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Rip City is a State of Mind.

I’m going to Rip City; Rip City is a State of Mind.  Now when I say Rip, I mean R.I.P:  Not R.I.P. like Rest In Peace, no I mean R.I.P. like Repetitions, Intensity and Perspiration.  You guessed it, this a workout post and R.I.P is another 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Acronym.

So if you have been paying attention, I have done some posts on Fitness.  Yes, I have my ups and downs like everyone else.  Now it is time for me to take my Mental Connection to an even deeper level.  I am going to R.I.P. City; R.I.P. City is a State of Mind.  You have to get your mind right first.  You have to understand where all of this is coming from:  You have to know where I have been before you can know where I am going, with this one at least.

R.I.P. City is a State of Mind.  R.I.P. – Repetitions, Intensity and Perspiration:  Before you enter into R.I.P. City you have to trade heavy weights for lots of reps.  And when I say lots of reps, I mean lots of reps.  You need to do at least one Century Set for each body part before you can get a R.I.P. City Entry Pass.  A Century Set is when you pick a light weight and do One Hundred Reps keeping a steady rhythm and good form.  You have to get used to this type of workout just to get your Buss Pass to R.I.P. City; R.I.P. City is a State of Mind.

Now after you have gotten past the new type of soreness that comes after doing Century Sets, you have to ask yourself; is this for me?  Can you trade bragging about how much weight you lift and start concentrating on more reps, better rhythm and better form?  If it this is not for you; it is OK, not everyone is going to want to go to R.I.P. City.  As for me, I have been to R.I.P. City and I am trying to get back there as much as possible. R.I.P. City is a State of Mind.  You see R.I.P. City is not about Superman, or Spiderman or Batman; R.I.P City is about Clark Kent and Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne.

If you have made up your mind that you are willing to change your workout from Heavy Weights to High Repetitions, then ride the bus to R.I.P. City; you can visit R.I.P City but if you want to stay you have to attack your Intensity next.  Now before you think you can move right in, you have to make sure this is for you.  No one is going to force you to do this; I may try to talk you out of it.  You see R.I.P. City is a State of Mind.  If someone asks you how much you can bench press, do you know?  If you do, you are not ready.  But if you are more concerned about how many push ups can you do, you are on the right track. 

Once you get used to doing High Repetition Sets on a regular basis, you have to up your Intensity.  You must have days where you push yourself as close to your aerobic threshold as possible during your circuit training.  Is this all Greek to you?  Are you not speaking the language of Maximum Muscle Madness?  See you have to know the language, or at least want to learn.  Would you move to France if you wanted to learn Spanish?  You have to be able to put together some really intense workouts on good days.  Then you have to be able to have days where you keep your intensity low and do an active recovery workout.  You see R.I.P City is a State of Mind.  You must have your mind right.

See if you want to show off your muscles, and make a lot of noise in the gym.  Maybe this is not the place for you.  But if you want all the confidence that comes from being in top shape, then maybe you can understand where I am coming from.  Or should I say where I am going to.  See I am going to R.I.P. City; R.I.P. City is a State of Mind.  This is not about taking a bunch of pictures in tank tops; no this about looking great when you put on a new suit.  Like I said, not everyone wants to do this, and not everyone who does will qualify. 

To build a house in R.I.P. City, you have to build it out of sweat; Perspiration.  You can’t buy a house in R.I.P. City, you have to build your house by not measuring how much weight you lift, but how much work you put in.  Forget about “No Pain, No Gain.”  Start thinking “No Sweat, No Threat!”  If R.I.P. City is your destination, your house is built with Perspiration.   See this is not for everyone, you have to forget about who is watching you workout and you have to get deep into how you feel while you are working out.  R.I.P. City is a State of Mind. 

