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What is your team view?

Everyone has heard “There is no I in Team,” haven’t they?  How about “We are the Champions?”  Have you heard “We are better off together?”  We is a combination of You and Me and anyone and everyone else who is part of our team.  How we view you, me and we can have an impact on how we work as a team.  How you view you, me and we is your team view.  What order do you put them in?

Me, you and we; how do you arrange them?  Are you a We first person, are you a Me first person, are you a You first person?  What is your order?  What is your Team View?  We can go through the six combinations.

1:  Me, You, We

2:  Me, We, You

3:  You, Me, We

4:  You, We, Me

5:  We, Me, You

6, We, You, Me

Are you a “Me” first person, or a “Me” last person?  Are you a “We” first person or a “We” last person?  Do you think of others before yourself or do you think of others last?  It may seem like splitting hairs, but let’s walk through each example, and look for the best possible win-win scenarios?

1:  Me, You, We

This type of person thinks of themselves first.  Next they think of someone else, maybe a friend.  They look at “We” or the Team last.  This person may excel at solo activities, or may work ok in small groups where they need a partner.  They may not be so good in large groups.

2:  Me, We, You

This type of person thinks of themselves first.  They may be part of a team, but really only want to be a part of the team if they can be the star.  It happens a lot.  In basketball they call them Ball Hogs.  This person loves the spotlight and puts personal stats before the team.  This person only cares about other people if they are part of their team and make them look good.

3:  You, Me, We

This type of person puts others before them self, but really does not understand being part of team.  They may be a very good coach or mentor in a one on one situation, but they may not be so good in a large group or in front of a crowd.  This person can tend to have an “Us against the world” mentality; they may work great certain situations, not so well in others.  This may be the way you have to be when caught behind enemy lines, but not so good when trying to move a large group forward.

4:  You, We, Me

This person puts you first and them selves last.  They may want to have a one on one relationship and are happy being part of the team; but may not want to carry the ball with the game on the line.

5:  We, Me, You

This type of person is all about the team, and then all about themselves.  They want the team to win, but do not care if you win.  They want the team to win and they want to be a part of that, they like you if you help the team win; but if you miss the game winning shot they will drop you like a rock.

6:  We, You, Me

This person puts the team first, and cares about you before themselves.  This person may be a great coach or the type of person who understands that the bet thing for the team is for everyone to be at their best.  They are the type of person who makes everyone on the team better.

Now there can be offshoots of these.

7:  Me, Me, Me:  This type of person is self-centered and wants all the credit.

8:  You, You, You:  This type of person can be a fanatic, or can be the type of person who plays the victim.  Be careful.

9:  We, We, We:  This person is some much about team they lack any identity of them self.  Some people may see them as brainwashed.

Notice there are pros and cons to the first six combinations or team views.  These are based on situations; obviously combinations seven through nine are dangerous.

Combinations #1 & #2 – Me First:

These combinations are OK when you are trying to get better at individual skills, but make sure you remember you are part of a team.  This combination is great for drills and personal assessment, but can lead to a survival of the fittest mentality.  Once you improve yourself, ask yourself how can you help others improve and how can you help the team win?  Be careful not to slip into Me, Me, it’s all “Me” type of situation.

Combinations #3 & #4 – You First:

These Combinations are great in one on one or small group coaching settings.  When you are trying to help others improve and understand everyone should get a chance to get better.  Everyone needs to be ready to get in the game.  This can be great as long as you realize you are coaching and teaching.  Do not fall into the You, You and more “You” combination; where you can either be a fanatic or a victim.

Combinations #5 & #6 – Team First

Team first is always the best way.  Sometimes the team will need you to make the big play or save the day.  Sometimes the team will need you to put someone else in the situation so the team can win.  The Team focus is always the best for win-win scenarios.  What can you do to help the team win, what can you do to help others so the team can win?  Now don’t be so Team, Team, Team focused that you lose your own identity.  You are part of the team.  You do want to get in the game don’t you?

For me the best combination is combination #6, We, You and Me.  Can I think of what is good for the team, and what is good for others before I think of myself?  Yes there are times when I want to take the shot.  Yes there are times when I think of myself.  There is always room for self-improvement.  I had to learn that I win when the team wins.  I had to learn that I can not do it all myself, so I have to put others first as far as coaching and mentoring.  I also had to learn that I can not let the team down through my own actions.  I have to practice and get better as a person so I can do my part to help the team win.

