I choose to live: Sometime it feels like staying positive is like fighting zombies.

I choose to live:

Sometime it feels like staying positive is like fighting zombies.  People will just get in your way.  So don’t let zombies steal your joy or your will to live.

220px-Zombies_NightoftheLivingDeadSo I write this post in honor of Halloween rapidly approaching and with it comes the new season of The Walking Dead on AMC and the Release of last season’s episodes on Netflix. And no, I am not getting paid for any product plugs or indirect endorsements.

So a few days ago, I was Rehab Walking with my Five Pound ankle weights on to strengthen my knees and I had a couple of five pound soft dumb bells so I could do my Super Power Walk Routine of lifting weights and rehab walking. After a few laps around our apartment building, I felt like I was just out there battling with my own mind to keep going, keep walking and keep lifting. I was listening to one of my favorite Electronic Music Groups on my headphones, but scenes from the Walking Dead kept leaping into my mind. If you have ever watched the show, there are zombies everywhere and sometimes the main characters just have to fight their way through the crowd of zombies. More than once a fan favorite has had to make up their mind that they want to live, the want to keep going; no matter how many zombies are after them.

The_Walking_Dead_title_cardSometimes that is how I feel when I am out there exercising, that I have to keep going just in case the zombie apocalypse was to happen anytime soon. Now Zombie Movies have been around for a while. Well before Night of the Living Dead. Now depending on which story you follow, Zombies can be slow lumbering creatures or can be so fast there is no chance to out run them, like in World War Z. It seems I am getting sidetracked; I keep working out because I choose to live. I choose to believe that we can make the world a better place. Being positive can be its own enemy because not everyone will change and become positive just because I made up my mind to be positive. So off I go walking and lifting and fooling myself into thinking I could fight my way through a swarm of zombies.


On the Walking Dead, there are six characters that have survived since Season 1 till the end of Season 5, at least that I know of… and they all went through the phase between giving up and choose to keep fighting. So for me I choose to keep fighting the good fight and try to find a reason to stay positive no matter what I am going through at the time. So when my mind plays tricks on me when I am working out, I just stay at it. I choose to live, and keep fighting zombies.

zombielandIn Zombieland, Cardio is a key to survival. Michael Jackson was able to teach Zombies how to dance in the Thriller Video, let’s face it; that may have been the single coolest zombie moment of all time. Now for the rest of us, we will more than likely have to choose to fight our way through the Zombie Outbreak, but maybe we can just dance our way through it. So why I am taking the time to type this up and post it to my blog. Well I guess anything short of the Zombie Outbreak should be considered a good day.

ThrillerJust stay at it. Choose to live. Choose to keep fighting. Choose to spread good news. Choose to work out and get strong. Don’t give up, fight every last zombie that stands in your way. Or be like MJ and Moonwalk your way through them, either way choose to live!

If at first you don’t succeed.

If at first you don’t succeed.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. Today’s obvious observation; if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. So simple, but do we really do this in our lives? I have at times tried and other times given up. Every time I gave up, I never got closer to my goals. The only time I ever got closer to my goals is when I failed and tried again.

Let me tell you three different stories in my life where trying again, paid off. Three things that I am currently going through that keep me convinced that you have to be tenacious to reach your goals. Now these are just a few examples, there are still lots of goals that I have that have yet to be reached, so if I am going to get there; I have to take my own advice.

What do knee injuries, software and job hunting have in common? Let me explain. I am currently recovering from a couple of nagging knee injuries. I also like working with computers and making music, so I have some music software I want to learn. I also have a day job and without it there would be no money for making music, let alone things like food and shelter. So I am constantly trying to further my career and I am trying to stay in shape because we only have one chance at this life. So first things first, I have been strengthening my knees by working out with soft weights and wearing knee braces. I started with leg lifts and leg curls but the nagging knee pains just seemed like they would not go away.   I would also walk a mile or two to keep getting stronger and stay in some kind of shape. One day to try something new, I walked with the ankle weights on. I had to take big steps, like walking in deep snow. My legs ached while I was walking and they hurt the next day even more. A strange thing happened two days after my ankle weight walk. My knees hurt less than they had in a long time. So I figure, why not repeat this every weekend and have the week to recover. So every weekend I would strap on my Five Pound Ankle Weights and walk until my knees and legs begged me to stop. Again, I was very careful not to make things worse; I stayed under control each step of the way.

