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God is:

I believe.  I believe in God.  I believe in Love and I believe in Truth.  I believe that God is Love and Truth.  Now, I do not want to use this post to get too preachy, I want to use this post to testify.  This is where I am coming from with my blog.  This is my take, my angle and I am more than willing to admit that I have fallen short, but I am still trying to get better and learn from my mistakes.

God is Love:

It has taken me my whole life to learn a very simple lesson.  If you love someone, you want better for them than you want for yourself.  If you really love someone you put them first.  Their needs and their wants are more important than your own.  Now love is very dangerous when it is confused with lust and lies.  Sometimes people will tell you they love you so they can get what they want.  I say that is not love.  Love, true love is not a physical thing; it is a true meshing of your spirit and your emotion.  You are happy when the one you love is happy.  You are sad when the one you love is sad.  You will sacrifice for those who you love.  Let me say this again, misuse of Love is a dangerous thing.  Be careful and guard your heart.  Realize that the love God has for you is the most perfect love ever.

God is Truth:

I believe in Absolute Truth!  I believe some of us will spend our entire life believing a lie.  Some of us will rely on data, information and knowledge and profess ourselves as wise but we will not believe the God is real.  I believe the God is real.  This means I cannot be the center of my own universe.  I am just a creation in God’s universe.  I belief that all of my gifts are gifts from God; what does this have to do with the Truth?  I believe in absolute truth.  I understand why people believe in conditional and situational truths, but I believe there is one absolute truth so simple that people find it almost impossible to believe.  God is truth.  And yet has words have been argued and twisted throughout history.  One day we will learn that for everything we have learned, everything we have discovered and how smart we think we are, we are not smarter than God.

I believe that God is Love and Truth.

We can argue about Unconditional Love.  I truly think that only God can do it.  We can take about knowledge and wisdom but only God can reveal Absolute Truth.  I believe in Unconditional Love and I know that I fall drastically short.  I believe in Absolute Truth and I think it is so simple we find it hard to believe.

God is Love and Truth!  Every great think we will ever do is a gift from God!  Everything we will learn is a gift from God.  We cannot love each other more than God loves us.  This is what I believe.


Be the Real Deal

This is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I am here to challenge you.  I am here to ask you to stand up for what you believe.  I am not telling you what to believe.  Today I am challenging you to be the Real Deal.

Be the Real Deal.  If you really believe in something stand up for it.  If you are going to stand up for something, get your facts straight and be an inspiration to others.  State the facts; tell the truth and make a stand for what you believe!  That is what it takes to be the Real Deal!  Have I messed up in the past?  Yes, that is how I know what being the Real Deal is all about!

The first step in being the Real Deal is stating the facts.  So to do this you must get your facts straight.  To be the Real Deal you cannot send people off chasing rumors!  You need to know the difference between people who are telling lies, people who are just guessing and people who are speaking with real information or based on solid experience.  We live in a day and time when it is easy to get both sides of the story with just a simple search of the internet.  If you are dealing with two people who do not get along, listen to both sides of the story.  Then put them both in the same room and see who stands by their story.  Then ask around a little bit before you make up your mind.  Just because someone is popular does not make them right or wrong.  Same goes for the unpopular person.  Usually the truth cuts both ways not just one side or the other.  If you are the Real Deal, you would not want to fall for a scam or lead others into a bad situation.  Do what you can to find out the facts before you make up your mind.  Usually people will have data or information to verify their story not just rumors and accusations.

Be the Real Deal, tell the truth!  Step two in being the Real Deal is telling the truth!  Once you know the facts, you should make up your mind and stand for the truth.  Stand up for what is right.  This is not just saying it, I mean standing up for what you believe in; even if means you have to admit you were wrong or you screwed up.  If you messed up, fix it.  If you believe in something stand up for it.  Standing up for the truth is not only the right thing to do.  Standing up for the truth can be its own reward.  A lot of time, when the dust settles; the ones who stand up for the truth win in the end.  Don’t fall for the quick fix, the fast money or the fool’s gold.  Check your facts and stand up for the truth.