I got some pounds to lose, I have some time to put in and I am in this for the long haul.  I can’t get there by faking it, and neither can you.  I have to always be thinking about the next workout.  I have to stay sharp and focused.  You can’t buy your way into to R.I.P. City.  There are no short cuts in a bottle.  You can’t pop a pill or mix up a shake to get there.  Repetitions, Intensity and Perspiration are the only way in.  I can tell you the way to R.I.P. City, but I can’t take you there.   See R.I.P. City is a State of Mind.  You have got to do this for yourself.  You have got to make your own choice.  As for me, I am going to R.I.P. City; R.I.P. City is a State of Mind.


If you don’t do it, someone else will.

You know that great idea that you have.  You know what I am talking about, the idea where you say, “Someone should…”  Well if you don’t follow up on your idea, don’t be surprised if someone else does; because if it is a good idea, someone else will do it.

There are over 300 Million People in the U.S. alone.  Sorry to say it, but the odds say that someone out there looks just like you.  Odds are that someone out there acts just like you.  Odds are someone out there talks just like you.  So, sorry to break the news to you; the odds are that someone out there also thinks just like you.  You know that great idea that you are thinking; if you don’t do it, they will.

Now here at 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, I try to be positive and tell you, you can do it.  And you can do it, but you have to try to do it; to do what you are thinking.  If your idea is any good, then someone else might be thinking it and trying it; and maybe you can work together on it, or maybe you can learn from what they did, or maybe they can learn from you, but either way, sooner or later someone is going to take your great idea and make it a reality.  Then you will be kicking yourself asking why you did not work on it.

So, now for a trip down memory lane:  A long time ago, I went to a music shop and played a MIDI Bass Guitar, and it was really slow and clunky.  So I also jammed with a guy who played a Guitar Synth like this one:  He explained to me why the Bass was slow to respond, but I don’t want to get into the physics of this in this post.  So, I also checked out the famous Keytar later and while it was cool, I was still trying to figure out a way to play a guitar and make it like respond really fast. 

So I was trying to figure out if there was a way to make buttons on the neck of the guitar like a keyboard and keep the strings like a guitar?  Then Guitar Hero came along.  A fun game, but only 5 or 6 buttons on the neck and one switch you strum.  I was thinking they are on the right track but what if it had six strings and more buttons on the neck in a grid system… the engineer in me was running wild. 

 It was all just a pipe dream that I never bothered to follow-up on.  Until one day I was sitting in an Applebees in Mexico of all places and a guy broke out a Yamaha EZ Guitar – After he got done jamming on it, I talked to him about it.  I was standing there like; I’ll be darned, I been thinking about something like this for a good ten years.  A first hand lesson in; If you don’t do it, someone else will.

I could have sketched out some notes about what I was thinking all these years, but I didn’t.  I could have done a patent search a while back, but I didn’t.  I could have called around to some companies and tried to put together a design concept or a business plan, but I didn’t.  So all I have to say from this whole experience is;  Take Your Shot!  If you don’t do it, someone else will.

Staying Positive while your house is on fire:

Yes, this post is a stretch; but what good would 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo be if I did not stretch myself sometimes?  Can you stay positive when your house is on fire?  I say yes you can, and I will attempt to prove my point.

Your house is on fire, now what?  1st order of business is to be thankful you are alive and there to see it.  Now let’s not spend too much time on this one, because your house is on fire.  Take a minute, Thank God you are alive and in the place to see your house on fire, because you can still do something about it.  It could be worse, you could either not be alive, or not be there to do anything about the fire.  Is this too much of a stretch already?  If so stop reading and have a nice day.  If not, once again; Thank God you are there alive and can do something, anything about the situation.  Staying Positive while your house is on fire?

Your house is on fire, now what?  Step 2 – Quickly assess the situation.  Your house is on fire; is it a big fire or a small fire.  Can you quickly put the fire out?  Are there other people in danger?  Are you in danger?  If there is no immediate danger and you can put the fire out; then put the fire out.  If there is no immediate danger and you need help to put the fire out; call for help and put the fire out.  If anyone is in danger, get everyone to a safe place; then call for help and then attempt to put the fire out.  See how that works?  You have to stay positive while your house is on fire, so you can figure out what to do.