One day, while at the store, I found some two and a half pound ankle weights. I figure, why not wear them in the between days while I walk around at work, and step up my five pound power walk days to a couple of times a week. Keep trying and trying again until I find the right mix of workouts. I noticed I was recovering faster. Yes, I would have a bad day for every workout day, but I also had less and less pain on each day after the recovery days. Try, try again.

Now I also was trying to make sure I was making the right career moves. I have been lucky and blessed to be moving forward the last few years. I was able to change gears and not take a step backward; all the while, every 6 months or so I would apply to a company that was closer to home. I really wanted a shorter commute. This went on for a few years. I switched jobs not once, but twice; trying to find the right place for me. I could not even get an interview at the company I was targeting.

After Five Years of Trying, putting in my resume online and by e-mail every six months; the company I was targeting called me. I had switched jobs twice and was feeling pretty good about myself. Needless to say all the interviews and jobs I didn’t get, and all the jobs I did get, prepared me for the interview with the company I was targeting. When they called me, I was more than ready to go in for an interview. I ended up getting two different offers within 24 hours. After 5 years of trying, I was finally hired in at the place I had targeted all along. Try, try again.

Now during all of this, I was trying to work with special software that would allow me to make music using a variety of pre-recorded loops, virtual instruments and external keyboards that I had been collecting. I bought a lot of things second hand and on clearance and I wanted one piece of software that would tie everything together. I actually bought a second hand laptop and a second hand keyboard, just to get the software I need for free. I loaded up the software – Ableton Live Version 7 Lite. I registered the software online and also bought a couple of mini key boards that were half off to get more free software to use with Ableton. Needless to say the software was out of date and I had to e-mail tech support. They gave me a free upgrade to Ableton Live Version 8. I loaded up all the software and my laptop started acting strange. The hard drive would spin out of control. I thought I caught a virus from all the free stuff I was trying. I could not get the software to behave on the laptop.

Try, try again. So after buying another used laptop and getting the software and memory upgraded, I bought yet another ½ off clearance keyboard to get a new copy of Ableton Live Version 9. After years of struggles I was able to obtain success. Some of, most of the software I had compiled would not run in Ableton 9 because it was 32 bit instead of 64 bit; but other copies of the software I had compiled ran and ran very nicely. Sorry about the Techno-Jargon Babble, 3 versions of software latter and I am up and running with lots to learn and lots to look forward to learning.

My job, my hobby and my health; I could have given up one either and all of them. I could have said, this is all there is and all there will ever be; but I choose to try again. So now I give to you the only advice I think that is worth giving. I give to you the advice that I am living. Try, try again.

I still have lots more to do. I have to settle in at a new job and make my mark. I have to continue to work out and get stronger. I have many, many hours chasing inspiration and learning new software. But what do I have to lose by trying? I stand to gain more by trying and trying again until I get things right. You gain nothing when you give up. You can gain the world if you will only try and try again.

Good things take time.

Good things take time.

You can’t rush quality. You can’t rush craftsmanship. You can’t rush art. Good things come through a series of inspiration, experimentation, training and time. Some people work hard, some people work smart. Talented people make work seem like fun. This is all part of the process. The process of figuring out what is worth doing and what is a waste of time. Anyway, good things take time. Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, let me explain.

Year after year it seems Professional Athletes make more and more money to do things that started out as games that people played to have fun, pass the time and maybe get a little exercise. Kids play the games for fun. Parents teach the games to their children. Again, people play to have fun and maybe get a little exercise. Great players seem to make the game look easy. Just because they make it look easy does not mean they did not practice long hours to become great at it. The fact they make it look easy almost guarantees they practiced long hours to become great. The great players probably had fun while they were practicing, but they still put their time in to get great. Good things take time.