Stand up for what you believe.  Being the Real Deal means your story does not change based on who is in the room or what direction the wind is blowing.  I know a lot of people, and I mean a lot of people who will say one thing and then do another when you are not looking.  They may think they are slick, but they are not the Real Deal.  It is hard to make a line in the sand without getting your hands dirty at least once.  Standing up for what you believe may mean you may lose a few friends.  That is the price of being the Real Deal.  It means your story does not change based on what you think is popular with the people who are in front of you at the time.  Being the Real Deal means you keep your facts straight, you stand on the truth and your story does not change.  Being the Real Deal means you may have to make a stand with your back against the wall.  Might does not make right, the Real Deal believes the Truth is what makes you right!

Be the Real Deal!  Get your facts straight.  Be the Real Deal, tell the truth!  Be the Real Deal and stand up for what you believe!

The Path:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  This is one of those posts that I take more seriously than most.  I take all my posts seriously in a caring way.  I try not to take myself too serious.  I try to be able to laugh at myself, I try to be able to take the advice I give.  I try to do my homework and double-check the facts.  So today, I take it all to the highest level I can.  Today I tackle the best advice I could ever give to someone.  Today I try to explain the path.

What is the path?  Imagine for a second there is a place where the truth and love co-exist with no spin, no conditions and no catch in any way.  Imagine a place where the truth is the truth and love is true love.  This place is the path.  When you are on the path you realize the best way to love someone is to tell them the truth.  And the best way to tell the truth to someone is to love them.  Not a lust or physical love, I am talking about a spiritual and emotional love.  So I ask you; if you love someone would you have them believe a lie?  I also ask why would you tell someone the truth only to hurt them?

The path is the place where Love and Truth surround you and flow through you.  The path is the place where you can feel safe and secure because no one is there to hurt you or try to deceive you or to try to take advantage of you.  This is so plain and so simple to think about, and yet the path is so hard to find in everyday life.  If people really love each other, why can’t they tell each other the truth?  If people are standing for the truth, why would they try to hurt each other?  So take a look at the world we live in, we are surrounded by people who say they stand for the truth and yet try to hurt others.  We are also surrounded by people who say the love you and then lie to you and everyone else.

Now I have heard it said there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.  I find this to be true.  Most people you talk to agree that people should treat each other the way they want to be treated.  People agree that we should help each other, that we should love each other and we should tell the truth.  So why do we live in a world full of hate and lies and war?  Really, how many people are truly walking the path?

Now I am not saying this to be negative, I am saying this to be positive.  No matter how crazy and messed up the world may seem, you can choose your path.  You can choose between love and hate.  You can choose between truth and lies.  You can choose to walk the path or to go whatever way you want to go.  The path is open to all.  So I ask again, why do so many people agree and yet so few choose to walk the path?  Is it easy to be on the path?  Honestly I have to say the answer is no.  Too many people think the easy, quick way is the best way.  Too many people try to find a way to make the fast money or find excitement making other people lose so they can win.  Too many people make themselves feel good at the expense of others.

The quick and easy route never turns out to be quick or easy.  The good times fade fast and the promises turn out to be empty.  The best thing about being on the path is that what you find there lasts.  Things may not come quick and easy, but the results are real and lasting.  The path where truth and love walk together hand in hand is the best path.  And when you think about it, the truth and real love always walk hand in hand.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal:

I am sure you have heard it said Pray for the Best and Prepare for the Worst.  Maybe you have, maybe you have not, maybe you can run a search and find out for yourself.  So trust me, I think you should pray for the best and prepare for the worst so you are covered either way things may go in your life.  Take every day as a gift and live your life to the fullest.  So I have taken this one step further.  I have come up with a very simple philosophy for work and for life.  3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

