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Please join the Point of Light Network. Let’s spread good news, everyday!

Please join the Point of Light Network.  Let’s spread good news, everyday!

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Conference Call – Playbacks:

Point Of Light Network – June 18th 2017

Frank Briggs – The Power of People Helping People

Elliott Eddie – The Power of the Mentor and Mentee Relationship

Joseph Luellen – The Power of Paying Forward Good News


Point Of Light Network – June 25th 2017

Joseph Luellen – The Value of a Network
Jean Norman – The Hardest Part of Selling
Elliott Eddie – Round Table Question

Hosted by Frank Briggs


Point Of Light Network – July 2nd 2017

Elliott Eddie – Ten the Hard Way
Jean Norman – Respect What is Relevant
Frank Briggs – Four abilities of Success
Hosted by Joseph Luellen


Point Of Light Network – July 9th 2017

Luther Taylor – Preparing for a Job Search or Career Change
Bryan Watson – Preparing for a Job Interview
Kenneth Tebo – Preparing your Social Media
Hosted by Joseph Luellen and Frank Briggs


Point of Light Network July 16th 2017

Adena Sabins – Fire Wise Gardening

Joe Luellen – Seed, Time and Harvest
Hosted by Frank Briggs