A Hard Working Slacker

That is the way I feel.

I have been working very hard the last couple of months, but I have not been updating my blog.  So in some ways I am working hard, and in other ways I am slacking off.

Now, that being said.  Keep an eye out.  More 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is on the way.  I have been very active on LinkedIn and Facebook posting quotes of the day and inviting people to join.  I just need to get this blog back on track.

Don’t give up on me.  I am promise I will do better.  I have been so busy I had to cancel a Motivation Speech I was going to present to a Local Jobs Club.  I am just getting started so it broke my heart to have to cancel.

I will be back, stronger than ever.  Now, in the mean time.  Get up, get out and chase your dreams!  You needed to hear that… or at least read it.



Happiness is so easy that it’s hard. It is so simple that we take it for granted.

Happiness is so easy that it’s hard. It is so simple that we take it for granted.

Happiness is easy and it is simple. Do you want to be happy?  Really, do you.  It is so easy we make it hard.  It is so simple that we take it for granted.

Do you really want to be happy? Follow this simple steps and you will be happy!  Or you can over think it, debate it, say it does not work and not be happy.  That is your choice.

Step One: Every morning you wake up, say thank you that I am alive.  You can say it to God:  If you want more read Appendix One:  Or you can say it to the wall, or into the mirror, or to the first person you meet.

Step Two: Smile when you get ready to face the day!

Step Three: Find one good thought to hold on to throughout the day.  Don’t let anyone take it from you.

Step Four: Pay it forward a little every day.  Just because you can’t help everyone and solve every problem does not mean you cannot do one little thing a day.  Pay forward spare change, or good news

Step Five: Resist Gossip, Bad News, Anger and Hate.  Now this one is hard read Appendix Two if you need more:

Step Six: Realize, the more “Happy” you are, the more of a target you will become to those who are not happy.  Will you let them knock you down and rob you of your Happiness?

Appendix One: Every morning you wake up, say thank you that I am alive.  You can say it to God:  (Whichever one you worship because in the end we will learn that it all goes to the same place, it was just that people wrapped faith up in politics and traditions, but God is God so just be thankful to God)

Appendix Two: Gossip, Bad News, Anger and Hate are all around you.  Learn to tune it out.  You can be aware of your surroundings without agreeing and spreading gossip, bad news, anger and hate.  Try spreading Good News, Love and Understanding.  Do you want to be Happy?  Happiness is a choice.  You cannot be Happy and continue to choose the most negative energy to spread.

Happiness is so easy that it’s hard. It is so simple that we take it for granted.  Do you really want to be happy?  Follow these six simple steps!

Step One:  Be Thankful for everyday!

Step Two: Smile

Step Three: Find one good thought to hold on to throughout the day

Step Four: Pay it forward a little every day.

Step Five: Resist Gossip, Bad News, Anger and Hate

Step Six: Realize, the more “Happy” you are, the more of a target you will become!

Can you do this, really; can you.

Try it for a week or two. Then try it for a month.  Then a year!  Then why not try it forever?

Happiness is so easy that it’s hard. It is so simple that we take it for granted.

Things we take for granted.

Things we take for granted.

Lately my eyes have been opened to all the little miracles that happen that we seem to take for granted. Bear with me a minute.  Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.

Each morning I wake up and on most days I am up between 5:30 and 6:30 AM. My 5:30 alarm is my get a jump on the day alarm.  6:00 AM is if I feel like sleeping in a little, and 6:30 is the get up now or you will be late alarm.  I get cleaned up and get dressed and grab my to-go breakfast combo and drive into work.  Usually I am settled in at work with a cup of coffee between 7:30 AM and 8:30 depending on when I leave and how traffic treats me.  I may have to follow-up on a few e-mails, open up a conference call or visit a customer or two as I settle in at my new day job.  It was on a day very similar to the start of the day I just described that I realized how many things I take for granted every day.  I think I am not alone in being guilty of taking little miracles for granted.

Things we take for granted.

When I settle in with a cup of coffee at work I take for granted all the people who work in dangerous conditions, or who are not treated fairly or who do not have a job to go to at all. So now, each day I try to be thankful that my future is bright and a way has been made for me.  I also pray that others find a job, career or business opportunity they enjoy and do what I can to help.

