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The best is yet to come.

The best is yet to come.

It is more than a song.  It is a battle cry.  It is a way of life.

Where are you?  Can your life get better?  Of course, it can.  Do you have the attitude that your best days are behind you?  Well, let me tell you; you need new friends.  The best is yet to come and won’t it be fine?

It is more than a song; it is a battle cry!  You got to sing it to the top of your lungs if you have to!  Change your attitude.  Read a book or two.  Figure out a way to make things better.  Really, what do you have to lose?

Every day from today forward, when you look in the mirror say it.  The best is yet to come!  Forget about the good old days and focus on the good news days!  Look forward to today and look forward to tomorrow.

The best is yet to come.  It is more than a song, it is a battle cry; it is a way of life!  You have to change the way you think.  This is not about being high on anything other than life itself.  If you have to listen to every song with the title, “The best is yet to come!”  Put it on a CD or on a play list and listen to them over and over and over until you get this, then leave me a comment or two.

The best is yet to come.

It is more than a song.  It is a battle cry.  It is a way of life.


Life will always get in the way

Life will always get in the way

The world will always try to drag you down.

If you let it.  So stand up and don’t let it!

Life will always get in the way.  Work, Family, Friends, everyone has something they need from you or want you to do for them.  But what are they doing for you?  Is it a two-way street or a one-way street?

Life will always get in the way

The world will always try to drag you down.

I get it, honestly, I do.  Think about a compass, if work is pulling North, Bills will pull you South, If family is pulling you East, friends will pull you West; and there you are caught in the middle getting streached to your limit.  Wouldn’t life be great if work, bills, family and friends were all pulling you in the same direction?

Life will always get in the way

The world will always try to drag you down.

So are you waiting for the perfect time to chase your dreams?  There will never be a perfect time.  Are you waiting for the perfect idea?  There will never be a perfect idea.  Are you waiting for the perfect place?  There will never be a perfect place! You will have to work at it; you have to start sometime, why not now?  You will have to start somewhere, why not here?

Life will always get in the way

The world will always try to drag you down.

So stand up and don’t let it!

Just do it.

Start today.

One small step at a time.

Just do it.

Start today.  One small step at a time.  Take five minutes and double check the facts.

Just do it.

Take 15 minutes to practice or meditate or pray on it.

Start today.

Take five minutes to double check the facts.  Look at both sides of the story.

Just do it.

Set aside 15 minutes a day or an hour a week, but stick to it.

Start today.  One step at a time and then build on it.

Just do it.

Start today.

One small step at a time.

Take five minutes and double check the facts, look at both sides of the story.

Build on it, 15 minutes a day and then add a little at a time.

Just do it

Start today


Learn from everything but focus on the good.

Learn from everything but focus on the good.

The world is full of good and bad.  Learn from everything but focus on the good.  The world is full of darkness and light, learn from everything but spread light.  The world is full of choices, good news and bad news.  Choose to spread good news.

It is simple really, change your focus.  It will not change the world over night, but it will change what you are learning.  What you are learning can change what you are doing.  What you are doing can change your circumstances.  What you are doing and what you are teaching others can lead to success or failure.  If you are successful you may not change the whole world, but it can change your world.

It starts with leaning and where your focus lies.  What you focus on affects what you will learn, what you will say, what you hear, what you do.  Learn from everything but focus on the good.  Spread good news, spread truth, spread light and teach others from what you have learned.  Focus on success and not failure.  Be the person you want others to be like.  Be like the person you want to be.  You are not your circumstance, you are what you learn and what you do and what you teach others.  Learn from everything but focus on the good.

Spread good news.  Spread truth.  Spread light.  Focus on the good and teach others from what you have learned.

Getting started is the hardest part.

Getting started is the hardest part.

What is it that you always dream about doing?  Well getting started is the hardest part.  Don’t believe me?  What has held you back?  I bet you can name a hundred reasons why you are not chasing your dreams.  Now just give me one good reason why you can.

Getting started is the hardest part.

No time, no money, no help are all great excuses.  Every time you tried to do something you tried to get started you never got the help.  Someone else will get all the breaks.  You just don’t have the energy.  OK again, all great reasons, now just name one reason why you need to get started.

Getting started is the hardest part.

Trying and failing is way better than not trying.  Try, fail, learn and then try again.  Let me say that again; try, fail, Learn and then try again.  Now let me say it one last time just to make sure it gets through; try, fail, LEARN and try again.  You can’t get better at anything unless you learn and you can’t learn if you never try.  You don’t have to bet the farm on your first try.  You don’t have to bet your life savings on your first roll of the dice, but you need to start somewhere.

Getting started is the hardest part.

Life is not fair.  Not everyone will help you.  Not everyone who says they will help you really will, some will actually work against you.  Some people will actually do everything they can to stop you.  You make it easier for them by not trying.  Be relentless against those who are ruthless.  If it were your birthright or your inheritance would you fight for it?  Well you will never know if you don’t try.

Getting started is the hardest part.

Reaching the world, one click at a time:

Reaching the world, one click at a time:

60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has reached 110 countries so far this year alone.

