Your idea is only as good as the energy behind it.

Your idea is only as good as the energy behind it.

I can say this one hundred different ways or I can just go to the source.  To quote the Bible: “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.”  James 2:17 King James Version

Now let me give you an example.  This is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  There is an abandon Office Building with 3 Offices.  A guy hits the lottery and decides to open a Business Incubator.  He calls together all of his family and friends and tells them, I just bought a building with three offices, I want to build three business.  The man let people group together.  In one room there a bunch of people who cannot agree on anything.  These are the “Can’t Do People.”  In another room a bunch of people get together and say “Yes let’s do this!” I will call them the “Can Do People.”  In the third room, there are just a few people who busy writing ideas on a blackboard.  We will call them “The Force of Nature” People,

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.  James 2:17 New International Version

After the first day the guy who hit the lottery reviews the business plans of the three teams.  The first team, the “Can’t Do People” said, we have a few ideas but we can’t agree on them.  “Can you give us a couple of days to pick the best one?” they ask.  “Sure” the Lottery guy says.  The “Can Do People” have a couple of great ideas.  “We will present tomorrow” they say.  “Nice” the Lottery winner replies.  “The Force of Nature” team has one simple idea they present and say they are ready to start.  “Great” the Lottery winner tells them, “Start tomorrow!”   The Force of Nature Team simple replies, “We are ready to start now!”  The “Can’t Do” people say, they will never get it done.  The “Can Do” people roll their eyes and claim they are just showing off.

So you see, it isn’t enough just to have faith. You must also do good to prove that you have it. Faith that doesn’t show itself by good works is no faith at all—it is dead and useless.  James 2:17 Living Bible

You will find the most of the people you know are “Can’t Do” people.  The next biggest group will be “Can Do” people who don’t do much more than talk about what they want to do.  Then a very small group of people you know are “Forces of Nature.”  They go after what they love like there is no tomorrow.  They do what they say are going to do.  They get things done, learn from it and make things better the next time around.  These are the people you want to be around.

Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself.  James 2:17 New American Standard Bible

After a week the “Can’t Do” people still have not figured out what they want to do.  The “Can Do” people say yes to everything but still haven’t got anything done.  The “Forces of Nature” while there are only a few of them are already turning a profit and ready to launch a second project.  The Lottery winner is patient and says “Hey everyone, great work. The Forces of Nature caught a few breaks, but we are all family and friends.  Let’s stay at it!”

Week after week, the Forces of Nature make simple plans and stick to them.  They go after what they say they are going to go after and they do not wait around.  They learn as the go and they go as they learn.  The “Can Do” People are fun to be around, but again, nothing is driving them.  The Can’t Do people still can’t agree on anything, but they all claim to be working hard, they just can’t catch a break.  Soon, the “Can’t Do” people are just along for the ride.

The same is true with faith. Without actions, faith is useless. By itself, it’s as good as dead.  James 2:17 The Voice

After a year the Forces of Nature are bringing in the bulk of the profits.  The Can Do people struggle to break even.  The Can’t Do people, half of them have quit and moved on.  The other-half are starting to turn the “Can Do” people into “Can’t Do” People.  More and more new people are flocking to the Business Incubator to find jobs.  “The Forces of Nature” are becoming so successful they need two offices.  Some of the “Can Do” join with the “The Forces of Nature” and find the success they have always been looking for, because they actually go after their ideas with passion and diligence.  The “Can’t Do” Team has merged with the other half of the “Can Do” Team, but even the few times they agree, they don’t get anything done.

Your idea is only as good as the energy behind it.

“Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.”  James 2:17 King James Version

Be a force of nature.  I used to be the most negative person you would ever meet a “Can’t Do” person.  Then a friend of mine challenged me point blank to stop being so negative.  Slowly I became a “Can Do” person.  I tell people to get around people who are getting things done, check the facts and do not compromise their principals.  Some people still think I am being negative, but I am trying to warn them that scammers are out there and find out the truth.  Now I am convinced that being a “Force of Nature” is what it is all about.  Keep it simple and chase your dreams with all you have in you.  The success and the energy will attract others.  Don’t wait around for people, invite them to join you and then be off and running.