Your house is on fire, now what?  Step 3 – Salvage what you can salvage.  Once you have Thanked God for keeping you alive during the fire, and you have gotten everyone to safety; then try to figure out what you can salvage without putting yourself back into harms way.  This is the time you have to put your life above your possessions, and be thankful for insurance. Possessions are nice, but they are not worth dying for are they?  Is there anything on this earth that is can’t be replaced?  OK, I understand Sentimental Value, but there is no sentimental value if you are not alive to remember it.  There in lies the key, Sentimental Value exists in the mind and the memories.  If you are staying positive while your house is on fire then; take the good memories with you but stay alive.  Salvage what you can salvage, but do not risk life or limb for possessions that can be replaced.

Your house is on fire, now what?  Step 4 – Make up your mind you can start over!  Let’s take it from the Top; you have Thanked God for keeping you and your loved ones alive and safe.  You have called for help and are fighting the fire to the best of your ability.  You have salvaged what you can salvage.  You can replace the rest.  You have built it once, now build it again.  Build again with a new resolve to make things better than they were before the fire.  Make up your mind before the fire dies out that the fire inside of you won’t die out.  Put this in perspective.  When there is nothing left but cold ashes, shift the rumble, grieve for a moment and then move on.  You are alive, your house was on fire and you lived to tell about it.  Tragedy is part of life; triumph over tragedy is an even better part of life.  Don’t be defined as a victim of a tragedy; be defined as the person who triumphed over the tragedy.  You can be the success story that everyone wants to read about.

Staying Positive while your house is on fire:

1:  Be thankful you are alive!

2:  Quickly assess the situation!  Safety First!!!

3:  Salvage what you can salvage. 

4:  Make up your mind you can start over!

It’s a journey and it’s a body of work.

If you are new to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, you have to realize one thing.  This blog is a journey and it is a body of work.  If you read one post here or there you may notice a typo here and a typo there.  Sometimes I type “you” when I mean “your;” or maybe you will find a “there” when I mean “their”.  If that is enough for you to lose the message, then I am sorry.  I am trying to get better.  I am trying to learn by doing.  I think everyone should, I think everyone should learn by doing.

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is not product or a finished work, if it were it would already be a book.  No 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is a work in progress.  I am trying to make progress by getting better at what I do; which is to try to convince you that you can get better at what you do.  It is not a Reality Show, but a peek into my reality.  My reality is that I am searching for truth, I am searching for purpose; and I am using my talents to chase my dreams.  I am also challenging you to do the same.

This blog is not about knowing better, it is about trying to do better.  I live in an area of the United States, Metro Detroit; where we know better, but we are not doing better.  Segregation, Racism, and Least Common Denominators are Politics as usual here; and that is not good enough.  Good enough is never good enough.  We know that giving people a hand up is better than giving people a hand out.  Yet we still used a closed fist over an open hand too many times.  Too much throwing stones and not enough building bridges, you could look at my life and see a life in shambles or a guy trying to make a difference.  It’s a journey and it’s a body of work.

I am trying to learn from the mistakes of my past, and I am doing all I can to say tomorrow can be a better day for all of us.  But we have to choose to make it a better day.  A typo here and a typo there does not change the message; or at least it shouldn’t.  Learn by doing and then try to help other who are willing to help themselves.  Allow yourself to be coached and then coach others.  I take lots of input from sources all over the internet as I try to spread my message all over the internet.  It started out as a Daily Video Log on You Tube, it morphed into a Quote of the Day group on LinkedIn, and now I am on WordPress blogging away.  60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is a stream of consciousness, and a creative outlet, and a challenge to try to find something positive to say no matter what I am going through; and maybe to help you find an answer no matter what you are going through.  60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is a journey and a body of work.  You can read and critique this journey, but I hope my intent is not lost in my amateur prose.  If I can make a difference in one life, if I can make a difference in one persons day; you can too.  Paying forward the positive is free.

Be angry enough to change.