Pray for the best.  Prepare for the worst.  Plan for both.  Deal with reality.  Simple to remember, effective if put into use.  Dangerous if ignored.  It is a simple wisdom and a simple truth for me.  Yes I will break it down for you, that is the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo way.  Whenever you are planning an event or anticipating an outcome, pray for the best but prepare for the worst; that way if things go all wrong you can minimize your risk or losses.  Now let it be said, I do believe in the power of pray, so call me a realistic optimist.  Pray for the best and prepare for the worst.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

Now if you are going to pray and you are going to prepare, I think it is fairly obvious you should have a plan.  You should plan for both outcomes.  What are the best and worst things that can happen at each step of your plan and be ready for either outcome.  Some people call it contingency planning.  I call it proper planning. Let’s play a little game.  Let’s say you are going to play the lottery.  Most people plan for winning the lottery, but most people do not have a good plan.  So if you win, what is your plan; and if you don’t win, what is your plan?  Now I know that example is overly simple.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

Let’s break down a little more complicated, but still a very simple series of events that should be easy to understand; let’s look at the best and worst things that can happen on your way to work every day.  Let’s say your standard drive to work every day is 30 minutes.  If you like to be on time every day you would imagine that you need to leave thirty minutes before you need to report to work.   Now the best thing that can happen is that traffic is light and you get to work early.  What is the worst thing that can happen, well what if your car will not start?  Can you call a cab or get a ride from someone else or call in and take a day off?  What if you are out of flex days and vacation days?  Should give yourself and hour to get to work instead of thirty minutes so you have a time buffer if things go wrong?  What happens if run into bad weather or an accident, do you have a cell phone and a number to call so that you will not be in trouble before you get to work?  See normally we take something like going to work for granted; we do it so often it is rarely a problem. Still it does no hurt to pray for the best so that everything goes well on your commute, but prepare for the worst and check the traffic and weather and leave early most days.  We pray for the best, prepare for the worst and plan for both.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

So we pray for the best and prepare for the worst and plan for both.  So let’s face it, we really just deal with reality and adjust.  We do this so often that we don’t even notice that is what we do.  Some people have to be to work on time, every day to punch and punch out.  Now most of the time, we are given a certain amount of emergency time at work to deal with the things that seem to pop up out of the blue.  This seems to work out a lot better if we are in good graces with our supervision and management at work.  If we are known for showing up early and staying late, if something comes up out of the blue, our Managers are more likely to understand.  Remember this when you are planning things.  You can only plan for so many different things to go right or go wrong.  Most people do not believe that everything will go wrong, but for whatever reason, we believe we are going to hit that lucky lottery.  So let’s say you it the lottery, you may think that everything will be great; but more than likely a lot of your family and friends will expect you to share the wealth.  Can you really plan for all of those possible outcomes?  No, in reality you will deal with reality.  You will deal with the fact that you more than likely will not win the lottery, and if you do win; it will more than likely be a smaller prize, enough to pay a bill or go out to dinner or many take a mini-vacation.

3P and D or Pray, Prepare, Plan and Deal.

More than likely you will just deal with reality, so why worry about planning?  Well look back through this post; pray for the best, prepare for the worst, plan for both and deal with reality.  Most of us will plan out how we are going to get to work every day.  We will try to get there early, stay a little late and if something comes up we will have a little bit of a buffer to work within.  Most of us will deal with the emergency when it happens.  We will deal with the reality.  So all in all, it is good to plan.  It is good to pray for things to go well and appreciate the little things along the way.  All those little things will add up to big things which will give us more of a cushion when things go wrong.  It is usually pretty rare that everything goes wrong if we plan things out in advance.  So reality is easier to deal with if you have a plan in place.

3P and D or Pray for the best, Prepare for the worst, Plan for both and Deal with reality!

Your B.E.S.T. Workout Routine

Welcome to the New Year.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Are you ready for your best workout routine?  What about your B.E.S.T. Workout Routine?  As you may have noticed B.E.S.T. is an acronym, but for what?  B.E.S.T. stands for Burst, Endurance, Strength and Technique.  So your B.E.S.T. Workout Routine is actually a series of Four Separate Workouts; Burst Workouts, Endurance Workouts, Strength Workouts and Technique Workouts.