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.  James 2:17 New International Version – Your idea is only as good as the energy behind it.

You can do it!

You can do it!

You need to hear this; you need to see this written down.  You can do it.

You can do it.  You have a dream, step one is to acknowledge the fact that you have a life-long dream.  It is not about the possessions but about what you want to do with your life if money was no object.  What is your dream?  What would you be doing?  You can do it!

You need to say it out loud.  “I can do this!”  Again, what is your dream?  Get back to the very basics, when you were a kid and life was not about money, power and problems.  What was your dream?  You can do it.  Now, take small steps toward your dream.  It is like riding a bike, you may need to start with training wheels or with someone you trust helping you balance, but you can do it.  Don’t be ashamed of where you are starting, just start!

You can do it!  You need to see it and you need to hear it and you need to be around people who will help you not hinder you or use you.  You can do it!

Today is your day, keep it simple; but get started it!  You can do it!

Zero Capital Sweat Equity Event Planning or Z.C.S.E.E.P.


Zero Capital Sweat Equity Event Planning or Z.C.S.E.E.P. Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo where I try to make an Acronym out of just about anything.

Z.C.S.E.E.P: or Zero Capital Sweat Equity Event Planning is a technique I have been trying to Master and hope to teach others. I can break it down for you, but you have to give me a minute or two of your time. See I have worked as an Engineer for about 20 years and I have found out there are Acronyms for just about everything. And no one can agree so they make different acronyms for the same thing. So I figure why can’t I just make up a few along the way?

Zero Capital Sweat Equity Event Planning or Z.C.S.E.E.P.

So I have worked on launching processes and products and there is a concept of a Zero Capital Launch. This means the company will not invest any money into new capital. This means you have to salvage as much from the company’s existing stored inventory. Now for this case, it means if you are going to plan an event, you have to do the best you can to not spend any money. You can use free online tools to plan and promote your event. Let’s face it, people get their news from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the other Social Media Tools as much as they do from Traditional Media outlets. You can use Free Email, Free Online Office Tools and even Free Conference Calling and Video Chatting. Who needs to spend money to get people involved?

Z.C.S.E.E.P: or Zero Capital Sweat Equity Event Planning:

So Zero Capital Event Panning or Z.C.E.P. should be easy to understand. But this is about Zero Capital Sweat Equity Event Planning or Z.C.S.E.E.P. so where does the Sweat Equity come into play? Lots of people who have been involved in Real Estate understand Sweat Equity.   When you buy a house and fix it up yourself before you sell it. The work you put in is called Sweat Equity. So what if you used social media to get a bunch of people together to clean up a park or start and after school program in your neighborhood. The work that people put in by volunteering would be Sweat Equity. Maybe you can find a sponsor to buy t-shirts and provide snacks. See people are not getting paid a salary; they are putting in Sweat Equity.

Z.C.S.E.E.P: or Zero Capital Sweat Equity Event Planning: The opposite of Pyramids and Ponzi Scams.  Too many times people fall for get rich quick schemes or believe they can make something out of nothing. Truth of the matter, most get rich schemes are based on you putting money in and then trying to hustle to get your money back out. Sign up to a system, buy a monthly minimum of product that you have to try to sell and get more people to sign up to your business. Does this sound familiar? So what if someone said, hey; let’s get a bunch of people together to volunteer at a food bank or a homeless shelter. Let’s partner with them and do volunteer drives and fund raisers and let’s use Social Media to spread the word. Zero Capital Sweat Equity Event Planning:


So maybe I have to work on this Acronym? Z.C. S.W.E.E.P. or Zee-See-Sweep: What do you think? What if you could join a group on LinkedIn of Facebook where you could encourage people and then find other people who think the same way? Then you could invite people to get involved in their community? That is the purpose of the Point Of Light Network. Why not join us? The Point of Light Network! Join us On LinkedIn: & Facebook. Find out more on Slideshare:

Z.C.S.E.E.P: or Zero Capital Sweat Equity Event Planning:

You can make something out of nothing. You can make a difference without throwing money at a problem. You can help others just by sharing your story. All you have to do is try!