This post is going to challenge you to find the positive.  There is positive in this post, but you have to give me some leeway.  Do you believe double negatives equal positive?  I am not telling people it is OK to be angry and be frustrated and do nothing.  I am saying to be angry enough to change.  It is OK to be angry if you are ready to look at the facts, accept them for what they are worth, and be ready and willing to change.

I realize that there are a lot of people who are sick and tired of the lives they lead.  I also realize there are people who are fed up with the world around them.  My question is “What is the point if you will do nothing to change your circumstance?”  Don’t you have to be frustrated enough to try to make a change?  Don’t you have to get mad enough to want to make a difference?


Uncontrolled Anger can turn to rage.  Anger without foundation can turn into being mad at the world and being frustrated to the point where you think nothing will ever change.  You have to be able to look at your circumstance and learn from it.  What good is being mad if you are going to repeat the same patterns day after day?  There is a Serenity Prayer out there somewhere.  Now if you are accepted what you can and can’t change why are you still angry?  And if you are angry, you have to be angry enough to change.  Don’t you?  You have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired; (See the double negative there?)

I am not trying to tell people to walk around with uncontrolled anger.  I am saying to harness the power of your anger for good.  You have to want to change to be able to change.  You have to learn what is making you angry and then be determined enough to make a difference.  I have seen it time and time again on the news.  A random act of violence takes the life of an innocent child.  Then the local church leader says it is time to win back the neighborhood.  How much is enough?  How long have we been singing these songs?  I think it is terrible that children are dying and neighborhoods are being destroyed, but when are we going to be fed up enough to do something about it?  You have to be fed up with being fed up; (Again another double negative.)


Listen, I have to admit that I have anger management issues.  I have to be very conscious about not losing my temper.  I have to pay forward positive because it is very easy to go negative and just be mad at the world.  It is harder to want to change the world, for the better.  Random acts of kindness are better than random acts of violence.  Being positive was a conscious decision for me; and it is still a struggle.  Can you take all the world can throw at you and still try to find something good to take away from everyday?  That is pretty much the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo way.  Now that being said; you will have days that will frustrate you.  You will have to stand through tests and trials.  The question is “Do you have enough determination to make a difference?”  Are you mad enough to change?


Remember I told you; you will have to search to find the positive in this post.  And I am trying to make it easy for you.  Do you believe double negatives equal positive?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Are you fed up with being fed up?  Are you angry about it?  Are you angry enough to change?

Beware Copy Paste Leadership:

You may have seen it and not known what you were seeing. You may have heard it and not known what you were hearing.  Copy Paste Leadership is what happens when someone just rehashes what other people say.  I have run in to lots of people who take credit for things they did not do.  We sometimes call these people Liars, other times we call them Thieves, but I am trying to stay positive and politically correct.  Copy – Paste Leadership is basically when someone gets up in front of a crowd and says follow me, and all they are doing is reading someone else’s Leadership Teachings and not giving them credit.  Beware Copy Paste Leadership:

We all have something to learn.  I get that, I hope you get that; and I open admit that I have a lot to learn.  I openly admit to my sources as often as possible and always say to double-check the facts and find out the truth for yourself.  Now that being said, I also love to engage people in conversations and I am curious who they use as sources.  I have found through my travels on the Internet that more and more people simple Copy and Paste Ideas and on some occasions people act as if they are the source of the idea.  I don’t know, should you not bring something a little extra to the table?  Should you not admit who you got the idea from and then take it a little farther down the road?  Beware Copy Paste Leadership:

Did you ever see the movie Crossroads?  Not the Britney Spears one, the one with the Original Karate Kid.  Anyway, in the Movie Crossroads the Old Veteran Bluesman tells the Young Hot Shot he is mentoring, they have to take the Music down the road.  They have to add something to it.  Leadership should be the same way.  If you are following someone else’s Leadership you should acknowledge them.  When you are learning to be a Leader, you should give credit to your Masters.  But, you should also be striving to take it a little farther down the road.  You should be, as a “Leader” striving to add part of yourself and what you have learned into the equation.  Bring more to the table than just a fork; you should also bring a dish to pass.  Beware Copy Paste Leadership:

Back to my point, well it is all my point.  More and more I am seeing people simply Copy and Paste what other people say without added any insight or interpretation into the conversation.   I have also seen people pose as Leaders, but they offer no real Service, Mentoring, Coaching or Training; nope they just rehash what they have learned without even quoting their sources.  Maybe they want to look smarter than they really are to the untrained eye.  This is all the more reason why people have to do their homework, so you will not fall for a fraud.  Beware Copy Paste Leadership:

I remember when David Lee Roth and Van Halen got into their first of Many Break Ups.  Edward Van Halen quoted the term, “Lead Singer Disease” about David Lee Roth.  Are they headed for another breakup?  Anyway, years later, I saw an unknown musician giving advice on an underground message board giving the same quote, but he forgot to mention where he got it from.  No he was acting like he made it up.  Sadly, now I am seeing the same thing with Leadership “Want to Be Gurus.”  I am not going to mention names; that is not the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo way.  No, I am going to show you and challenge you to find out for yourself.  On a side note; I freely admit, I am a “Want to Be Leadership Guru.”

It is really simple.  When ever you hear someone giving advice or acting like they are more than they really are, ask them one simple question.  “Where did you get that from?”  Ask them to name their sources.  Ask them to tell you a book, a movie, anything.  You should be able to Google, Bing, Yahoo or Wiki almost anything and come up with a variety of sources.  If you dig a little deeper you can find out the original source.  Sadly, people still pass off information as their own with a simple Copy – Paste.  Beware Copy Paste Leadership:

I will say it again.  Always take a minute to find out for yourself. Search out the answer, and sleep on it.  I have been on a Leadership Quest of my own, and it is surprising me how many people try to pass themselves off as Leaders, but they are unwilling to quote their sources. They do little or no Coaching or Mentoring, and when they do; they are simply rehashing something someone else has told them.  Real Leaders have Vision, Determination, Courage, and Serve those who follow them.  Real Leaders can quote their sources and can also teach from personal experience.  Copy Paste Leaders, Seem to Copy, then Paste and then Vanish.  They have little or no experience and they have no real sense of commitment to those who follow them.  Don’t be afraid to ask for that little extra from anyone you choose to follow.  Beware Copy Paste Leadership:

The 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Super Simple Guide To Fitness:

Here it is, The 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Super Simple Guide to Fitness.  I could make each of these simple points a chapter in a book and sell it to you for $5.00 or $15.00 or whatever, but today and today only I will give it to you for free.  Actually, I realize this could be out on the internet for ever, for free.  So when you speak of me, please speak kindly.

OK, here it is as promised, the Free 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Super Simple Guide to Fitness.

1:  Drink plenty of water.

2:  Take a vitamin everyday.

3:  Workout at least 15 minutes a day at least 3 to 5 times a week

4:  Do less weight and more reps.

5:  Just break a sweat.

6:  Have fun

Now, I can and will go into more detail on each of these topics at a later date in later posts, or you can google and wiki and search out the benefits for yourself.  That’s it:  60 seconds worth.  The 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo Super Simple Guide to Fitness:  I could make it way more complicated, but why?  Give it a try and see if it works.


Trust me.  No single statement has set off more red flags in my life than “Trust Me.”  I can’t even remember how many times I have heard about people being burned after they were told “Trust me” by a smiling face.  So if you really want T.R.U.S.T., there are some basic elements that need to be involved.  Have you noticed the acronym yet?  T.R.U.S.T. – Truth, Responsibility, Unity, Service and Transparency; do not give your trust unless you receive each of these items.  As always, don’t take my word for it.  Double check what I say for clarity and closure.