Do you have something worth saying?  Do you?  Do you feel like it is impossible to make a difference?  Now I have one final question.  Have you tried?

Changing the word is not easy, but it is simple.  First and foremost you must have something to say.  Then you must have something worth doing.  Even with those things, the world will not change.  You then have to spread the word and do the work.  Even then the world may not change, but at least you have tried.

I started blogging a few years ago.  I blogged and I kept it quite.  I waited for people to find me.  Guess what, nothing happened.  Then I started inviting and challenging others to do one simple thing, spread good news. Slowly but surely I started connecting and linking with people who felt the same way.  Did we agree on everything?  No; but we agreed on one simple thing, to spread good news.  Did everyone stay?  No; some people came and went and did their own thing.  Did that stop me?  No; I vowed that if I could just reach one person it would be worth it.  I am reaching people one click at a time.  On LinkedIn and on Facebook and thanks to search engines and linking to the News Herald Blog Section in my town; I am reaching people one click at a time.

So has the world changed?  I am not sure if I have helped or not; I may not be able to change the world, but maybe I can get through to one or two people here and there and set an example that no matter what I am going through, I can find one good thing to say every day.  At least once a week or so I can take an hour and write in my blog and post it for people to find.  Find something good about every day and share it.  Invite others to do the same.  Maybe the world can change on click at a time.

So here we are in 2016 and 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo is reaching 110 Countries around the world.  One mouse-click at a time; Yes believe it or not, I have logged as few as one click this year in some countries.  Maybe that is just a random mistake?  Who knows?  Well over 36 countries have logged 10 clicks or more.  Maybe it is just one person per country checking in once a month.  That is more than enough for me.  And 8 countries have logged 100 clicks or more in 2016.  Hey maybe it is all just spam robot web crawler clicks, all I can do is keep trying and keep inviting others to spread good news.

Thank you to everyone, everywhere who has found 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.  I vow to keep at it.  One day, one week, one month and one click at a time.  Reaching the world, one click at a time; 60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo has reached 110 countries so far this year alone.  Thank you again and again and again.

Joseph Luellen III

Founder – 60 Seconds Of Motivational Mojo

Co-Founder – the Point Of Light Network

Back to the grind

I was out there walking last night.  Lifting my 3 Pound Soft weights while walking and listening to my European Work Trip playlist.  I have learned that life is about transforming yourself while you travel to where you want to go.

I used to lift hundreds of pounds a few times.  Now I lift a few pounds hundreds of times.  I used to run, then because of injury I struggled to walk without pain.  Now I am walking pretty much pain free, but this took hours of rehab.  Thousands of reps with ankle weights and knee and ankle braces.  As I grew stronger I took the braces off but I still did the reps.

Back to the grind.

My wife and I were out walking a few days ago and saw a little old lady out running.  Running, she was running around the block at a nice steady pace.  I told my wife, that little old lady made up her mind a long time ago she would get out and do it.  She was not giving up.  She was still in the grind.  One step at a time.  One day at a time.

Back to the grind.

I went to Europe for a whirlwind work trip.  I grabbed a CD at each airport or gas station or corner shop in each country I visited.  Absolute Hits in Stockholm Sweden.  Disco Polo in Poznan Poland.  Underground tracks in Berlin Germany.  New Age classics in Prague Czech Republic. Alternative Pop newcomers in Paris France.  I then ripped the CD’s to my laptop and mixed up a playlist from my first impressions.  I then transferred the playlist to my trust MP3 player and I am out working out in the setting sun, trying to work up a sweat and lose a few pounds.  Lifting 3 pounds overhead while walking along listening to music from around the globe.

Back to the grind.

No one can do it for me.  I have to make up my mind what kind of fitness level I will maintain for the rest of my life.  Just like that little old lady running around the block.  I have to make up my mind.  Just like you have to make up your mind.  What will keep you in the game, in the grind?  Will it be a mix of your favorite songs or a mix of new songs or will you find inspiration in a sunrise or a sunset?  What will keep you going?


Dream the Big Dream

Dream the Big Dream

Wright Brothers

Then break it down into goals:

Then break the goals down into steps.

The make a plan for each step.


Dream the Big Dream!

Break the big dream down into goals and milestones with dates and deadlines. Figure out what you can do on your own and where you need help. You will find you will get more done if you find help, if you find a mentor you can trust and build a team you can trust.


Break the goals down into steps. Figure out what needs to be done first and get started. Invite others to join you. Action and Energy create results. Share those results. Share the credit and take more of the blame. Make sure your team really wants to be a part and gets recognition for what you do as a team. Make your team matter.

Take each step and turn it into a plan. Ask for input and ask for help. Make sure everyone has help.   You do not need heroes and renegades; you need people who work well together. Work together, learn together and grow together.


You may find not everything goes as planned. Change the plan, but do not change the dream

You can still thank your team for the work they have done. Even if you miss a goal or two do not miss out on building a stronger team. Thank people, take the time to write them a note, or talk to them. Make a personal connection to go with the professional connection. Respect each other, Learn from each other and get stronger together.


You may have to adjust your goals but do not adjust the dream.