Dream the Big Dream

Dream the Big Dream

Wright Brothers

Then break it down into goals:

Then break the goals down into steps.

The make a plan for each step.


Dream the Big Dream!

Break the big dream down into goals and milestones with dates and deadlines. Figure out what you can do on your own and where you need help. You will find you will get more done if you find help, if you find a mentor you can trust and build a team you can trust.


Break the goals down into steps. Figure out what needs to be done first and get started. Invite others to join you. Action and Energy create results. Share those results. Share the credit and take more of the blame. Make sure your team really wants to be a part and gets recognition for what you do as a team. Make your team matter.

Take each step and turn it into a plan. Ask for input and ask for help. Make sure everyone has help.   You do not need heroes and renegades; you need people who work well together. Work together, learn together and grow together.


You may find not everything goes as planned. Change the plan, but do not change the dream

You can still thank your team for the work they have done. Even if you miss a goal or two do not miss out on building a stronger team. Thank people, take the time to write them a note, or talk to them. Make a personal connection to go with the professional connection. Respect each other, Learn from each other and get stronger together.


You may have to adjust your goals but do not adjust the dream.

You may beat or exceed your goal, you may fall short.   Adjust your plan but do not adjust your dream. Keep working, keep learning and keep growing. Make sure you use every Milestone to make your team stronger. Thank the team for their work at every milestone. Continue to learn together and grow together. Do not give up on the dream.


Dream the Big Dream; then break it down into goals. Then break the goals down into steps. The make a plan for each step.


Dream the Big Dream! Plans may change, but do not change the Dream, Steps may change but do not change the Dream and Goals may change but do not change the Dream.

Air Cav infantry Soldiers compete in company challenge

Chase the Big Dream!

Being the Best you can Be!

Being the Best you can Be!

The only think that you can really do is be the best version of you. The only thing that I can be is the best version of me. Joe Luellen as inspired by Dr. Seuss.

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

So today I tackle a very touchy subject. I challenge everyone out there ot be the best version of themselves that they can be. I challenge you to be the best you that you can be. I challenge myself to be the best me that I can be.

A long time ago, a friend of mine bought a book on how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. We practiced all summer and got pretty fast at it. We even entered a contest at our local shopping mall. We could solve the cube in about 90 Seconds. That was the best we could do after all the practice that we did. 90 seconds after reading a book and memorizing a series of moves for each situation. The thing about it, was that there were people who could solve it in under a minute. They we better than I was at solving the Rubik’s Cube. I was ok with it. I did my best.

Now there have been times in my life where I have been called arrogant and have been told that I think I am better than other people. This is where the paradox of this article begins. How do you become the best that you can be at something without other people thinking that means you think too highly of yourself? How can you have confidence without being seen as arrogant? If you truly are the best at something and if you get paid a ton of money to do it, will the money turn you into a monster?

I see this all the time in Business, Entertainment, Sports and Politics. People flock to be ever so loosely associated with people who are famous. The clothes they wear, the items they buy are endorsed by celebrities who are getting paid to wear and sell those items. It is ok for our favorites to be larger than life, but people hate if it someone they know tries to make a name for them-self? Why? Why, why, why? I love to play the Bass Guitar. I feel like I am above average at it. I pushed my-self for years to be the best I could be. Some people made fun of me, but I had fun playing the Bass Guitar. It is something I practiced. Now that did not make me a better Cook or Plumber or anything else. It did not make me rich or famous; it was just something I loved to do. I think people are all unique and all of us have different skills. I think everyone should be the best that they can be based on the God given gifts we all possess. Should you be paid less at something you are very good at and worked very hard at because the next person may not have the same level of talent, skill or maybe just flat out luck?

Why do we love our favorite Entertainers, Business Idols, Politicians and Athletes who are very confident in their abilities, and yet when someone we may or may not know wants to rise up, we hate them? Why would you hate someone for wanting to be the best they can be? Maybe you don’t hate others; but if you try to be the best you can be, someone may hate you. They may be jealous or threatened by you. You may be better than them. Remember haters gonna hate.