Nobody looks at Fine Wine and says, wow let me pay money for sour grape juice. No, people look at fine wine and say it was careful aged to perfection. I am sure if you go to any vineyard, the wine makers will tell you how much care was taken in growing the grapes, picking on the best grapes, and carefully extracting the grape juice and the type of woods that were used to store the grape juice until it became the finely crafted wine you are about to taste and pay your hard earned money to enjoy. The best wine is not thrown together overnight in a random manner. No, if you want the best you have to wait for the perfect time for each step in the process. Good things take time.

I have spent many hours of my life making music and entertaining others. It did not matter to me what instrument I was playing or what style of music that I was a part of performing; it did not matter if I was performing solo or as part of a group. All the mattered is that the music sounded good to me, and hopefully good to whomever was listening. Lots of hours were spent practicing the drums, or the bass or the guitar. Lots of time was spent behind a keyboard of a synthesizer or a computer to make the music sound just right. Even if I liked it, sometimes other people did not like it. Sometimes I did not like it and other people did. Either way, it just did not happen. It took time. Time spent practicing, time experimenting and time chasing inspiration that is not always caught. Not every song of performance worked out. But when they did, in that moment, it felt like magic.   Good things take time.

Take the time to get good. People who have never heard of you may think it comes naturally to you. Some if it does. Some of it is a gift. Respect the gift enough to be thankful and practice. Experiment and have fun until you get good. Experiment and have fun until it comes naturally. Experiment and have fun until you make it look easy. Take the time to get good. Good things take time.

D.A.R.E. to be Great!

D.A.R.E. to be Great!

Be Great! I D.A.R.E. you! And of course because the D.A.R.E. is an acronym for what it takes to be great. Actually it is the first Triple Acronym. What is that? More on that, welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo where I D.A.R.E. you to be Great!

What is a Triple Acronym? It is an Acronym where each letter represents Three Words that can be used interchangeably. Not to be confused with a T.L.A. Ok, back to D.A.R.E. to be Great!

D stands for Desire, Dedication and Discipline.

To be Great you must Want to be Great! You must be Dedicated to the cause of getting good and better at what you do until you are considered the Best or One of the Best in your field. This will take practice, study or bottom line it will take Discipline. Greatness takes Discipline, Greatness takes Dedication and Greatness Takes Desire. D.A.R.E. to be Great; D stands for Desire, Dedication and Discipline.

A stands for Action, Attitude and Ability

Greatness takes Action, plain and simple. No one ever became great by doing nothing. You can be born it wealth, fame and royalty; but Greatness takes Action. You must possess the proper Attitude that you can and will be Great at what you do regardless of what others think. A Bad Attitude will not make you Great, a Good Attitude alone will not make you Great; but without a Good Attitude you can pretty much forget about being recognized by your peers as being Great at anything. You will more likely be labeled as “Good for nothing.” Now Greatness also takes Ability. Ability hand in hand with Desire, Dedication and Discipline will go a long way in creating Greatness. Ability, Attitude and Action are not enough though; but without them, give up your pursuit of Greatness.

R stands for Respect, Reflection and Righteousness.

When I speak of Respect I am talking about a two way street that starts with you Respecting others and respecting the chances you have been given. Many people would love the chance to be Great; without giving Respect you will not receive Respect. Without receiving Respect you will not be given a chance to shine. Greatness also takes Reflection. Are you on track or even on the right track? Do you need to make some tweaks along the way? If you want to go from Good to Better to Best, you will absolutely have to make some changes. Without Reflection you will have no clue what changes to make along the way. The surest and shortest path to Greatness is the Righteous path. Is what you are doing worth doing? Will it benefit others or only your own vanity? You could say the only path to Greatness is the Righteous path. Any other path may lead to the appearance of greatness. Greatness requires Respect, Reflection and Righteousness.

E stands for Expectations, Energy and Experience.