Before we get started: Con Man, Or Con Man, or Con Man

T.R.U.S.T. – T stands for Truth.  How can you trust a lie?  How can you have Trust if you don’t know the Truth?  One sure sign that someone is trying to snow me is they try to pressure me into making quick decisions before I can find out the facts for myself.  So, I start by telling you to always double-check the facts, get second opinions, sleep on it and ultimately; find out the truth for yourself.  If someone has a history of talking behind people’s back, spreading rumors and lying to you; why would you trust them?  The very foundation of T.R.U.S.T. is Truth!

T.R.U.S.T. – R stands for Responsibility.  The person asking for your trust has a responsibility to you.  First and foremost is “Will they do what they say they will do?”  Do they tell the truth?  Do they admit when they are wrong?  Do they try to fix their mistakes?  Again, if this person does not understand telling the truth, and is not responsible for their actions; then why would you trust them?

T.R.U.S.T. – U stands for Unity.  Trust needs balance.  It is hard for me to trust in all take no give situations.  Trust has to be earned, and trust should be equally leveraged.  If you have everything to lose, and the person who is asking for your trust has everything to gain; you are going out on a ledge for that person.  Can you do that, if you don’t know the truth and the person you are dealing with has no sense of responsibility?  I am much more trusting of people who have just as much to lose as I do, and if we share equally in the spoils of victory.  This may be a little different for everyone.  It is my belief you want to look for win – win situations where there is equal give and take on both sides.

T.R.U.S.T. – S stands for Service.  The person who is asking for your trust needs to be able to show you a tangible service they are providing for you.  Someone says “Trust Me.”  OK, what service are they providing for you?  If they borrow your car, do they at least fill the gas tank, or do they bring it back empty?  What do you think they would do if they got into a car accident?  Do they have insurance or are you going to be stuck with the bill?  By trusting someone you are helping them.  You are providing a service to them.  What service are they providing to you, other than you are helping make the world a better place?  I understand people want to make the world a better place, but you can not let people walk all over your trust.

T.R.U.S.T. – The Second T stands for Transparency.  If you have made it this far, the person who is asking for your trust should have nothing to hide.  If they are telling you the truth, if they are responsible, and they are providing an equal service to you; they should have no problem answering every question you ask, and letting you see for yourself.  The person asking for your trust should be open and transparent about the details.  Again, this is all just my opinion.  But, I have to ask you, unless someone is throwing you a surprise party; why would they have something to hide?

Con Men try to gain your trust through a series of lies.  Trust needs to be earned through Truth, Responsibility, Unity, Service and Transparency.  Take your time and check your facts before putting your trust in anyone.

Runners Log – June 14th 2012

When running becomes jogging becomes power walking:  It starts out simple.  You are young and full of life and you say to yourself, “I am going for a run.”  Then as you get older and still full of life it becomes, “I am going jogging.”  Then one day you turn around and you realize you are out there Power Walking.  Yes, it beats sitting on the couch doing nothing, but it is still a blow to the ego of a man not so young, but not so old that he is not still full of life.

Part of 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is being true to my self.  What good is what I blog about if I am lying to you and lying to my self?  I say chase your dreams, so I have to chase mine.  I say it only takes 15 minutes a day to change your life, so I need to be taking my 15 minutes.  So for this 15 minutes I am going to tell you, Power Walking is a blow to the ego for me; but it is still a good thing to do.  Power Walking is somewhere between Running, Jogging, Trudging, Walking and Sitting on the Couch.  Power walking is walking with a purpose.  Power walking is pushing your self not just a leisure stroll.  

For 2 of the last 3 nights I have strapped on the headphones and pumped up the music while I went for a run, (strike that) – went jogging (nope) – went for a power walk.  Yes it was enough to make me break a sweat.  Yes, it was enough to make my body ach over the course of 3 miles.  Yes it is good exercise, and yes it was a blow to my ego.  I started out the year running, ok I started out the year jogging and trudging through the cold.  I had and still have nothing but the best of intentions.  I have put in my treadmill and workout time over the last 5 or 6 months, just not as much as I would like.  When I ride an exercise bike, I can push myself pretty hard.  I seem to lumber a bit on the treadmill, but I get the job done.  But when I get outside, I want to feel young and strong and full of life.  I do not want to feel not so young and not so strong and yet still full of life; so power walking is better than sitting on the couch.  