I have no love loss and nothing to gain by loving or hating most musicians. I personally find it funny how all the larger than life videos out their made by people trying to be more than they were and then they go bankrupt. From MC Hammer to 50 Cent lot’s of musicians who bragged about living large and were loved by fans went bankrupt, but if you walked around saying how large you were living, someone out there is going to hate you.

So how do you become the best you that you can be? How do you promote yourself without coming off as fake? I am not sure but I think… 1: You do your best. 2: Try to promote for others. 3: Don’t define yourself by the hate of others. 4: Keep self-promotion to minimum. Be the best you that you can be and remember haters are going to hate.

So if a friend of mine loses their job should I quit or take a pay cut? No. I will help them find a new job. But me having a job does not make me better than someone else. It just means that I am fortunate to have a job. That does not mean I do not have my share of problems. See sometimes people only see what they want to see and not the whole picture in your life. Haters are gonna hate. You don’t have to hate back. You are your only competition. Be the best you that you can be.

We have all heard it a bunch of times. This cold hard world will hit you with everything it has. The rat race will run you over. The big machine will chew you up and spit you out. The only way you have a fighting chance is to believe in yourself, help others, accept others help and keep fighting. If you are doing your absolute best, someone is going to hate on you. Don’t let that stop you. Know who you are and give it your best!

Planning a successful event:

Planning a successful event:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I try to spread good news and encourage people.  Most of the time I feel like I am encouraging myself more than anyone else, so if I can reach 1 person or 10 people that is enough for me.  So I hope this post and blog finds you well.  I have had the honor and privilege of helping plan, promote, organize, run and perform at different events in different capacities.  Some were successful and others were not.  Each step of the way I was able to learn some things and I would like to share what I have learned.  I hope I can help you take your ideas to realistic and successful completion.

All events start as an idea in someone’s mind.  It can be a birthday party or a school dance or a church picnic or a community parade.  Then they are communicated to a group of people who begin to plan and organize the event.  Then after work and promotion word is spread and hopefully the event becomes a reality.  Depending on the size and scope of the event many factors have to be considered.  If event is ultimately successful cannot be fully gauged until everything is over and done.  Any range from a dozen things to hundreds of things must go right for one event to be considered a success.  Don’t let this scare you.  Start with the idea and learn at each step along the way.  Let me break it down into a simple list, and then I will go in-depth into each point.

1:  Make a list of ideas for events you want to try to create.

2:  Pitch your favorite ideas to a few people.

3:  Put together a team of people you can count on to help you.

4:  Define what you call a successful event.

5:  Put together a to-do list and a time line

6:  Stay Flexible

7:  Stay focused on the goals

8:  Ask for feedback at each milestone

9:  Thank everyone as much as you can.

Don’t let this list bother you.  There is a lot to do if you want to make an idea a reality.  You can have fun, but you need help.  The bigger the event you want to plan the bigger the team you need.  Have fun with it.  That is the whole point.  I have planned smaller events and participated in larger events and have learned a lot along the way.  Some went very well and some failed; I learned something from each one.  I have had big dreams and small dreams.  I am still chasing the big dreams.  I have learned that big dreams are actually a series of small dreams and big events are a series of small events.  Now let’s walk back through this list.

1:  Make a list of ideas for events you want to try to create.

Let your mind wander.  Make a list of every type of event you want to produce.  Then make a short list of your favorites.  Start with one.  It is ok to start small; one of the major mistakes people make is trying to “Go Big” on their first events instead of learning from the process.  Pick your favorite event and think it through.  Picture it in your mind; try to see it from the planning stages and the point of view of the person who would attend the event.

2:  Pitch your favorite ideas to a few people.

Some people will like it and some people won’t.  Some people will promise to help you and others won’t.  Don’t let that stop you.  It is not that your idea is not good, it may be that you see what you are trying to do and others may or may not see it, they may or may not agree with you or they may have their own ideas.  Either way this is all part of the learning process.  The Beatles were turned down many times before they signed their first recording contract.  Hold on to your favorite ideas and keep pitching them.  You may have to refine your pitch but you will know when the time is right.