What is your team view?  Do you put yourself first, or do you help other first?  Do you do things for the good of the team or are you worried about making yourself look good.  Everyone has to challenge themselves.  Everyone has to look in the mirror and face each situation armed and make their own decisions.  For me, I believe; it takes a team to chase the big dream.


Let’s get this Mojo thing straight.

If you Google or search out Mojo, you will get different definitions.  Some are based on all kinds of things.  I am here to set the record straight about the use of Mojo in the sense of 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  Mojo in the context of 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is the Positive side of Hoodoo or Juju.  Mojo is about style and substance combined.  Mojo is confidence that doing good will be rewarded with good.  Mojo is about spreading the positive.

Mojo in the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is not about hooking up.  It is not about how many people you can seduce.  Mojo is not black magic or voodoo.  Mojo is good magic.  Mojo in the 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo sense is Truth.  Sadly in these times it seems it takes magic to get people to tell the truth.

The last thing I want people to think about 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is that to get the Mojo you have to go down to the Crossroads at Midnight and sell your soul to some stranger.  If that is what you are getting you are missing the point.  I am not telling you to run to a palm reader or listen to someone with a crystal ball.  I am asking you to look in the mirror and listen to your inner voice.

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is about taking back what was stolen from you.  60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is about going back to the dreams you had as a child and believe you can still live your dreams.  60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is about helping other people live their dreams.  This Mojo is about Coaching, Mentoring, Team Building and Leading.  This Mojo is about daring to dream again, and then daring to believe you can live your dreams; one day at a time.  Dream it, Believe it, Break is down into goals and then go for it.

This Mojo is the Good Luck as in The Rainbow, The Lucky Seven, the Four Leaf Clover and the horse Shoe.  60 Seconds Of Motivational Mojo is about making your own luck.  If you can’t believe in Reaping what you Sow, If you can’t believe that what goes around comes around, if you can’t believe in karma and nirvana; than you should not believe me.  But if you do believe than I am telling you want you already know. I am not here to tell you what you already know.  Today I am here to make clear what I mean by Mojo!

Set my course to North by North East.

Faith, Facts, Fear and Foolishness:

Set my course to North by North East.  Let’s start by looking at a compass!  North is Up, East is to the Right of North, West is to the Left of North, and South is Down.

Now let replace North with Faith, replace East with Facts, replace West with Foolishness, and replace South with Fear.

Set my course to North by North East.  You see Faith and Fear are Opposites.  Either you are guided by Faith or guided by Fear.  Facts and Foolishness are opposites also.  You are either guided by the Facts or you are guided by Foolishness.  Plot my course to North by North East.  I strive to be guided by Faith and the Facts.

I believe Faith coupled with Facts is a course headed for Abundant Life.  I believe Facts coupled with Fear is a road to Debt.  I believe Faith Coupled with Foolishness is a Path to Disaster.  Lastly I believe that Fear coupled with Foolishness is a path to Death and Destruction.  Set my course to North by North East.

It is my hope for you, that you will be guided by Faith and Facts.  I hope to see all of us Live a Life More Abundant.

Success comes down to three choices.

If you want to be successful, you basically have to make up your mind.  See you have three choices; work hard, work smart or both.  You may think I am over simplifying things.  I am not.  I am telling you this may be the hardest choice you have to make, but then you will see how easy it is to be successful.  Success comes down to three choices, but you have to make the choice.

We can make this really complicated, but there is an old cliché; Keep It Simple Simon.  Success can be based on some very good ideas like rocket science but not all success is rocket science.  There was a time you could sell pet rocks and bottled water and make a fortune.  There is still a fortune in bottled water.  So I am not going to make this a complicated to do list; no to be successful you have three choices.  Make up your mind to either work hard, work smart or both.

No matter what your idea is, you can find success; but it will not happen without any effort.  If you have a simple idea, or good idea, a great idea or a super scientific breakthrough, it will take work.  How much work it will take comes down to you and the idea you choose to pursue.  Unless you are born rich, you have to work to make things happen in your life.  Once you realize this you will realize your choices.

Work Hard.  Working hard is a key to success, but it does not guarantee success.  I think everyone needs to know how much work goes into a hard days work.  If you want to open a business, grow a garden, tend to a farm, tend to a shop or spend all day counting money in a bank; you have to know how much work goes into a hard days work.  You have to know when you are working hard, and if the people who work with you and for you are working hard.  Learn what it means to work hard.  Know an honest days work when you see one.  And also know when the people you are working with are working hard and doing a good job.  There is a saying that a hard day’s work is its own reward; but there is nothing wrong with thanking and rewarding a hard day’s work.  But first you have to know what makes a hard day’s work.