I am going to build it back up.  Now if you want to run, but you find yourself somewhere short of your goals; than you know what I am talking about.  I love working out, but lately when I work out I am tragically reminded of all the work outs I have missed.  I like to run, I like to feel strong and full of life.  I don’t mind jogging, if I feel strong and full of life.  So I have to accept the fact the Power Walking is part of my road to recovery.  Too many missed days, too many extra pounds, too many cigarettes (I have not quit quitting – but I have my bad weeks, ex-smokers know what I am talking about) every step is a step in the right direction.  One mile at time, one day at a time; Power walking will get me back in shape to jog again.  Power walking will get me back in shape to run again.  I can do it, and you can do it too.

Get up and get out there; run if you can, jog if you will, power walk if you must, but don’t spend another day on the couch doing nothing.  I walk to and from lunch when I am at the office, I hit the treadmill and the bike when I am on the road.  No excuses; each day is another chance, and each day is another choice.  Let life get in the way or take the bull by the horns.  (Sometimes I love those clichés) and I have made my choice.  I choose to take the bull by the horns.  You can’t do it for me, and I can’t do it for you.  You have got to make your choice, I have got to be true to my choice; and I have got to be true to the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo World.  So if you see me out there power walking with my head phones on.  Honk your horn and wave, it will get through.

From November until Now:

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo made it’s blog debut November 9th, 2011.  I have tried to stay true to it ever since.  I have learned along the way, and tried to get better.  I have tried to get better at blogging and also leading, motivating and staying positive.  Seeing that this is what the blog is all about.

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is an online diary of my attempt to become the most positive guy on the planet, by paying forward positive thoughts and positive ideas on motivation; and maybe, hopefully inspire a few people to chase their dreams along the way.  Why did I choose to do this?  Why, I think it was inevitable.  

People have told me I remind them of a Preacher or I should have been in Sales.  Well, I used to be in sales, and never really liked it; and I hold Ministers in High Regard.  I never saw myself as a Minister, but maybe a Motivational Speaker; so why not a Motivator, why not compose and maintain a Motivational Blog?

I am a Leader in Training and always will be.  I don’t think I can ever call myself a Leader, though maybe one day other people will call me one.  I am a Trainer, and would like to get better at training others to be successful.  I am a Coach, and would like to do more coaching on a volunteer basis.  I have been a Master of Ceremonies on a small-scale, and would like to continue on in a larger context.  

So what is the point to all of this?  What is the point of this reminiscing?  Well, I looked back on my first post on WordPress; my first 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo blurb, and wanted to see if I had done what I said I would do.  Did I stay the course or did I veer off somehow?  I think I have stayed on point.  I think I have tried to be a Motivator that anyone and everyone could relate to, without flaunting big words or a long list of degrees, or making myself out to be someone I’m not.  I have told some painful truths along the way; I am a guy whose won some and lost some; tried and failed and got up and tried again.

Anyone can try and anyone can fail; but learning from your mistakes and trying again is what separates good from average.  Allowing yourself to be coached and mentored is what turns good to better.  Coaching, Mentoring,Team Building and Leading is what turns better into best!  I am just trying to get good, get better, and maybe one day become the best at what I do.  I can’t declare it; nope!  I can only keep at it.  Funny thing is, you can do the same thing!

You can try and try again.  You can pick yourself up and dust yourself off and learn from your mistakes.  You can allow yourself to be coached and mentored.  You can coach and mentor and make a difference where ever you are in life.  I can do it, and so can you.  Which pretty much is the whole point; for me to get up and try.  Maybe you can get up and try also?  This blog is my attempt to become a Motivational Speaker, a Motivator, a Coach, a Mentor and one day a Leader.  For now I am happy to be a Leader In Training.

Until then, enjoy the ride!