When I arrive safely at work in the morning or at home at night, I take for granted all the people who sometimes don’t make it to where they are going. All those traffic jams and traffic accidents that annoy us, sometimes we forget it is a minor miracle that we have safe passage.  Now I am thankful for and pray that everyone has safe travels.

When I grab that to-go combo for my ride to work, sometimes I take for granted that some people have to go hungry or skip meals to make ends meet. So I am thankful for the harvest and the fruits there in and I try to pay it forward by donating to charities and volunteering when I get a chance.  I also invite and encourage others to do the same.

When I get dressed and I take an extra minute to pick out a tie, vest and or jacket I take for granted that not everyone has clean clothes to wear or work a job in a nice office environment. Some people have to dress for combat, others may have to dress for very harsh environments.  As I am chasing my dreams I hope and pray that everyone has a chance to live their dream one day.

And when I get up and hit that snooze button or cancel my early alarm for my later alarm, sometimes I take for granted that I woke up with another chance at a new day. I am thankful for everyday because every day is a new day and a new chance to not only take my shot in this life, but be thankful for life itself.

We live in the present, our lives are a present. Each day is a gift.  We need to learn to be thankful.  Do not take the day for granted.  It only takes a minute to stop and reflect on the little miracles that happen every day.

Keep it Simple Simon

You can keep things plan and simple.

Yes you can.

Just tell the truth.

Treat others better than they treat you.

Treat others better than you would want to be treated.

Do your best, tell the truth.  Play hard, work hader.

Spend less than you make

Give more than you take.

Life get’s more complicated with every lie we tell.

Love God and others more than you love yourself.

Do the best you can for others, but do not let others take advantage or take you for granted.

You can keep things simple.

I starts with facing the simple truths.

Keep it Simple Simon


Not Just Another Monday

Hello, today is Monday.  Though you may read this on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Today is Monday, but it is not just another Monday.  This Monday is today and today I make up my mind to do something special, no matter what the world throws at me.  Now you can do the same thing today, if you are reading this on a Monday, but if you are reading this on a Tuesady or Wednesday, you can still make up your mind to do something speical today!

The only thing you have to do to do something speical today is be the best you that only you can be.  Even if it is Thursday or Friday.  Seems like everyone want to save the best version of themself for Friday or Saturday or Sunday, but why not be the best you can be on a Monday also.

Today is Monday.  Make it a Super Happy Fun Day.  Make every Monday – Super Happy Funday and the rest of the week is easy.  Don’t make this just another Monday.  Do something great today!

Today is not just another Monday.  Make it something special!  Be the best you that you can be today!


What does your career path look like?

Stop for a minute. Think about this for just a minute.

What if I told you to run for your local school board? What if you ran and won? What if you then ran for City Council two year later and won that race also? What if you then ran for Mayor and won that after two years on City Council. Then what if you ran for State Senate, then Congress, then Governor, then Senator and then maybe after President? What if you kept winning every two years you moved higher and higher up in politics? Would your family and friends be proud of you? Would they be happy for you? Or would they criticize everything you do?

Stay with me for a minute, just another minute. What if you went to college and took business classes and then started working after graduation. You get a shot at a fast track program where you work for Six Months in Four Separate Areas of the Company. Then after Two Years they make you an Assistant Manager and then after a year or two you are managing your own Department. Every couple of years they move you into a new Department with Manger Level responsibilities. Then after 6 or 8 years of moving from one department to another you become a Director? Again would your family and friends be proud of you? Would they be happy for you? Or would they criticize everything you do?

So know, what if every year or two you switch jobs? How will your family and friends treat you? Will they tell you that you can’t keep a job? Would recruiters call you a job hopper? Will people even ask you the circumstances? If you are getting closer and closer to the job you always dreamed of, every time you switch jobs; you are on the right track. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. What does your career path look like?

Listen, there are only three types of jobs out there. The job you have, the job you need and the job you want. If you don’t have a job, find a job. If you have a job and it is not what you want, find the job you need to bridge the gap and get you closer to the job you want.

