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Deal with reality.

Welcome to 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo. Give me please just a minute of your time to try to brighten your day. I know that life is not always the way we want it to be. Life is not fair, so we are left to deal with reality. You can do it. I can do it; in the end we have to do it. In the end we have to deal with reality.

Let’s say there are three versions of the life we lead. There is the life we want, the life we believe we can have and the life lead day in and day out. So what drives us? We all have a dream don’t we? More than hitting the lottery, if you could write you own life story, what would you write? The live you wish you had is what motivates you to chase your dreams. The life you believe you can have is where you think you will more than likely end up. Then there is the reality of your day to day life. The closer you can get those three visions to line up, the happier you will be. That is what I believe.

So, I ask you again. What is your dream life? If you could write it down on paper, what would you write? Now, I ask you this question. Do you think that the life you wish you have is possible? If the answer is yes, you are more than likely doing something every day to get closer to that life. If the answer is no, no you do not believe your dream life is possible; then you are still doing something, you are doing something to get you close to the life you believe you can have. If you truly believe you will hit the lottery you will buy lottery tickets; if you do not believe you will hit the lottery, you won’t buy lottery tickets. It is that simple. In the end you will do the things you believe you can get done, not the things you wish you can get done. Do you see where I am heading? Finding balance between your wishes, your beliefs and your reality are very important.

Why do people give up? Why do people seem to self-destruct?  I believe it is when people feel like they do not deserve anything better or more than what they already have. What they wish for is so far out of sight and what they believe is less than what they can really accomplish. This is a total loss of hope. Again, this is why I believe there is a need for balance in what you are wishing for, what you believe and your reality. Yes it all sounds so simple, and really it is just that simple.

It is easy to want the best in life. Advertisement agencies develop campaigns every day that you deserve the best. It doesn’t matter if it is fast food or luxury cars. You deserve the best. The only question is do you believe it? I am not talking about the angry customer who wants something for nothing. I am talking about the person who is happy with their life and their choices. Are you happy with your choices? Do you believe that you deserve the best? If so, it will be easier for you to deal with your reality.

We all have to deal with reality, but that does not mean we cannot change our reality. If it is possible then it is possible for us to be a part of it. If it is probable, then it is more than likely that we will try, at least once. So there is your possibility which might not happen; your probability, which will more than likely happen and your reality which is happening now. Things change because you apply your energy to change them. Either you change things or things will change you. If you do nothing, than slowly but surely life will pass you by and time will rob you not only of your dreams, but also of the things that you could have had. Time will rob you of your possibilities and your probabilities if you let it.

Now, people can also rob you of your dreams. People can be very negative and take away not only what is possible for you, but also take away what is probable for you. Let’s say you want to be a Singer but you are working at a deli. So maybe you are in line for a promotion at the deli, and maybe there is a tryout for a talent show. Negative people will convince not to try for either. They will tell you that you are dreaming and you need to know your place. Negative people have lost hope of their dream so they do not want to see you reach your dream. So not only will they kill your dream, that talent show tryout; they will kill your promotion at the deli also. You are the one who in the end will have to deal with the reality, either you tried or you let someone else talk you out of trying.

Deal with your reality. Believe in your dreams. Make sure the life you want and the life you believe you can have line up with your reality. Do not let negative people crush your dreams to the point where you no longer want to even try for the life you want. Make sure the life you believe you can have is better than the life you are already living. Bad things happen when you feel like you do not deserve the best in life.


Six Extra Pounds:

Six Extra Pounds:

Two Soft Three Pound Weights; Six Extra Pounds to carry while power walking.  It does not sound like much does it.  Trust me; try it before you pass judgment.  Today I say get out there and power walk while lifting light weights; I am going to call it Ultra Power Walking.  Six Extra Pounds make all the difference in the world.

Crawl, walk then run.  That is how we progress.  Well lately I am happy to power walk to lose a few pounds and lower my blood pressure and cholesterol.  So what exactly is Power Walking?  Somewhere between Walking and Jogging is Power Walking.  Walking with a purpose and a brisk pace, while I would power walk I would find myself stretching, raising my hands over my head or squeezing my hands together.  So I decided the point of power walking is to burn as many calories as possible and have fun along the way.  So why not get some hand grips and squeeze them while I Power Walk to increase my grip strength.  I will call that Super Power Walking.  I tried Super Power Walking a few times and found myself wanting more.

Six Extra Pounds; why not get some weights and work my arms and shoulders while I power walk?  Because this is not my first rodeo, I knew not to underestimate how fast light weights can get heavy when you are doing lots of repetitions or carrying them for a long time.  Six Extra Pounds, I found some Soft Three Pound Hand Weights and have taken them for a spin while Power Walking.  Ultra Power Walking, walking while lifting weights.  Now you may say that Three Pounds per hand, Six Extra Pounds does not seem like much; again I say, give it a try.  Five or Six Simple exercises can be done while walking, I tried Bicep Curls, Over Head Lifts, Tricep-Extensions, Should Shrugs, Shoulder Flys and Light Shadow Boxing.  10, 20 or 30 Repetitions per exercise while walking.  You really do not get a chance to rest, and you never let go of the weights.  I found myself sweating in record time, making me believe I was burning more calories.  I was not breaking any speed records with my Power Walking, but I could tell my heart was working harder than if I did not have those Six Extra Pounds.  I could feel my shoulders could never quite relax.  I had to continue to move through the different exercises biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest all in progression.

Six Extra Pounds, Ultra Power Walking; trust me, try it before you pass judgment.


Can you solve this?

Can you solve this? If B = 20 and Y = 52 and B + C = 40 and X + Y = 62 What does M + N = ??? Solve if you are the Proverbial Genius.