What do you call being Great? What do you intend to find when you arrive there? How will you know if you are Great without Expectations? How will others label you great if you fail to meet their Expectations? Walking around calling yourself Great will not get it done. Achieving Greatness means Exceeding the Expectations other have for you as well as the Expectations you have for yourself. Exceeding Expectations requires Energy. Do you think this is a One Horse Race? Do you have the Energy required to be Great at what you do? How will you know if you have no Experience? Have you tried; have you put yourself up against your competition? How will you know when you are ready? Do you at least have a coach who can benchmark your performance and get you ready for the pressure of the competition you are in to be recognized as Great? Again without Experience your chance for Greatness are Slim and None:

D.A.R.E. to be Great! A Triple Acronym. Go down the list in any order and it will work. They all work together!

D stands for Desire, Dedication and Discipline.

A stands for Action, Attitude and Ability

R stands for Respect, Reflection and Righteousness.

E stands for Expectations, Energy and Experience.

D.A.R.E. to be Great!

Desire, Action, Respect and Expectations

D.A.R.E. to be Great!

Dedication, Attitude, Reflection and Energy

D.A.R.E. to be Great!

Discipline, Ability, Righteousness and Experience

I could do this all day! D.A.R.E. to be Great!

The Super Hero in you!

The Super Hero in you!

I like watching Super Hero Movies. I know they are not real, but it often makes me wonder what I would do if I were a super hero. I also like watching Action Hero Movies. They are similar to Super Hero Movies. I know they are not real, but it does make me wonder, how much of this action is believable? How much of this is something we may be able to do if we were to stretch our abilities to our limits. I think there is a Super Hero in all of us; we just need to be brave enough to let them out.

For the same reasons I like watching some of the fringe sports like American Ninja Warrior and The Cross-Fit Games: I also like watching Tour De France highlights as much as I like the FIFA World Cup as much as the NFL Super Bowl as much as WrestleMania: Each winner of these events is billed as super human, but each of them are vastly different types of athletes. Ninja Warriors have tremendous upper body strength and are very light weight, where Cross Fit winners on average seem to be bigger and stronger. Tour De France Athletes have much more lower-body strength and much more endurance.   For the longest time, the Decathlon Winners at the Olympics were considered the World Greatest Athletes. All in a quest to become Super Human; so if I told you there was a Super Hero in you, would you believe me?

Maybe you have not trained to become a Movie Star, Action Hero or Professional Athlete, but you have a unique set of talents that have been given to you at birth. You just need to get around people who will help you develop your talents. You see Athletes and Actors have Coaches and Trainers that helped them become successful at what they do. All of them have put in countless hours to become who they are, so what are you waiting for? You just have to put in the time. Maybe you need to start small.

The Super Hero in you! First you have to make up your mind what it is you really want to be very good at doing. Then you need to find someone to coach you. Usually this is someone you look up to who is good at what you want to do and has common morals as you have. Never comprise your morals when you pick a coach. You want to be a Super Hero right?

Next you need to separate Fact from Fiction. You have to put some kind of frame work in what is possible and attainable if you give it your best. This is based on your age, your time, your talents and your determination. Some people say they want to be great, but the minute they face a set-back they give up or get easily distracted by something else. It is better to know your limits and to train another day than to go overboard, get hurt, give up or worse. Your best is all you have to give. Do not compare yourself with others best or some legend or myth. Larger than life works in the movies and gets hyped up on television, know your personal limits.

Now you need to stretch your limits. This is where you train in a safe environment and in a controlled setting. Give it your best, track your results and then keep getting better. You may be a fast runner or a strong weightlifter, or you might be a teacher, public speaker or author. There is a saying that “Practice makes perfect.” There is another saying that “Perfect practice makes perfect.” Perfect your practice. Monitor your results and keep getting better at what you do. This is where your coach should be able to help you adjust your training and practice.

If you have picked a coach that does not feed you false promises and take short cuts, and if you have trained yourself and separated fact from fiction and if you have stretched yourself to be your best; then you are ready to make a stand. I am not telling you to patrol the neighbor at night looking to fight crime, but you can start a neighborhood watch and work with your civic and community organizations to help out in your neighborhood. I am not telling you to make a bunch of promises you can keep, but you can invite and lead a team of volunteers to help others who are in need. You can help people learn the things you have learned so they do not feel the need to take shortcuts or feel bad about themselves.