Work Smart.  If you know how to work hard, if you know the value of a hard day’s work; than you will know that it is better to work smarter than harder.  There are some many 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week.  Everyone needs rest, everyone needs a break.  If you can find a way to get more done in a day and have more time to take a break; then you are working smarter.  If you have people around you working hard, they will appreciate it if you show them a better way to get things done.  Again, work hard, work smart and reward a hard day’s work.

If you want to know how to work hard, get around people who are working hard.  If you want to know how to work smart, get around smart people who know how to work hard.  See this leads to the third choice, both.  Real success can be measured by people working harder and working smarter and quite naturally people working together.  To find the best way to get things done, surround yourself with people who work hard and people who work smart.  Let both of them rub off on you.  Thank the people who work hard, and the people who work smart and share their ideas.  Sharing the wealth is working harder and smarter.

I said I would keep this simple.  I can not find a more simple way to explain my position.  Now you can shoot holes in this post all you want.  Or you can put my theory to the test.  I am sure if you learn the value of working hard and working smart you will find success.  Success comes down to three simple choices.  Work hard, work smart or both. You and I both know what happens if you do nothing at all.

It’s going to do what it does.

Blogging is like life and life is like blogging.  It is going to do what it does.  I can’t control life and I can’t control how popular this blog becomes, either way life or blogging are going to do what they do.  All you can do is stay in the game.

All you can do is keep at it.  I want to believe that I will exceed in life, if I continue to work hard and work smart.  I want to believe that I will exceed at blogging, if I stay true to blogging and do what I can to nudge it along.  Either way, life or blogging are going to do what they do.  See there are millions of people out there living their lives, and there are thousands if not millions of bloggers out there.  I am not mad at anyone for trying to life their dream life.  Actually I try to inspire people to chase their dreams.  Blogging is part of my dream.  I try to pay forward the positive, and one day maybe I can be a motivational guru.  Or maybe I am just another blogger taking up cyberspace.

Can’t stop now, I won’t stop now.  I am over 150 posts in this dream chasing endeavor that is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  What is this all about anyway?  Remember that Movie Ray, where Jamie Foxx played Ray Charles?  Do you remember the famous line “I’m gonna make it do what it do baby?”  I want to feel like that, I want to feel like I can make it do what it do.  The only problem is it is going to do what it does.  All I can do is keep it moving.  All I can do is keep on Blogging.  All I can do is stay at it.

Sometimes bad thing happen to good people.  Sometimes bad people win.  But I believe that sooner or later it all balances out.  That sooner or later that bad things will come back to haunt bad people.  I believe that good things will happen to people who do good things.  I believe there is a balance out there somewhere; and I would rather pay forward the positive, as much as I can.

My Mother likes to say “Keep on living.”  She has me hooked on saying it to her.  Life is going to do what it does; all we can do is keep on living.  Life is like blogging and blogging is like life.  I want to believe there is gold at the end of the rainbow, but if there is no gold; at least I chased a rainbow.  How bad of a life can that be?  How bad can it be to chase your dreams?  Why not give it a run and see what it does?  I ask a lot of questions don’t I?

So what do you have to lose?  What do I have to lose?  That I believe that if I keep at it, life or blogging; that sooner or later good things will happen.  It is just what I believe.  I can’t force you to believe anything, all I can do is ask you what you have to lose by chasing your dreams.  Live is going to do what it does.  Blogging is going to do what it does.  All I can do is keep at it.

Take 15 minutes to check the facts.

We live in an age where information flows faster than ever, in some areas.  If you have a smart phone or a tablet or a laptop or a notebook computer and an internet connection; you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.  So the question I have is why do people still believe rumors without double checking the facts?  Why do politicians still spin the truth and sometimes out right lie when people can check both sides of the story in a matter of minutes?  Is it because people do not double-check the facts?  Is it because people will not take 15 minutes to look at both sides of the story?

It is so easy to search out any story or rumor you hear about.  Even if you do not have a computer, you can go to the library and use one there.  If you do not have an internet connection, you can go to most coffee houses and check things while having a coffee, tea or juice with a dough nut or a bagel.  I have seen many a lunch meeting and study group while I have posted to this blog.  So I ask again, why not take 15 minutes to double-check the facts and look at both sides of the story.

