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Happy New Year

 Simply said, Happy 2013

Happy Two Thousand Thirteen

Happy Twenty Thirteen

As the hipsters may say; Happy Twenty Thirty-teen.

Simply said, Happy New Year


Lots of little things add up to big things.

Do you have Big Dreams?  Do you have Big Goals?  Do you have a Big Vision that you are chasing?  Don’t you wish it would just happen over night?  Don’t you wish you could wake up tomorrow and your whole life would change?  For Big Things to happen in your life, it takes a lot of little things.

Think about this for a minute.  How many fluids does it take for a car to operate properly?  Gasoline, Brake Fluid, Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, and even the Windshield Wipers need fluid.  If you run out of any of these fluids or if the pumps that pump these fluids fail, or if the hoses that carry the fluids spring a leak, your car becomes harder to operate if not impossible to operate.  All these little things add up to on very basic big thing; being able to operate your car safely.

A lot of little things add up to big things.  We all wish the Big Dream would come through, but a lot of little things need to happen.  Do you want to hit the Big Jackpot in the Lottery?  All lot of people lose a lot of dollars for the jackpot to grow big.  Now that is just one example and it is a bad example at that.  Success is a big goal broken down into a bunch of little goals.  Success is reaching all those little goals along the way.  Success is a bunch of little goals adding up to one big goal.

Let’s revisit that Automobile example.  How many lights are their in your car?  Headlights, Tail Lights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Back-Up Lights, Inside Lights to help you find your keys in the dark, all these lights to help you safely operate your car.  What happens if those lights stop working?  Again, lots of little things add up.  Most of us take those things for granted until they stop working.  For us to achieve big dreams we have to start making all the little things we do add up.  Lots of little things add up to big things.

There are tons of quotes about it taking ten years to become an overnight success.  I hate to break the news to you, but success will not just fall into your lap.  You have to hunt success down, you have to track it.  To be a success you just need to keep getting better at the things you do, and then also get help from the people around you.  There is a saying, no one does it alone.  Stop trying to do it all yourself, and realize success is a bunch of people working together.  Success is a bunch of people reaching little goals consistently.  Success is people working together and helping each other more and more.  Success is more people joining; success is lots of little things adding up to big things.

There are many people working behind the scenes so that people can Star in Movies, or on Television, or have their songs played on the Radio.  Thousands upon thousands of people have to spread the word for a clip to go viral on You Tube.  Many little things add up to Big Things.  Start paying closer attention to the little things.  Get more people to focus on the same little things, playing as a team, helping each other out, sharing the rewards with the risks and efforts and it will add up to Big Things!  Lots of little things add up to big things.

Plan for success!

Sometimes it is the most simple statements that are the most effective.  Plan for success; For success, plan!  Give me 60 Seconds of your time, give me 60 seconds to work my motivational mojo; and if you are not convinced, return to your life.

For success, plan!  Do you have a dream?  Do you have a vision?  Do you have written goals?  If the answer is no; then you have no plan.  Even if you do you have a dream and a vision and written goals, you may not have a plan.  Do you have written goals and detailed steps on how to reach each goal?  Plan for success!

It is just a few simple steps!  Find something you like to do.  Get a mentor.  Practice until you get good at it.  Break it down into a system.  Teach the system to others.  Learn from teaching others.  Grow the system and success will follow.  It is that simple.  If you don’t believe me, you don’t have to believe me.  But why not give it a try?  What do you have to lose?  Plan for success!

Find something you like to do:  You have a dream and a vision so I would imagine you have something you like to do.  It can be anything, you can be a gardener or an athlete or starting you own business.  What is it you want to do?  Have you thought about what you would do if it was successful?  There are two reasons to get a mentor, but the first step is to make up your mind that whatever you choose to do is something you actually like to do.  For success, plan!

Why do you need a mentor?  You can learn by trial and error, but if there are 100 things that can go wrong on your road to greatness does it not make sense to have some one point out 50 or 90 of those things, so that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes that most rookies make?  Finding a mentor is easy, figure out what you want to do, get around people who are doing what you want to do, and as you strike up friendships accept the teaching of those who have success in the same areas you are heading.  They can tell you want to practice and want to look out avoid.  A good mentor can save you time and help you learn at a faster pace.  Plan for success!

Practice until you get good.  I have been blogging for a little over a year now, still no book deal, still have not gone viral, I am still working my day job; but the amount of people who follow my blog, and the daily and weekly views continue to trend upwards.  Does that mean I have nothing left to learn, of course not; I have been learning along the way.  Each post is practice, each post I how I get better.  So I would give you the same advice, practice until you get good.  For success, plan!