Burst Workouts are Short High Intensity Workouts.  Endurance Workouts are Long Low Intensity Workouts.  Strength Workouts are workouts that steadily Increase in Intensity and Technique Workouts maintain a Constant Comfortable Intensity while paying attention to each and every detail of your workout.  Notice I did not mention what type of exercises you would be doing in your workout routines i.e. swimming, biking, running, calisthenics or lifting weights; The B.E.S.T. Workout Routine works for every type of Exercise.

Now before you dive off the deep end, I have to explain the order that it takes to build your B.E.S.T. Workout Routine.  You might assume you do Burst Workouts, then Endurance, then Strength and then Technique; you would be wrong.  The order is very important.  1st and foremost, which ever type of exercise routine choose, focus on Technique before you do anything else.  If you are a beginner spend at least two weeks to a month on Technique.  If you have been working out your whole life, take an easy day and play close attention to your Technique.  Your Technique must become your second nature.  Pay attention to your form and your range of motion throughout each exercise.  Remember keep a Comfortable Intensity but pay very close attention to your technique until it becomes second nature.  Think about it until you know exactly what feels right and what feels wrong without thinking about it.

So Step One of your B.E.S.T. Workout is Technique!

B.E.S.T. Workout Routine – Step Two; Burst Workouts!  Lately Burst Workouts are a Fitness Rage.  Maximum Results in the least amount of time.  That is fine and great, but once people reach their fitness goals, they stop doing the Burst Workouts.  Also Short High Intensity Workouts can lead to injury if you are not careful.  Burst Workout are very popular right now, but I say be very careful when doing a Burst Workout.  Lately I have been challenging myself to do two very simple and very basic Burst exercises; One Set of Push-ups and One Set of Deep Knee Bends every morning or throughout the day.  I try not to have a pre-set number in mind, just crank out a set of as many as I can when the mood strikes me.  Every now and then I take a day off.  Burst Workouts are great when you do not have a lot of time.  If you like to run do a sprint or run up a flight of stairs.  You can change any workout into a Burst Workout; just do a Short – High Intensity Routine, but pay attention to your Form and Technique.

Step Two of your B.E.S.T. Workout can be the Burst Workout!

Notice how I said Step Two can be the Burst Workout?  In all honesty, after you get your Technique down, I think the most important workout to master next is the Endurance Workout.  I know that I put Burst Workouts Second, but you will learn that everyone is different.  Burst workouts are very popular, so are Strength Workouts; more on both of those later.  Endurance Workouts are Long Low Intensity Workouts.  If you lift weights, they are the long high repetition sets.  If you like to run, they are the long runs.  If you like to swim or bike or hike or do any sport; these are the long days where you sweat it out.  These are the workouts that really get down deep in your mind.  Remember, I said these are the type of workouts you should master, but you should not do them all the time.  Endurance workouts depend on your fitness level, your body type and the type of sport or exercise you are doing.  They are different for everyone; that is why they are so tough to master.  If you we to get hurt and go to Physical Therapy, they will work on Technique First and then lots of Reps at Low Intensity; they will up your Endurance.

Step Two of your B.E.S.T. Workout should be the Endurance Workout!

Strength Workouts, everyone wants to grow up to be big and strong, right?  Wrong.  Growing up to be big and strong is relative to each person.  I will never be taller than Six Foot, so compared to someone who is Six Foot Five, how big will I be?  So we can all get bigger and stronger, if we do the right kind of workout, but we should not try to compare ourselves to someone else.  Most of us will never be as big and strong as the people we see on the cover of the fitness and bodybuilding magazines, but that does not mean we cannot be in the best shape and the highest fitness level of our life.  A strength workout should consist of a good warm-up with steadily increasing intensity until we hit the most weight we can work-out with safely.  Notice, notice, notice I said the most weight we can work out with safely.  If you normally do sets of 10, it is safe to do a set of five with more weight.  At the end of a Strength Workout you should finish with a Medium Set with Your Best Technique.  I am not going to encourage you to shoot for the most weight you can lift one time, this is not a safe way to work out.  I say a Strength Workout should cut your normal amount of reps in half i.e. from 20 to 10, or from 10 to 5.  You may not be able to work out as long as a Technique or Endurance Workout, but you should be able to work out longer than your Burst Workout.