3:  Put together a team of people you can count on to help you.

There is a difference between putting together a team and putting together a team you can count on to help you.  Some people will promise to help you and then you will never hear from them again.  Others will always be too busy to help even though they said they would.  There are people who will only help if you let them take control of the idea and take all the credit, and there are people who say they will help purely to try to find a way to take advantage of you.  You need to keep your Radar “ON” and figure out who will actually help you.  Brainstorm the details of the event.  One clear sign that people will help is when people ask for specific tasks and deadlines.  They will ask, “What do you need me to do and when do you need it by?”  That is a good sign and gives you a timeline you can track.

4:  Define what you call a successful event.

What is this event designed to do?  Is it to raise awareness about a cause?  Is it to celebrate a milestone or accomplishment?  Is the event planned purely for people to have fun in a safe environment?  If you have five people planning the event, ask the group what a successful event will be, what are the goals?  This will give you targets to track.  Not all events are designed to turn a profit, but will more than likely need to know how much of a budget you are working within for the event.

5:  Put together a to-do list and a time line

Let’s get a bunch of people together and go do???  Who, what, when, where, why, how, how much… these are all questions that need to be answered.  A “To-Do List” and a “Time Line” are the things that help an idea become a reality.  What needs to be done and by when and who is going to get it done?  Have a plan and a backup plan for each detail.  Yes, I have seen some people just say, Hey I am throwing a party and just shoot from the hip and a bunch of people show up.  This is rare.  It happens all the time in a movie, where a big party breaks out.  Not every concert is a sell-out, not every song is a hit; so not every event will be standing room only.  How many people is enough, how many is too much, how many are not enough?  Have a plan and backup plan.  How are you going to get the word out about your event and by when?  Have a plan and a backup plan.  Should people RSVP or buy advance tickets or can they just show up?  Have a plan and a backup plan.  The answer is in the details and the details are the “To-Do List” and the “Time Line!”

6:  Stay Flexible

Life Happens so have backup plans.  It is important to have back up plans and back up people in case the people you need drop out or let you down.  Track the deadlines along the way.  Everyone needs help now and then.  This is all part of getting to know who you can count on.  Give people the benefit of the doubt, but don’t let them keep letting you down and while you continue to count on them.  You cannot do everything.  Let me say it again and again, you need back-up.  Sometimes it is better to let others take the lead while you are their backup.  I have learned a lot by standing back and watching people run or not run with their own ideas.  Some things you can let slide or find a way to work around if someone or something let’s you down.

7:  Stay focused on the goals:

Listen; there are the Big Goals and all the details.  Stay focused on the Big Goals.  Too Many Big Goals at one event is a way to guarantee failure.  Keep it simple and don’t sweat the small stuff.  Book after book have been written on the subjects.  If the goal is to raise $1000.00 for charity and you raise $900.00 but the band didn’t show up, can people still have fun and was the event still a success?  What if the band shows up and you raise $2000.00 for charity but a bunch of fights break out?  Was the event still a success?  Stay focused on the Big Goals.  Too many details can be worse than not enough details.  Look back at Item Six!

8:  Ask for feedback at each milestone:

What is working and what is not?  Are you ahead or behind schedule?  People work harder when they are having fun.  Make sure you are asking for feedback from people who are helping.  Ask for input, but don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Save some ideas for the next event.  Keep building and growing and learning along the way.  Find out who you can count on and train up backup people to take over so you can give other people a break.  You can be all things to all people in all places at once, you need a team and you need to know how well people are responding to each thing that needs to get done.

9:  Thank everyone as much as you can.

Give yourself credit if you have given your best, but give others more credit; it takes a team.  Phone calls, emails, card and letters.  Say thank you to people and really mean it.  If you give others credit, sooner or later you will get credit for what you do.  If you are working with people you can count on, things will get done and you can share the spotlight.  Stay focused on working with people who can count and people who will work together as a team.  This is when the most work will get done and people will have the most fun along the way!

Let good news rain

April Showers bring May Flowers.

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!

Let’s plant the seeds that bring the harvest

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!


