as many clichés as possible until my little channel is seen, and heard. Each connection is precious, so precious even spam starts to look good. Spam; back lash static from the abyss. Can I rise above the Static?

This ain’t my first rodeo.

This ain’t my first rodeo.

 As the cowboys would say, “This ain’t my first rodeo.”  No this blog has been a long time coming.  As they would say in the city, “I have been around the block” 

Before “Facebook” was all the rage, I was collecting friends and creating groups on “Myspace.”  I was promoting club nights and also trying to promote for some artist friends of mine.  I have built some teams and watched them fall apart, and I have helped out with charity events and fundraisers, some more successful than others.

I started a video log on “Youtube” about two years ago with the goal of uploading a positive message clip a day for a year; much easier said than done.  Yeah, I still upload a clip every now and then, but I have switched jobs a couple of times and find it harder and harder to shoot video from the hip without sounding the same after 100 or so videos.

I have been connecting with lots of people on “Linkedin” recruiters and classmates and colleagues.  I have been trying to create a network where I can help other people find a new job.  I believe that karma or the search for nirvana has been the reason that I have been able to land on my feet even though I am sometimes on shaky ground.

And so I keep on, trying to build a community where I can spread a message of hope for a brighter tomorrow.  One blog at time, one link at a time, one friend at a time, one clip at a time; I do believe one day it will all come together.  One day we will all be able to come together and co-promote each other in a positive way, where we can all be better off and make the world better off. 

No this ain’t my first rodeo and it won’t be my last rodeo.  I can recite the parade of clichés.  Keep Swinging, Keep Swimming, Keep Running, Keep Fighting, Keep Trying, Stay Positive, Stay in the Hunt, Fight the Good Fight, Do not go quietly into that good night, Keep Shooting, Keep Reaching; Yes, Yes, Yes, I will!

No this ain’t my first rodeo, I will continue to get back in the saddle.