You see the Super Hero in you is up to you. You know what you would like to do in your heart of hearts, now can you make it a reality? Can you be an inspiration to others much like the movies or these televised sporting events, just maybe on a smaller scale? Can you make a difference in just one person’s life? Maybe you will need help, but still you are being a help to others. This is the point of being a Super Hero, helping others. The key to unlocking the Super Hero in you is to help others do the things you always wanted to do. If you are helping others find success, you will also find success. This is your Super Hero Calling. Unlock it. Teach people that they do not have to cut corners to reach their dreams.

I like watching Super Hero Movies. So if I told you there was a Super Hero in you, would you believe me? Unleash the Super Hero In You!

Teamwork only works when the team works together.

Teamwork only works when the team works together.

What is in it for me? This is the reason most teams fail. Strangely enough this is the same reason why some teams succeed. Teamwork only works when teams work together.

What is in it for me? If a team is established and there are systems of rewards in place, then “What’s in it for me” can work just fine. Think about being the starting quarterback on a top college football team. “What is in it for me” will drive the top players to compete for that starting spot and leading their team to victory and a shot at the pros.

What is in it for me? Think about all the people who hate their jobs, their bosses and their commute to work but they do it 5 days a week or more for a paycheck. They work with people they don’t like, and for a boss they don’t like and complain all the way to the bank each week. They work as a team on a team they don’t like because there are rewards in place that offset the things they do not like about their job.

What is in it for me? People play the lottery and go to casinos and jump on get rich schemes and scams against all odds because they believe they will be the one to hit the jackpot or hit a smaller prize that will at least make it worth their while. And if they do not win, hey they got that little rush that makes it all worth it.

What is in it for me? Have you tried to build a team from scratch simply for the greater good? Have you tried to build a team from scratch to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do? The only way that teamwork works is when the team works together. I know in my heart of hearts that teamwork works. I have seen it work first hand for all the right reasons and all the wrong reasons. I believe in Teamwork. I believe in teams that work together.

This is my search, this is my journey and this is the path I am on. I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. I will figure this thing out, with help from people who can see what I am trying to do. I am trying to get people to work together without asking “What is in it for me?” I am looking for the people who will say “What can I do to help?” I am not looking for people who will tell me what to do and only help if they get paid. I am looking for people who want to motivate each other to volunteer in their community. I am looking for people who want to clean up parks and volunteer at food banks in their own backyard. I am looking for people who want to speak at workshops and lead volunteer drives and actually go out and do the work without spending or looking to make a bunch of money for their time. I believe if we are doing the right things the right way all those things will work themselves out. When I send out a call for help the most overwhelming response I get is “What is in it for me?”

“What is in it for me?” Seed Time and Harvest, what comes around goes around, you reap what you sow, karma and nirvana: We hear these things but do we really believe them? Team work makes the dream work. You see I believe these things. I also believe, if you build it they will come. So brick by brick, post by post and invite by invite I believe it will all work out one day.

So thank you for reading my post. This is not just a post, it is a commitment. Teams work when teams work together. You know this in your heart to be true. Yes, leadership matters and yes purpose matters; but let’s face it, all of us have seen teams be successful for all the wrong reasons. And sometimes we see thing grow out of nothing for all the right reasons. “What is in it for me?” is the wrong reason! “What can I do to help?” is the right reason.

Teamwork only works when the team works together.

Keep a simple song in your heart.

Keep a simple song in your heart.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  It doesn’t get simpler than that; “The little engine that could” kept a simple song in his mind and in his heart when faced with a big challenge.  What do you do when you are faced with a big challenge?

Do you sing the blues?  Do you cry out for help?  Do you wallow in sorry?  I choose to keep a simple song in my heart and try to keep a smile on my face.  Yes, sometimes I get down and frustrated; but still I look for the silver lining inside the cloud.  I keep a simple song in my heart.

I think I can

I think I can, I think I can.  Row, row, row your boat.  Just keep swimming.  Simple songs from simple stories we tell our children and then we grow up and stop believing.  So I had to challenge myself to keep believing.  To keep swimming, to keep rowing and like the little engine that could I will take my mountain.