Let me give you a few examples of certain exercises and the different workouts.

Let’s say you want a Stronger Chest.  A Technique Workout may be Bench Press – Sets of 20 at a Low or Medium Weight.  A Burst Workout may be One Set of Push-ups as many as you can do.  An Endurance Workout may be Bench Press – Sets of 30 to 50 with Low Weights until you cannot do any more.  Each set you may decrease the weight but increase the reps.  A Strength Workout may be One Set of 10 Bench Presses with a Medium to Heavy Weight and on the next Set you increase the Weight and drop amount of reps to 5.  At the End of a Strength Workout you should then do a Medium Weight with a Set of 10 reps to cool your muscles back down.

Let’s say you are into Cardio and love to run.  A Technique Workout is a nice steady pace where you pay close attention to your running stride.  A Burst Workout may be a set of quick sprints, or running up stairs or doing a set of deep knee bends as many as possible.  A Strength Workout may be pushing or pulling a sled or doing Leg Presses or Working out with Weights.  An Endurance Workout may be going for a jog or run at a slower pace but over a longer than normal distance.  It is a little different for each person, based on their fitness level and the sport they choose.

So how do you put it all together for your B.E.S.T. Workout?  Well, there are an endless number of paths, but I will give you three examples.  Path A will be the person who does not have a lot of time, but wants to get in better shape.  Path B will be the person who wants to be bigger, stronger and faster.  Path C will be for that person who wants to lose weight or have a lot of stamina.

B.E.S.T. Workout Path A:

If you do not have a lot of time, but you want to get into great shape:  Step One – Spend Two Weeks to One Month on your Technique.  Take it easy and make sure great form is second nature to whatever exercise you choose.  Step Two – After a month start adding in Burst Workouts into your workout routine.  Do one Burst Workout for every Technique Workout.  After another Month add in One Strength and One Endurance Workout into your Routine.  It may go something like this.  T-B-T-S-T-B-T-E:  Take a day off for every two or three days you work out.  If you do not have a lot of time, you cannot afford to get injured; Technique is and should always be your best friend!

B.E.S.T. Workout Path B:

You want to be Bigger, Stronger and Faster than everyone else right?  Well I cannot guarantee you will be Bigger, Stronger and Faster than everyone else, but I can get you Bigger, Stronger and Faster than you are right now.  Step One – Spend Two Weeks To a Month on your Technique.  Make sure that Great Form is your best friend.  Remember, one injury will set you back a month or more.  Once your Technique is Near Perfect start with this Rotation S-B-T-S-E-T; did notice the pattern?  Do a Strength Workout and then a Burst Workout, then take an easy day and work on your Technique.  Do a Strength Workout and then an Endurance Workout, then take another easy day and work on your Technique.  You will find that you need rest days to recover.  It is ok to schedule rest and recovery days, but not weeks and months if you get my meaning.  If you want to be bigger, stronger and faster you will push yourself to the limit.  Without good Technique you greatly increase the chance of injury.  Always work out safely.

B.E.S.T. Workout Path C:

You want to be lean and mean; you want to be an Endurance Machine?  Good for you, try the following pattern.  Step One – Spend Two Weeks To a Month on your Technique.  Each workout starts with paying attention to your Technique.  Now the Endurance Pattern is easy to figure out.  T-B-E-T-S-E – Work on your Technique and then do a Burst Workout, recover and then do an Endurance Workout.  Then Work on your Technique and then do a Strength Workout, recover and then do an Endurance Workout.  Remember this is a serious mental challenge to boost your Endurance.  Never underestimate the importance of rest and recovery days.  It takes as long as it takes, there are no short cuts.  Again, injury will set you back so make sure your Technique is as close to perfect as you can get it.