As you are getting better and better, break down what you are doing into a system.  Work with you mentor, check out a few different books.  Take some ideas, and give them a fresh coat of paint.  Put your own spin on systems that you have learned.  Break down what you are doing into steps and turn them into a system that you can teach others!  Plan for success!

Now, teach your system to other people.  This is where you should and will see growth.  This is what team work is all about.  There are many quotes on the subject.  Many hands make heavy loads light.  Team work makes the dream work.  The true power of breaking down a system and making it your own is to teach it to others.  Make sure it is a win – win system, and then teach it to others.  For success, plan!

As you are teaching the systems to others, you will continue to learn and grow.  Keep your lines of communication open.  Take input from the people you are teaching the system.  Help them become leaders and trainers inside of your system.  Just as you accepted the teachings of a mentor, mentor others and then turn them into mentors also.  If you keep your mind and ears open, you will continue to learn, and if you build up those around you, success will be right around the corner!  Plan for success!

Grow the system and success will follow.  If you have set up a win – win system and are building up others before you build yourself, success will follow.  Share the wealth and people will want to continue to be a part of your system.  If you are selfish, then the whole system can fall apart very quickly.  Take care of the people around you and they will be a major factor in your success.  Be a teaching servant leader to those you are mentoring, and they will serve and teach others as well.  This will help the system expand and grow into a win – win – win.  Plan for success!

Chase your dream, break it down into goals.  Follow your vision and practice until you are good at it.  Accept the teachings of a mentor, and turn what you learn into a system.  Teach the system to others, and learn from them as you mentor them.  Grow the system and turn the people you are mentoring into mentors in their own right.  Grow the system and success will be right around the corner.  Plan for success; For success, plan!

December 21st 2012

After today can the hysteria stop?

After today can we restart our search for a brighter tomorrow?

After today can we stop looking for the next doomsday countdown?

After today can we restore hope to the world?

We will be here!

We will be here!

Look forward to another day, another week, another year!

We will be here.  Look forward to a better tomorrow.  What news do you choose to believe?  Do you believe the news of doom and gloom or the Good News that has been promised to us?  Look forward to a brighter tomorrow because we will be here.

Look forward to another week.  Are you living check to check, week to week?  Well another payday is on the way.  Save some, give some back and spend the rest wisely.  Pay forward the positive every day this week and everyday next week and each week to come.  Look forward to better weeks ahead because we will be here.

Look forward to another year!  Happy New Year; let me get that in early.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  Call me an Optimist.  I am trying.  Look forward to a great New Year, and another Great Year after that and another and another.  Set Goals, Reach Goals, Raise the Bar, you have to be convinced that you can do it!  And you can do it, we can do it; because we will be here!

We will be here.  Look forward to another day.  We will be here, look forward to another week!  We will be here, look for to another year, and another and another.  Because, we will be here!

Let’s pray for safe passage for everyone.

Listen, I don’t think the world is going to end in the next 2 or 3 days.  I think people are running around scared and crazy and misunderstood.  I don’t know what is getting into people in the U.S. and around the world feeling like they have to go out with a bang.

Let’s take a moment and pray for each other.  Is that OK?  Is that not politically correct enough?  People are lonely and desperate and not thinking straight.  Why do people feel they are making a statement by hurting others?  Can we pray for each other?

Is that too much to ask?

Thousands of links and still I just want to make one connection at a time.

Hyperlinks, widgets, RSS feeds, there are so many ways to connect 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo on WordPress to other Social Media Sites.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, just to name a few; thousands of friends and acquaintances and I still just want to make one connection at a time.  If you are reading this, I hope it is all sinking in; I have no way of really telling.  My only point is to try to get you to chase your dreams.

See with all these links, you have to refresh the connections and reset the widgets and make sure everything is still getting through.  I try to nudge things along, but it is hard to tell.  I know at any given time, I could be and should be connecting to as many as four or five thousand people.  I am thankful for every connection. My message is simple, you can do it!!!  Imagine if I had to make a thousand carbon copies and passed them out be hand.  I am thankful but it is hard to track how many people I am actually reaching.  Does every click from every site get counted?  Deep down inside, how much does it matter?  If I get too worried about what gets clicks then I may start compromising the things I post.  I just try to post what I am thinking.

To tweet or not to tweet; that is the question.  Would it be sweet to tweet that you can meet your goals?  Do I need to be on Tweeter?  Will it just be another site that I have to chase links and reconfigure every six months?  I know I could tweet, maybe I should tweet, but if I would tweet this thread would my tweets be read.  One day, maybe I will rate a Tweeter feed.  For know, this is all that I can handle making sure the links I have already made are staying updated.