I don’t think you should take my word for it.  See, you are already on the internet if you are ready this blog.  It is so easy to use a search engine; the challenge is to look at both sides of the story.  Again, I ask; why do politicians lie to people or at the very least spin the facts?  The reason is because they think that most of us will not take the time to look at both sides of the story.  What do I have to gain by telling you to look at both sides of the story, double-check the facts and make up your own mind?  I am not saying, follow me and I will show you honor.  I am not saying vote for me and I will make the world a better place.  I am saying keep and open mind, double check the facts, look at both sides of the story and make up your own mind.

If you live in a place in the world where the internet is open be very glad.  Be glad because you can still double-check the facts.  There are places where the internet is filtered and censored.  Be glad that you still have a chance at making up your own mind.  See sometimes people hear one side of the story and very strong powers of persuasion get you to act now.  Gee, I never tell you to act now.  I tell you to look at both sides of the story, check the facts, and sleep on it.  Make up your mind after you have found out the best possible information covering both sides of the story, not matter what the story.

Take a minute and ask your self this question.  How many things in your life would you change if you knew then what you know now?  How may times have you leaped before you looked?  How many times did you believe someone and they turned out to be wrong?  Now could you have made a better choice if you would have just taken a minute to double-check both sides of the story and see which side added up?  I have nothing to gain by telling you to find out the truth for yourself.  So why do I do it?  Could this lead to a book deal one day?  I mean I would like to be a great motivator, so is telling people to double-check the facts enough?  I think it is enough.  I think it is a challenge.

We live in the information age and dancing cats get millions of hits on the internet.  Don’t you want anything more out of life?  Wouldn’t you like to know if there are natural cures for what ever ails you?  Wouldn’t you like to know which people are telling the truth about issues that can affect your future?  Do you take a minute to check both sides of the story or do you just go with the flow?  I challenge myself to challenge you.  I have nothing to gain, except for standing up for what I believe in, but I try to check both sides of the story first.

Play to win.

I said it all with what I said, and what I did not say; plain and simple, “Play to win.” All of us have something we love to do, are we doing it? Now hold on this may take a minute.  That is the reason I write these posts on 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo, so take a minute, read all the way through this post before you make up your mind.  Play to Win.

Play to Win.  First and foremost, to win you have to play.  You have to get in the game.  You have to practice, you have to participate.  This is something you say you like to do, this is something you want to do.  Notice I did not say, Do you like this or like that… I said, All of us have something we love to do.  Your thing may not be my thing, but whatever your thing is “Play to win.”  To win you have to play.  Get out there, get involved, practice, learn, get better but you have to play.

Play to Win.  All the practice in the world is a good thing, but to be great you have to make a game out of it.  While you are practicing, remember to have some fun.  You can make it fun.  You need to have some fun when you are working very hard at what you do.  The U.S.A.  Basketball Dream said they made their practices fun.  They were the best collection of basketball talent ever assembled for the Olympics, and they made it fun.  They worked hard, very hard their whole lives to be the best at what they did, and they were having fun.  Play to win! Brazil’s National Soccer Team is the best in the History of the sport.  They play want is called the “Beautiful Game.” They play to win.  They historically have had some of the best players, but they made the game fun, they made the game look easy even though they were working hard.  They “Played to Win!”

Now notice what I did not say, I did not say “Cheat to win” and I did not say “Win at all cost.” You can play to win without going overboard.  I believe what comes around goes around.  Too many times someone has been great at something, be it business or sport; and their legacy has been tarnished if not destroyed when you find out they were cheating all along.  There is a point where you are spending so much time and money on something that it is no longer worth it.  You still need to find a way to have fun, and have a life.  You pursuit of a win should not tear your family apart.  It should not drive you to the point of a break down.  Set a side some goof off time.  I get it.  Use the 80/20 or 90/10 rule.  For every couple of hours of practice, take a 15 minute break.  End every practice with a fun challenge.  Work hard, practice hard; and then take a break at the end and have some fun.

Now some people say that they are only in it to have fun.  Is it fun to lose? They will say, I do this or that because I love to do it; because it is fun.  I don’t want my hobby to be my job.  Listen, winning is fun.  I get it, you can’t win every time all the time, but you can still win! Let me say that again, winning is fun.  Do you love your job? If you do you are winning.  If you don’t you are doing something you don’t like to do, to make the money to do the things you want to do; but then you have to spend your money and fight for time to do what you want to do.  Is this making sense, did I lose you.  Winning is fun.  Playing to play is fun, playing to win can be just as fun and a lot more rewarding.  Yes there is a balance that has to be maintained.  Too much fun and you never win; too much work and you never have fun.  Still look very closely at the following statement “Play to win!”