Let’s whistle while we work

And let’s work together

Let’s teach each other

In every weather


Let good news rain

Let Good News Reign!


Let’s thank the God that brings the harvest.

Let good news rain

Let’s God News Reign

Let’s thank the God that brings no sorrow

Let good news rain

Let’s God News Reign


Let’s shine the light of truth

And train up all the youth

And do the things we say were going to do

Let’s stop the double talk

And all the crooked walk

Let’s make a better world for me and you


April Showers bring May Flowers.

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!

Let’s thank the God that brings the harvest

Let good news rain.

Let Good News Reign!

Horn of Plenty

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

The Truth is Beautiful. Love is Truth and Truth is Love. I believe the simplest things are beautiful even though we sometimes forget. The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

The Sun rises and sets every day. Every Sunrise and every Sunset are Beautiful. It is a simple truth. When is the last time you took the time to watch the Sun Rise? When is the last time you took the time to watch the Sun Set? Some people worship the Sun because of its splendor. I worship the One who created the Sun.

Sun rise

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

The Moon rises and falls every day. Each cycle of the moon is beautiful. It is a simple truth. From the New Moon to the Full Moon and Back again; from the Solar Eclipse to the Lunar Eclipse and back again, all phases of the Moon are beautiful. Some people worship the Moon for all of its mystery. I worship the One who created the Moon.

Full Moon

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

On a clear night you can see the Stars in the Sky. Millions and Millions of Stars, everywhere you look twinkling in the night sky. The Stars are beautiful. It is a simple truth. People have drawn pictures in the Stars and told stories about the Stars for years and years. Some people worship the Stars and the Stories that go with them. I worship the One who created the Stars.

Stars Constellation

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.

Sun Set

Every day we get so caught up in what we think we know that we forget about the simple truths. Every day is a blessing. Every day is a chance and a choice. Make things better or make things worse. Appreciate what we have or risk losing it. This life can be beautiful every day. It is a simple truth. Sometimes we forget our life is a blessing because we are so caught up wanting someone else’s life. Some people worship their life or the life of others. I worship the One who gives life.

New Moon

The Simple Truths are Beautiful.


Find the simple truths in your life and you will find beauty. I worship the One who created the Truth. The Simple Truth is Beautiful.

Sometimes Less is More!

Sometimes Less is More!

My bad knees and my Physical Rehabilitation Walks continued.

So I have come to a time in my life where I have to rebuild my strength to be able to work out the way I want to work out.  For me to be able to jog, or run or even ride an exercise bike, I have to change my thinking. I am not in this for intensity; I am in this for endurance. So my broken knees need to be fixed and to do that I have to challenge my mind to endure the process.

Healing is mine. I have to accept that I can be better than I was before, it just may take time. So for a little while I have taken a break from power walking and just strap on ankle weights and use them as part of my everyday routine. Actually three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday: I wear Five Pound Ankle Weights and try to take Five Thousand Step while at work. Five Thousand Steps times Five Extra Pounds adds up to Twenty Five Thousand Extra Pounds of effort Three days a week. I use Tuesdays, Thursdays and the Weekends for recovery; this is a shift from my nightly power walks.

Now it is not just walking around with five pound ankle weights, it is also changing the way I walk, lifting my knees high so there is as much up and down motion as forward motion. It is bending my knees as I walk, and then doing sets of leg curls when I am standing still or leg extensions wen I am sitting down. This is an endurance play, one step at a time, one rep at a time and one day at a time.

It is a mental challenge as well as a physical challenge. I have to challenge myself to appreciate days that are pain free and use the days that are painful as a reminder, they are less painful as I get stronger. Also, I have to be mindful of where the pain comes from, is it my knees or my ankles? Do I need to stretch more? I am thankful every day for another shot at getting stronger?

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes it is OK to take it easy. No I am not saying give up. I am saying adjust. Give yourself time to recover from you workouts. Give yourself time to heal from injury. Dial back a little sometimes if you are over training. This is all part of my rehabilitation walk. This is all part of my mental and physical challenge. So this is my challenge to you. Sometimes you don’t have to give up, but you should dial back a little.