So do you get it?  Your B.E.S.T. Workout is 100% up to you.  Each one of us is different, and there are endless combinations of Burst, Endurance, Strength and Technique Workouts and Exercises.  The most important thing is keeping you head together and paying close attention to your Technique.  Everything else will fall into place.

Fight for your light:

Imagine for a second that there is a lantern inside of all of us.  Each lantern is filled with scented oil that never runs out.  The lantern was lite the day we were born.  The scent from the oil is our talent and our personality.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Today’s topic:  Fight for your light!

OK so go with me on this one.  If you don’t like where this goes it will only cost you a minute of your time.  If you do like where this goes you may get a life lesson you can take with you from here on out.  I think we are all born with a light inside of us and I think that light is a gift.  I think when that light shines it allows the world to see our true self, our personality and our talent shows through this light.  I think that life will try to extinguish your light if you let it, so you should fight to keep your light glowing and help others keep their light shining.  I will go more in-depth, but that is it in a nutshell.  Fight for your light.  Protect your light.  Help others protect their light and if their light has gone out, help them re-ignite their light.

Let’s go through this again, but more in-depth this time.  When we are born we are given a special lantern with scented oil that never runs out.  Our lantern is light and our personality and our talents shine through this light.  Each light and scent from our lanterns is different and that is what makes each of us special.  Now I believe God (or The Universe or whatever you want to call it) gives us this lantern, lights it and supplies us with a never-ending supply of oil.  Now the devil (or the world or whatever you want to call it) will try to extinguish our light so we will not feel special any more.  That is why we need to fight to protect our light.  We should not let the devil (or the world or whatever you want to call it) convince us that our light is burned out or that we are out of oil; because we will no longer be special.  You see this is a lie that we cannot fall for, because if we believe our light has burned out we are worthless.  Remember you lantern, your light and your endless supply of scented oil is a gift from God (or The Universe or whatever you want to call it) and it is this gift that the devil (or the world or whatever you want to call it) is trying to steal from you.  You must, you must, you must protect your light.  You must fight for your light!

Now some people fall for the lies of the devil (or the world or whatever you want to call it) and believe their light has gone out or they have run out of their scented oil.  If they believe this, they will resent your light and they will be jealous of you.  That is why you not only have to protect your light, but you should help others realize that their scented oil has not run out and help them rekindle their lantern so their light can shine.  If you lose your light, you will resent others light.  Do not let the devil (or the world or whatever you want to call it) fool you and steal your light and do not resent others whose light is shining; protect you light and help others protect and rekindle their light because it is a gift from God (or The Universe or whatever you want to call it!)  Fight for your light.  Help others protect their light.

Do you see how this works?  We reap what we sow.  If we protect our light and help others protect their light, then I have to believe others will help you when the devil (or the world or whatever you want to call it) tries to steal your light.  Remember your light and the scented oil are a gift from God (or The Universe or whatever you want to call it) and that is how your talents and you true personality shine through for everyone else to see.  If you help others protect and rekindle their light then others will help you protect and rekindle your light.  If the devil (or the world or whatever you want to call it) has stolen your light then you will resent and try to steal or extinguish other people’s light.  So the obvious choice is to protect your light and help others protect and rekindle their light.  The obvious choice is to protect your light.  The obvious choice is to fight for your light!

So let me go through this one more time to make it plain and simple that this is what I believe.  I believe we are all born with a Lantern filled with an endless supply of scented oil that is a gift from God (or The Universe or whatever you want to call it.)  I believe that each of us has a fire that burns inside of us that allows or talents and our true personality to shine through for all to see.  I believe that the devil (or the world or whatever you want to call it) tries to steal your light and that people who have lost their light will resent the light that shines inside of you.  So I believe that the best and wisest thing for us to do is to protect our light and help others protect and rekindle their light.  I think the best thing that we can do is to fight for our light!  Fight for your light!

Getting started is half the battle!