I will take my mountain.  Say it every day!  I will take my mountain.  Do you feel like you are growing older, wiser, or stronger?  Do you feel all of these things?  Do you feel none of these things?  Keep a simple song in your heart and keep your eyes on the prize.  So much of this life is your state of mind and your state of mind is a choice.

Row row row

Nobody said it would be easy.  The way I heard it is that if it was easy, everyone would do it.  So make up your mind that you can do the impossible, and then find a simple song a simple phrase you can say everyday and keep it in your heart.  Make it something that makes you feel stronger and wiser.  Make it something that reminds you that you are healed and strong and talented and uniquely made for greatness.   I will take my mountain.  I think I can, I think I can.  Row, Row, Row your boat.  Just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming

We say these things but do we really believe them?  I do, but I rarely see it in others.  People are stressed out and frustrated and living their lives day to day thinking that things will never change.  I believe that things will change; I believe that things will get better; if we can learn to work together.  So I say keep a simple song in your heart and have faith and put that faith into action.  Faith without works is dead.  So put action behind your faith and do the work.  Sing a simple song while you work.

I will take my mountain

I will take my mountain.  Say it every day!

Faith made simple.

Faith made simple.

Faith is where you place your hope and faith is where you place your trust. Faith is simple, people make it complicated. All of us have faith weather we confess it or not. What you believe in is where you place your faith.

Faith is simple.

People make it complicated. Faith is not a trivia game or a quiz show or a battle of wits. Faith is what brings you peace of mind. Where you put your hope and trust is where you put your faith. Some people blow on dice, some people hoard money and gold. Others believe they can out smart destiny. This is where they place their faith. Some believe that God is in control, others believe they are in control and still others feel they have no control; this is where they place their faith. Faith is simple. Faith is the simplest explanation of what we believe to be true.

Now read these words carefully. I am not telling you what to believe. I am telling you that faith will bring you peace. I will never try to argue and operate from a position of fear. I will always try to find a place that brings me peace and operate from a position of faith. My faith is based on two simple things, a search for truth and a search for love.

Truth and Love go hand in hand. That is why I challenge myself to never operate from a place of fear, or hate or lies. No matter how much power and wealth selling lies and operating from a position of fear may bring others, my duty is to the truth. No matter how much power others can gain through hate my belief is that if you love someone you will tell them the truth. This is where I place my faith.

I believe any advice you give should be advice that you follow and your story should not change from audience to audience. Truth and Love made simple is where I place my faith. Love and Truth create peace. This is where I place my faith.

Faith is simple; people make it complicated. People can be hypocrites, people can be power hungry, and people can be arrogant and greedy. In this quest to appear to be more than what they are, people make things complicated. Complicating faith leads to confusion and confusion is not peace. Faith is simple, people make it complicated.

Faith is simple. Find the simple truths. Find the purest most innocent form of love, like a mother has for a child or when little kids are at play. Aspire to approach love, truth and faith with a child like heart. Find happiness and peace and place your faith there. Faith is simple, people make it complicated.

My Rehabilitation Walk:

My Rehabilitation Walk:

I am recovering from a couple of knee injuries. I have to challenge myself to get past the pain of the bad days and appreciate the lesser pain or near pain free good days. This is all part of my rehabilitation walk.

I have to believe in the promise. I was not promised to never be sick or never have an injury. I have been promised that I will get sick and recover from all manner of infirmary. So I continue to believe in the promise. So I do not give into injury, I continue to stretch and strengthen my legs so that my knees will recover. I will take my mountain.

Nay-sayers have told me I should go to the doctor or get surgery, but I believe I can get back to full strength in due time. So you have to be really careful what advice you accept some times. What news do you listen to and what news do you spread? I will recover thanks to the promise, but I have an active role in my recovery.