You may beat or exceed your goal, you may fall short.   Adjust your plan but do not adjust your dream. Keep working, keep learning and keep growing. Make sure you use every Milestone to make your team stronger. Thank the team for their work at every milestone. Continue to learn together and grow together. Do not give up on the dream.


Dream the Big Dream; then break it down into goals. Then break the goals down into steps. The make a plan for each step.


Dream the Big Dream! Plans may change, but do not change the Dream, Steps may change but do not change the Dream and Goals may change but do not change the Dream.

Air Cav infantry Soldiers compete in company challenge

Chase the Big Dream!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


2016, here we are.

So for the New Post for the New Year, I will try to keep it short and sweet.

You have to believe you are made to do something great.

Remember “The Little Engine” that could. “I think I can, I think I can.”

The Little Engine

Well that is the attitude you need. Convince yourself and then your actions convince others. Don’t just stop at “I think I can.” Do the work so you can say, “I know I can.”

You have to believe you are made to do something great.

Leaf Cutter Ant

Do you remember the song “High Hopes?”

Just what makes that little old ant
Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, can’t
Move a rubber tree plant

But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

So any time your gettin’ low
‘Stead of lettin’ go
Just remember that ant
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant


Happy New Year!


You have to believe you are made to do something great.

My Workout Plan by the Numbers

My Workout Plan by the Numbers

My workouts have changed over time. When I was in College, it was all about lifting heavy weights and building as much muscle as I could. As we get older things like time, energy and recovering from injury become more and more of a factor. Sooner or later those nagging little pains add up, hey “No pain no gain?” Right!

OK, so my workout has to answer this question. How much can I get done while power walking to rebuild my knees? How much workout can I pack into those laps around my apartment building or my roughly 3 mile power walks or can I even sneak a workout into my daily work routine. The answer is yes, now let me dive into the numbers and compare the way I used to work out (The Gym Membership Workout) to the way I work out now (The Recovery Plan)

When I work out in a fully stocked gym, I usually do the standards, Bench Press, Lat-Pull Down, Military Press, Squats and Leg Curls, Bicep Curls and Tricep Pushdowns. Let’s look close at the Bench Press – This is one of the classic, go heavy or go home moves the younger me would chase. I would try to lift 225 Pounds – Ten Times. This would give you a total Lift of 2250 Pounds right 225 Times 10. Now the funny thing about the bench Press, I could do 135 Pounds close to Thirty Times. This would be total lift of 4050 pounds, this is close to double the total weight. Now don’t kid yourself, lifting 135 pounds 30 times does not feel the same as 225 pounds 10 times. The heavier you go the stronger you will get and the more muscle you will build, and the more you increase your chance of getting hurt.


Now fast forward a few years, now a days I would much rather lift 135 Pounds 30 times, but I can’t do that while I am power walking. No, when I walk I carry 5 pound, 3 pound or 1 pound soft weights. I do not Bench Press, I Shadow Box in a similar motion. Now I may do 500 to 1000 reps of 5 pounds; or 2000 or 3000 reps of 3 pounds. This gives me total workouts of 2500, 5000, 6000 and 9000 pounds. I am not trying to tell you these workouts feel the same as working out in a gym with hundreds of pounds of weights. Not every close. But if you continue to push and push you can burn you muscle out and be very sore the next day. It is not the same pain, it is a different kind of pain; different pain, different gain.

Why I used to work out in the fully blown gyms, people called higher repetition sets, get cut. This is kind of true and kind of false. Muscle definition is a combination of working out and watching your diet. Now, you can get muscle definition and muscle size by doing lots and lots of low weight high repetition sets. Still have to watch the diet though.

Shadow Box

Now, I have posted that I use 5 Pound and 2.5 Pound Ankle Weights. I shoot for 5000 Steps while wearing the ankle weights. This would mean 25000 pounds of extra pounds lifting while power walking. That does not mean I can go in the gym and leg press 500 pounds, no I would probably lift 100 pounds as many times as I could. Again, Lighter weights and higher weights is a safer workout. I used to have a workout called the century sets, 100 repetition sets of light weights, 10, 15, 20 pound dumbbells or 50 pound barbells. Chasing the heaviest weights possible is a young man’s game. Avoiding injury and recovering from nagging aches and pains is a not so young man’s game. Fitness for life!

So when you combine 5000 steps and 1000 lifts into a single power walk workout I may do a total lifting workout in the neighborhood of 30,000 to 50,000 pounds. Hundreds if not thousands of reps with light soft weights; maybe it is not impressive by the bodybuilder workout magazine standards, but I know how much it hurts the next day. Total Body Pain equals Total Fitness Gain. Life is a marathon in my case, and I want to be renewed like the eagles every day. That is the promise I am chasing. To be well kept into my golden years.

Power Walk

There is no shame in my game. I run through sets of 20 curls, overhead lifts and shadow box punches with 5 or 3 pounds weights while walking 5000 or more steps with 5 pound or 2.5 pound ankle weights; the less weight, the more reps. I go until I can’t go anymore. Do I lose count of how many times I lift? Yes, I just work through the progressions. Do I lose count of how many steps I take? No, that is what my iFit is for!