Maybe once a book deal is around the corner, or maybe after I am gaining more of a following.  Will I be the next Top Motivational Guru or is tweeter the last mile, is tweeter the missing link or is traction right around the corner either way?  I am just trying to connect, one connection at a time.  Real connections; I want to believe that the most important part of the message is getting through.  Get up off the couch and chase your dreams.  Chase the truth, check the facts, and chase your dreams!

Thousands of links and still I just want to make one connection at a time.  I need to take a few hours and check all the Links, all the feeds and the widgets and make sure everything is still connecting, but the question is “Is this connecting?”  I must believe I am getting through; one person at a time is more than enough for me.

Decide to be GREAT!

Yes it is that simple.  You just decide to be GREAT.  Now you can shake your head and stop reading or you can let me break it down for you.  This is 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo so I guess I have to explain myself.  Now you don’t have to believe me, but why would you want me to be wrong?  I say all you have to do is decide to be GREAT – Goal, Reach, Exceed, Adjust, Teach!

Decide to be Great – Step One: Set a Goal.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Set a Goal, write it down and put it somewhere you will see it every day.  If you want to be great you must have a goal.  It can be something simple, read 15 minutes a day, practice and hour a day, learn to play a song on guitar, learn to hit 10 free throws in a row; bottom line set the goal.

Decide to be Great – Step Two: Reach your goal.  It may take practice.  It will take practice.  Are you willing to take the time?  Are you willing to admit you may have to learn a few things?  Are you willing to admit you might need help?  The second step of being GREAT is reaching your goal.

Decide to be Great – Step Three: Exceed your goal.  Let’s say you are in sales and you want to sell ten more computers a month.  If you set the goal and you reach you goal, you may still have time on the clock, you may still have days left in the month.  If you reach your goal early do you just stop?  No, exceed your goal.  Reach you goal and keep going!  Greatness is right around the corner, just keep at it!

Decide to be Great – Step Four: Adjust your goal.  To go from good to great you have to continue to get better.  After you set a goal and reach it, now adjust it.  Make it so you have to stretch a little.   You may have to continue to practice and continue to get better, but it will be worth it.  Don’t settle at good, or better, keep at it until you are GREAT!

Decide to be Great – Step Five:  Teach what you have learned.  Sounds simple yet again.  Set you goals, get better with practice, exceed and adjust your goal, and then teach what you have learned along the way.  You may have to read, practice and take a mentor.  Once you get good, better and become great, teach it to others.  You will continue to learn and grow, if you allow yourself to work with others and help them lean and grow.  Be GREAT, and then teach others to be GREAT!

Once you have done these five steps, you have Mastered Level One of Being GREAT – Goals, Reach, Exceed, Adjust, Teach.  Now how do you get to Level Two?  A simple adjustment to the Acronym is all that is required.  Level Two:  GREAT – Goal, Repeat, Exceed, Adjust, Transfer.  Level Two of being great is just a small change.  Set New Goals, Repeat your success, Exceed and Adjust your Goals, and the Transfer your success to others.  This is more than just being a High Level performer and Teaching others.  This is more about being surround by a great team  Set team goals as well as personal goals.  Help others reach their goals.  Level Two of being GREAT – Set Goals, Repeat, Exceed, Adjust, Transfer to Team.

So how many levels of being great are there?  Well for this thread let’s say Three.

Level One of being GREAT – Goals, Reach, Exceed, Adjust, Teach.

Level Two of being GREAT – Goal, Repeat, Exceed, Adjust, Transfer to Team.

Level Three of being GREAT – Goal, Reproduce, Exceed, Adjust, Transcend.

Level Three of being GREAT is not only making sure that others around you are performing at a High level, it is setting up a system that transcends the current system.  Let’s say you are a Top Performing Team, does your team break through and exceed the current standards, and set new standards?  If you are Teaching others, and Repeating and Reproducing and Exceeding your goals; there will come a time when others will start to adopt your team’s best practices.  Change the game, transcend the game.  It is bigger than you and your team!  Decide to be GREAT!

A New Sunrise

It is 12/13/12 and we are still here.  All the 12/12/12 worry is over.

Now comes all the 12/21/12 drama, but the sun is shinning over my little corner of the world right now.   I am betting the sun will rise on 12/22/12 just like today.

So take a minute and smile and believe that everyday is what nature makes it, and then we add in the rest.  We do have a say so in all of this… so be thankful.

12/13/12 and we are still here.



We are still here.

We are still here.

It is 12/12/12 and we are still here.

December 12th, 2012 and we are still here.

Check back tomorrow, I am betting the world does not end today!