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I am here to motivate you, so I blog my thoughts.  In my years of blogging I have found I really motivate myself.  I guess that is part of the point.  I say learn by doing, and if I am not doing then I am not learning.

Have you heard the phrase “Knowing is half the battle?”  Well I believe that getting started is the other half of the battle!  If you know you only need to start.  If you start then you only need to learn.  Too many of us use the excuse, “I didn’t know!”  So I say “learn and do” or “do and learn!”  It really doesn’t matter which one you choose to use, just get started!

Just do it!  Nope, I am not getting a dime from G.I. Joe or Nike.  I am offering this advice for free.  You know what they say about free advice and free lunches.  Ok I am drifting off the point.  What is my point?  I have seen and heard too many people play the pity game, and I have seen and heard to many people who are truly crippled by fear.  Getting started is half the battle.  Every dream I had that did not come true was because I never really got started.  Every lesson I learned has been a result of the effort I put into the lesson.

So take it on faith if you must, do any amount of research.  Read the books, do the math.  Open up your favorite search engine.  Take a poll of successful people and then take one of people who are complaining.  You will find life is full of 4 kinds of people: People who don’t know and don’t try, people who know and don’t try, people who try and don’t know and people who are successful at what they do.  People who are successful keep trying until they figure it out.  To try you have to start.

Successful people will tell you a couple of things.  You have to start somewhere.  You should learn as you go and keep learning.  You should take advice from other successful people.  You should not sell out your principles.  You have to define your success; don’t let others do it for you.  No one can do it for you anyway.

Getting started is half the battle!

See it then believe it.

Air and water; two things we cannot live long without.  Air and water are two of the most basic and most important things in our lives and yet we take them for granted.

How long can you hold your breath?  A minute, maybe two; without air we cannot last long.  If we only take one breath each minute we take in over a thousand breathes a day without out even thinking about it.  We just do it, even when we are sleeping we need air to live.  We need air to live and yet we pollute our air and we breathe in smoke for that quick rush.  Air itself can be that rush but we don’t see it; we don’t see it so we don’t believe it.

Water, how long can we last without water?  You will begin to feel thirsty in just a few hours, in a day you will be noticeably weaker if you do not drink water.  Pure water, the most basic liquid known to us and again we take it for granted.  When we have it, we don’t appreciate it.  We do not see water as a source of our strength so when we need a boost we drink in other things.  Soda Pop, Coffee, Alcohol give us that kick, that rush and yet we take water for granted.  We can live without Soda Pop or Coffee or Alcohol, but we cannot live without water.

We need to see Air and Water for what they are, the very foundation of our lives.  When we breathe we do not visualize the air that fills out lungs being transferred into our blood and carried into our cells throughout of body.  We just take air for granted, until we run out of it.  Go to a place when the air is thin or polluted and you will feel your lungs start to burn.  We take air for granted, but the lack of air can quickly cause us pain.  Give it a try; see how long you can hold your breath.  See how fast you miss something you take for granted.

Water, it is said we need 2 liters or a half of gallon of water every day.  Again, go a day without drinking anything.  No Water, No Soda Pop, No Coffee, No Tea, No Juice, No Milk; nothing.  See how long it takes for you to become thirsty.  See how long it takes for you to become weak.  Then take a drink of water, visualize the water as it travels down your throat and into your stomach.  Feel the power of a simple drink of water cleansing and energizing your body.

See it then believe it.  Air and water are two examples of things we need everyday but we take them for granted.  We do not picture them as things that make us strong; we do not picture them as things that can heal us.  We do not see air and water for what they are, the very basic building blocks of your life.  We do not see them as sources of healing and strength, we do not see them as gifts from God; but they are gifts from God.  The minute we do not have them, maybe then we will pray for them.  Appreciate them now!  See it and then believe it.

There may be other areas in your life that you may need to visualize and believe in before they are made manifest.  Things a little more complicated then air and water; but you need to appreciate them just the same.  See it, Believe it and realize what you want or need is a gift from God.