I will be back at my power walks soon enough. Soon Five Thousand Steps a day won’t be enough. So I will continue to report on my progress, and I hope inspires others to not give up. I see people overcoming more than wat I go through and I am inspired by them. I am also thankful for everyday because it is another chance to learn, get better and share with others.

Sometimes Less Is More.

Cool as I.C.E.

Cool as I.C.E


A simple strategy to successful networking, sales and business growth:

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I have been in Sales, I have been in Networking and I have been in Recruiting Organizations.  I have studied my successes and failures.  I want to try to put together a simple Three Step Plan to Successful Networking, Sales and Business Growth.

It is my belief that the Best Business is Personal.  The best way to Network, Sell and Conduct Business is to make a Personal Connection based on trust and honor the connection with your best effort to create Win-Win Scenarios so that all parties involved want to continue to do business.  My simple strategy for Networking, Sales and Business Success is to be “Cool as I.C.E.”  Put simply; I.C.E. stands for Invite, Communicate and Encourage.


Networking begins with an Invitation to connect.  Sales and Business Growth begin with an Invitation to do business whether it is to make a sale or close a deal.  It is my belief that each Networking, Sales and Business Event begins with an Invitation.  The next step is Communication.  In Networking it can be an simple exchange of Personal and Professional Information.  In Sales it is the Information about the exchange of goods, services and for a perceived profit to both sides.  The same holds true for Business Growth, information is exchanged to the benefit of both parties.  The end of every deal should be the Encouragement to continue to develop the Network, Sales or Business Relationship.


Now each step in Cool as I.C.E. – Invite, Communicate and Encourage also consist of separate steps.  If you would, give me a few minutes to explain.  Let’s start with Invite.  An Invitation should start with an Introduction.  The plain and simple exchange of who you are should open every Invitation.  The Invitation should also contain and Idea.  The basic Information about a Networking Event, a Sale or a New Business Opportunity should be a part of the Invitation.  Just the basic points about the idea or event needs to be contained in the Invitation.  The invitation should be just enough to want people to future engage in the Network, Sales or Business Opportunity, but not so much that it create information overload.  If the Invitation is “Accepted,” then you can proceed to the Communication Stage.  If not, minimum time, information and resources have been invested into people who are not interested in getting to know you or doing business with you.

Cool as I.C.E. – Step One Invite:  Introduction and Idea.


The Second Step is Communication.  The foundation of Communication in Business, Sales and Networking is finding Common Interests and Common Ground.  People attend Networking Events to look around.  People stop in business and visit websites to browse.  People attend Seminars and Presentations to find out more.  If Common Interests and Common Ground is not found the Networking, Sales or Business Opportunities will not go any farther.  Other aspects of Communication include Context, Core Values and Conditions.  These elements must be exchanged to build trust in the Business, trust in the Sale or trust in the Network.  Communication requires Context to be effective.  The Terms, Conditions and Core Values of each party should be in alignment for a ongoing relationship to develop.  Personal and Professional Values must be clearly Communicated and respected.

Stay Cool as I.C.E. – Step Two:  Communicate Common Ground, Common Ideas, Context, Core Values and Conditions.

Now the third and final step of Staying Cool as I.C.E. is Encouragement.  Invite, communicate and then encourage each party to continue to move forward.  Encouragement requires Energy to build and maintain a working Professional Relationship that Respects Personal Boundaries.  Encouragement also requires Enthusiasm.  Both parties should look forward to completing the Business Deal, Closing the Sale or Further Networking Activities.  All Parties involved should look forward to continue to develop trust and look for Win-Win Scenarios moving forward.  In Networking this means agreeing to work together moving forward.  In Sales it involves a fair exchange of goods and services at a fair price for all parties involved.  In Business this entails creating scenarios that are profitable for each company or organization.  All while maintaining the highest ethical standards possible.

Stay Cool as I.C.E. – Step Three:  Encouragement, Energy, Enthusiasm and Ethics


Stay Cool as I.C.E. – Invite, Communicate and Encourage to grow your Network, Sales or Business.


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