Now some people will say; “Why bother, we never win.” Guess what? Those kinds of people will never win.  They have given up, and they also don’t want to see you win without them.  Misery loves company you see.  I have heard the only real failure is failure to try.  Now if you don’t believe that, go on with your life.  I will be back in a couple of days with a new post, even if you never read it; I will keep trying.  See I have nothing to lose by trying to convince you to play to win.  I have everything to gain.  Every post I type gets me more convinced to never give up trying.  So I say, “Play to Win!”

Let’s Recap, “Play to Win.”

1: Practice to get better, but set aside time to have fun at practice:

2: Work hard during practice, but also find a way to make a game out of working hard.

3: Never, ever, ever, cheat to win

4: Try to find balance between “Play to win” and not having time for anything else.

5: Don’t let “Winning” tear apart your family.

6: Don’t let people convince you that “Losing is Fun.”

7: Get in the game and stay in the game, do not let people kill your dreams!

Horses need to run free.

Some people love to watch horses run.  Some people love to watch and bet on horse races.  I say horse need to run free.  Have you ever watched a pack of horses running in the wild?  You will find leadership in nature when you watch a pack of horses running free.  Horses need to run free, so do we!

Just like fish need to swim, horses need to run free.  It is simple really if you think about it.  How much can you learn from your fish in a fish tank?  You learn that given the chance, they want to be free.  They will even risk death for their freedom.  So how much can you learn from a horse that is not allowed to run free?  So how much can you learn about yourself if you are not allowed to run free?

I get it; we all have responsibilities, or at least most of us do.  How many people do you know who are not living up to their responsibilities though? I am not talking about just running away from you problems.  I am talking about giving your self a chance to run free.  No you do not have to run wild, I am talking about running free.  Do you dream?  Do you study what is possible in your life?  Do you set goals for yourself or do you put yourself in a box and say you will never do the things you truly want to do?  Horses need to run free, so do we!

When is the last time you dared to dream the big dream?  When is that last time you asked “What if?” When is the last time you wrote out your dreams and broke them down into goals and then broke them down into a to-do list to reach the goals?  When is the last time your let your mind run wild.  When is the last time you took a day off, just to goof around?  Not so much a planned vacation, just a goof off day?  When is the last time you ran free?

Do you think the animals at the zoo want to be a cages waiting for us to come by and look at them?  I would bet they would love to be free.  I would bet you would love to be free.  Do you even know what freedom is?  I am not saying you will ever be completely free of all responsibility; No I am saying what if you could live a life above your obligations and have extra time and extra money and could freely choose what you want to get done everyday.  Let you mind play around with the idea.  What would you do with you life if you did not have to worry about money and free time?  What would you come up with?  Are you doing those things in your spare time?  Even if it is only one hour a week or a few hours every month, are you even entertaining the thought of freedom?

Horses need to run free, and so do we.

Three Paths

There Posts, Three Paths and yet very similar outcomes.

After 170 Posts, I want to believe I have this blogging figured out.  After a year of maintaining 60 Seconds Of Motivational Mojo, I want to believe I have learned a thing or two.  To tell the truth; the more I learn the more there is to learn.  Does that not make for exciting times?

I have tried to take one positive thing away from everyday.  I have admitted I need to work on my E.Q.  I am trying to have the patience to become a leader.  I am trying to motivate, not matter what I go through, or should I say grow through.  So somewhere in this I have a point.  60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is an open and honest experiment in learning by doing.  I am learning how to motivate.  I am learning how to become a motivator.  And hopefully, I have got a few people to get up off the couch and chasing their dreams.  That being said, after almost a year of posting, I have reflected and studied what my own blog.  Does it matter if I go crazy cutting and posting links all a crossed cyberspace or do people just find my posts when they are good and ready?  Well the answer is a little of both.

I have checked my stats.  I am not giving Tony Robbins or Dr. Phil a run for their money, yet; but I have grown.  I am reaching more people today than I was a year ago.  I continue to maintain and update links and I am not sure that all the views get counted, but again, if I can just get through to one person at a time, it is all worth it.  Three Posts, Three Paths and yet very similar outcomes; where am I going with this?  I have looked at the stats for my Top Three Posts to Date.  Each post took a very different path to get into the Top Three.  One took off like a rocket, one was slow and steady, and another it seemed was lost in oblivion until gained traction and took off.