No Pain, No Gain! You heard this haven’t you? You do not exercise today to be stronger today. You exercise today to recover tomorrow and get stronger as time progresses. So I broke out my ankle weights and put them to good use. First I did leg exercises on weekends and a few week nights while I watched television; leg extensions and leg curls, sets of twenty until I could not stand the pain. No pain, no gain. I would wear soft knee braces on weekdays and walked with a limp. I continued to get stronger and tried to correct my walking, no visible limp on good days. I tried to not use the braces on weekends first, then a little at a time on weekdays here and there. I will take my mountain.

I had good days and bad days. Two steps forward and one step back so it seemed. Yes my faith has been tested, but I believe in the promise; I will recover. As I have been getting stronger, I decided to put on the ankle weights and go for a walk. Slowly, deliberately walking with 5 pound soft weights strapped around each ankle; I walk around our apartment complex. So I started to sweat after the first lap; that is a good sign. Then I started to notice that my muscles began to ache, another good sign. Then I had to challenge myself to keep going on lap 3 and 4 and 5; another good sign. No Pain, No Gain.

After my Rehab walks, I had to take it easy for the rest of the day. Watch Television and stretch, all the while believing in the promise, I will recover. Sometimes I would feel better the next day, sometimes I would feel worse, but by the second day after my Rehab walks I would feel a lot less pain than on the days before my rehab walks. I will take my mountain.

These rehab walks are making my knees stronger. It may look funny to people who see me. They do not know that I have 5 pound weights strapped to each ankle as I do my walks. It probably looks like I am riding a giant bicycle in slow motion. It may look like I am walking in deep snow as I walk around each lap. I listen to music on my trusty MP3 player and my headphones as I smile my way through the pain. But each time I feel I get stronger. Each week, I wear my knee braces less and less. Each week I get a little stronger, short term pain leads to longer term gain. Each week I learn to stay in control and stay the course.

I share this with you because I believe in the promise. I will get sick and recover. I share this with you because I believe in spreading good news. The same promise that has been given to me is available to you. I am not telling you to stop going to the doctor or stop taking any medicine you may be on; I am telling you to believe in the promise, you may get sick but you can recover. I will take my mountain.

The reason I keep blogging.

The reason I keep blogging.

Most of the things I post in my blog are not new information.  Maybe it is just my perspective that is different.  I am more than likely not telling you something you have never heard or seen before, maybe it is just something you need to hear or see again with a new take on it.  The things I am telling you are to do what right for the sake of doing what is right.  I am telling you to believe in yourself and to believe that you can make a difference.  I am telling you to learn by doing.

The reason I keep blogging is because I believe these things to be true not only for you but for me.  I believe that I have to keep looking for a new take on the same things I have heard before.  I believe that I have to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.  I believe that I am supposed to believe in myself and believe that I can make a difference.

If I tell you to have faith, I must have faith.  If want to motivate others, I have to stay motivated.  If I believe that good work is it own reward, I have to do good work.  If I believe in seed time in harvest then I must sow seed.  I continue to blog because I have to motivate myself as much as I try to motivate anyone else.  The reason I keep blogging is because I believe in what I am blogging.

So what am I saying?  What comes around goes around?  As you sow so shall you reap?  Believe in something more than yourself?  Do the right thing?  Build a team, work together?  These are the things I blog.  I believe them to be true.  And by saying them over and over again, I am learning how to become a better team builder and a better leader.  It is not enough to shout to the heavens or stand in the forest and yell at the trees; the point is to make a difference and help others make a difference.  The point is to create and maintain a blog that will actually create change in the world that I live in, in my community and in the communities that this blog reaches.

We sit here and say that we are all connected and we all are Six Degrees of Separation from each other.  So what are we doing to make the world a better place?  If I ask it of others, I have to first ask it of myself.  Blogging, mentoring, coaching and training are all things I try to do in my personal and professional lives.  At home or on the job, I have to try to keep learning by studying and by doing and by coaching others.  So I blog to keep myself motivated and to believe I can motivate others.  This motivation will hopeful bring change into my life and to the lives of those who read this blog.

All I can tell you is to stay at it.  All I can tell myself is to stay at it.  So my promise to you is that I will stay at it.  One day, one week, one post at a time; I will stay at it.


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