Job hoppers do not always just hop around because they are not working out, sometimes they are getting closer and closer to the job they want. It may be for any number of reason that someone switches jobs. I have heard that 70% of people switch jobs because of their boss. This does not speak to highly of Leadership, I can honestly say the number one reason for my job searches has been to find a better fit for my combined personal and professional life.

Job Hoppers get a bad reputation while people on the Fast Track have a Good Reputation, so how do we battle that perception. Keep your job search focused on what closely aligns with you Professional and Personal Goals. Never take a job purely because it pays a few dollars more than your current job. Look for opportunities to learn and grow professionally and look for opportunities that also fit your personal goals and your personality. If you and your bosses personalities do not mesh it does not mean that either of you are bad at your job, but there may be someone out their whom your bosses personality more closely aligns, just like there may be a Manager or Leader your may want to work with because they more closely align with your personality. What does your career path look like?

Do not worry if your family or friends understand. Some people where their length of service like a badge of honor. There is nothing wrong with finding a place you love to work and sticking to it. But that does not mean it will happen to all of us. The only thing we can count on is that times will change. Very few of us will be able to stick with One Company for life. Most industries are moving faster than ever. Will you let not looking limit your career choices?

Step one is to have some kind of goal in mind. Step two is to do a reality check. Step three is to make a plan on how you can move up inside and outside your company. Step four is to swing the bat. The last step is to realize no matter how well you have played, plans change. Change with the time. Improvise your plan not your goal. What does your career path look like?

Really honestly, what does your imagined career path look like? Can you find mentors and coaches where you are that can help you make it a reality? If so, stay where you are, if not, find them somewhere else. Sometimes if you and your boss do not fit well, it is win-win for you to move to another department or another company where there is a better fit for both parties.

Last but not least, do not let your family and friends pass judgment on you for changing jobs if they do not know or do not want to hear the details. You are the one who has to look forward to going to work every day. Find a job you look forward to going to everyday.

Again, remember; there is the job you have, the job you need and the job you want. Sometimes you may have to hop around once or twice to find not only the right job; but the right job at the right place and the right time, with the right team. What does your career path look like?

Get started!

Get started!

Get busy. Get Started. Make up your mind and then fight for what you believe. Keep your mind open and learn as much as you can. You learn more by doing than by doing nothing.

Yes, keep thinking. Yes, keep learning. Yes, keep growing but get started.

Start today. Start now. Pick up a book, google a topic. Wiki-How and get started.

You can do this, yes you can. You can learn to get better as you are getting better. You will get better if you put the time and effort in so, get started.

Make Magic Happen Today!

Why not today.

Do you have a dream?

Are you chasing it?

Why not start today?

Can you find a way to google your idea, or your idols or find some inspiration?

Why not go to the Library and read a few books?

Why not go to a community center and volunteer?

Why not today?




Getting started is the hardest part.

Getting started is the hardest part.

What is it that you always dream about doing?  Well getting started is the hardest part.  Don’t believe me?  What has held you back?  I bet you can name a hundred reasons why you are not chasing your dreams.  Now just give me one good reason why you can.

Getting started is the hardest part.

No time, no money, no help are all great excuses.  Every time you tried to do something you tried to get started you never got the help.  Someone else will get all the breaks.  You just don’t have the energy.  OK again, all great reasons, now just name one reason why you need to get started.

Getting started is the hardest part.

Trying and failing is way better than not trying.  Try, fail, learn and then try again.  Let me say that again; try, fail, Learn and then try again.  Now let me say it one last time just to make sure it gets through; try, fail, LEARN and try again.  You can’t get better at anything unless you learn and you can’t learn if you never try.  You don’t have to bet the farm on your first try.  You don’t have to bet your life savings on your first roll of the dice, but you need to start somewhere.

Getting started is the hardest part.

Life is not fair.  Not everyone will help you.  Not everyone who says they will help you really will, some will actually work against you.  Some people will actually do everything they can to stop you.  You make it easier for them by not trying.  Be relentless against those who are ruthless.  If it were your birthright or your inheritance would you fight for it?  Well you will never know if you don’t try.

Getting started is the hardest part.

Thank you

Thank you

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