Look at the graphs below.  I have chopped off the numbers and dates because those don’t really matter.  How many views are we talking about?  10?  100? 1000?  1,000,000?  Does it really matter?  What matters is the paths they took and what can we learn from it?

Path One:  Here today gone tomorrow.

This post seemed to take off like a rocket and then fade just as fast.

Path Two:  Slow and steady wins the race.

This post seemed to follow the path of the tortoise, in the famous tale of slow and steady wins the race.

Path Three:  Sometimes we all spend time in the desert.

Well this one I can only explain by saying “You can’t Microwave a Cake.”  Sometimes things that are old become new again.

Either way, all three post made into my Top 3 All Time Views.  So what is the moral of this story?  Is there a lesson to be learned?  Some of us take off like a rocket, some of us are slow and steady, and some of us just need a little traction to awake our inner giant?  Sure that sounds like a great answer.  Or maybe, we just have to keep at it, whatever we are doing, and sometimes we will hit the mark right out of the gate, sometimes we just need to keep nudging things along, and some things just take time to gain traction momentum.

So, the only answer I can come up with is to just keep swinging, just keep chopping wood, just keep typing, just keep posting, just keep finding positive things to take away from every day, and do not worry if things are hit and miss, don’t worry if things are overnight successes or slow and steady or last-minute surges.  Just keep at it and let whatever this blog does be a pleasant surprise.  Bottom line, if I can only motivate one person at a time; that is still enough for me to keep at it.

We all love seeing the Underdog Win.

So why don’t we like being the underdog?  Does it take too much work?  Are we afraid that we might fail?  We love to root for our favorite teams.  We love to see our favorite people win.  And we also love to see the underdog beat up on the teams we don’t like.  We love it when the Little Guy beats the Big Mean and Powerful Villain.  It is the stuff that fills many Movies, Broadway Shows, Television Shows and Books.  We love the story of the Underdog who breaks through and wins.  So why don’t we like being the Underdog?

Being the Underdog takes work.  To beat the Big Guy, you have to work just as hard if not harder than the Big Guy.  Is that why people shy away from being the Underdog, but love to root for the Underdog?  Rooting for the Underdog is easy, it takes very little effort.  Being the Underdog takes a very Big Commitment.  Do people not want to put in the effort to be the Underdog who breaks through and beats the Big Guy?  Are people happier just going with the flow?  If so, why do we love seeing the Underdog win?

Being the Underdog takes faith.  So do we just not have enough faith when we are in the underdog position?  We have to believe that we can win; we have to believe we can figure it out.  We may even have to believe that a power greater than ourselves can strengthen us.  Do we not want to put that faith in God, or the Universe, or Karma, or whatever you want to call it?  Do we not like being the Underdog because we would rather play it safe and ride the coat tails of the proven winner?  I don’t know; that is why I am asking all these questions.

Being the Underdog may mean you might not be the popular choice.  Yeah sports and movies sometimes have the lovable losers.  In the movies the Villains are very clearly defined.  We are shown how the Little Guy is Nice and Kind and Lovable and maybe misunderstood.  We are shown the Big Mean Villain is ripe for the fall, even if they are popular at first.  In the movies, the underdog is almost always cast with the misfits, and the villains are part of the powerful snobs.  In sports, we love it when the Underdog Home Team takes on and beats the Overpaid Superstar Squad from out-of-town.  In Sports we also love to see our cross-town rivals get beat by anyone, we love it more when our favorite team beats them; but any team will do.  The Underdog is not always the popular choice in the beginning.  So why do we love seeing the underdog win, but we hate being the underdog?

Do we not like being the underdog because the underdog loses before they win?  Is it too much to ask for us to go through the struggle of being the underdog?  Then why do we root for the underdog?  Personally I like being the underdog sometimes.  I like to win also, so I have no problem being the Top Dog, or the Big Mean Guy (I try not to be evil.)  Don’t be afraid of being the underdog.  You may take your lumps in the beginning, but if you are standing up for doing the right thing; there is no way you can lose in the end.

Karate Kid, Rocky, Cool Running, Miracle on Ice, Rudy, Hoosiers; the list goes on and on.  How many movies can you name where we root for the underdog?  So why are we so afraid of being the underdog?  Well if you were not born being served from a Silver Platter, you are the underdog.  If may take work, it may take faith, you may not be the most popular choice and you may have to lose every now and then; but how sweet will the victory be when you win?  Will it make it worth it?  The only way to find out is to stand up for what is right and not be afraid of being the underdog.